The fraud gutter pseudo “science” of Psychiatry

The fraud gutter pseudo-“science” Psychiatry is one of the worst inventions of FUKUS, ranking almost as high as its “wonders” of “Democracy” and “Capitalism” in the damage it has caused to humanity.

Psychiatry is the biggest fraud in mankind,  and is as serious a curse as the “wonders” of FUKUS “Democracy” and “Capitalism“.

Here is a good article on Exposing Psychiatry as a Fraud from Top To Bottom.

The “degrees” that Psychiatrists bestow upon themselves are even more overrated and fraudulent than the MBA degrees of investment bankers.

There is no objective test like a brain scan, blood test, X Ray or MRI for psychiatry.

It is all based on the 10 minute third-party opinion of a so called “qualified” “professional” who refers to a really badly written piece of cheap D-grade fiction called the DSM as the gospel truth.

The funny part is that no two or even ten so called “qualified” “professionals” will agree with a same exact diagnosis for a single patient.

Psychiatry is under the domain of so called professionals who call themselves therapists when they should actually call themselves the rapists.

It is the only branch of “medicine” where without the consent of the patient, a doctor can force a “patient”, who in their so called “professional” “opinion” are “abnormal”, to be strapped and restrained against their will and forced to take addictive mind destroying drugs.

In any other field and even according to law, forcing oneself on somebody against their will is considered rape and that is why I call psychiatrists the rapistsbecause they rape the mind, a far more damaging and permanent injury to the soul than a rape of the body.

Some of the most wonderful cures for mental disorders existed in Bharat even in the BCE period in the texts of Ayurveda, Siddha and other traditional medicines.

Even a thorough practical study of Yogas of the Bhagavad Gita was included as a practice for the cure of mental disorders.

For a wonderful book on the breadth and power of remedies in Bharat for mental disorders please refer to the book :

History of Mental Illness in India, A Cultural Psychiatry Retrospective by Horacio Faberga JR.

योग Yoga and ध्यान Dhyana are the cure to not only Mental Illness, but all problems in this world.

It is time the government of Bharat revived its traditional practices of cure and remedies for Mental Illness and Disorders that have existed and been quite successfully treated for millenniums in this great land.

It will be doing a great service to humanity if the government of Bharat does this.

My Personal Story of Recovery from the Horrors of the Fraud Gutter Pseudoscience of Psychiatry

My biggest influence in my life was my father.

Though my father has mainly only shown me Fish Love and been the root cause of all my troubles with mental illness (mainly depression) right from a young child, I spent 45 years of my life trying to win his respect and appreciation till December 2018.

I would not be surprised if my father was responsible for depression, angry outbursts,  mental illness, gambling or alcoholism among not just me, but anyone with a sensitive,  ethical and empathetic soul like mine who was closely involved with him either as a family member or as one of his colleagues or employees.

My father was the biggest and most important influence in my life until 2018 and I have sacrificed a lot for him because I mistakenly felt I was obliged because he contributed significantly monetarily to my education and upbringing.

In 2003, I willingly sacrificed my dreams and ambitions and established strong and independent position in the USA, to fulfill the wishes and dreams of my father, and after 15 years of devotion and sacrifice I find I have only been made weaker by my father.

I only got criticism and ridicule for my sacrifice to him.

Not even once a word of thanks was given, leave alone any significant monetary compensation for my efforts and sacrifice and the valuable opportunities that I had given up.

The only thing I got was my gratuity and and my below market value salary which I accepted for 15 years.

Thanks to my father, my name also came above Vijay Mallaya in the Bangalore Mirror list of offshore tax dodgers even though all my life I have always paid my taxes honestly.

I bear him no ill will for what he has done.

That has been his nature ever since I can remember him as a child.

That is why I left Bharat in 1999 to be as far away as possible from him and swore never to work for him or to be dependent on him for my livelihood.

My judgement was seriously impaired in 2003, when I resigned my wonderful job in the USA, to join my father’s company because I was heavily medicated by these fraud gutter science psychiatric drugs and I was not thinking in a rational and logical manner of even two days ahead, and a flowery and magnificent speech by my father’s CEO was enough for me to make such a life changing decision to my great disadvantage for which I have had to pay the price from 2003 to 2018.

It is just my Karma and like Ram’s vanvas, I also spent 15 years in the wilderness trying to find my true purpose in life and have only emerged stronger and wiser from it.

To many people, money is the only thing and everything in life, and next time before I decide to sacrifice anything for someone, I will first try to understand what means most to a person before sacrificing my time and effort for them.

A person for whom money is everything should only be compensated by money, and not by dreams, time, love, devotion and sacrifice.

Only persons who realise what Real Wealth is, will get the benefits of my dreams, time and efforts and love and devotion.

I now realise the biggest and most important influence in my life should be myself.

Only if I make my myself strong first, can I take care of others.

As Hillel the elder said:

If I am not for myself, who is for me?
And when I am for myself, what am ‘I’?
And if not now, then when?”

In December 2018, I finally understood the truth of ध्यान Dhyana:

Shunyata or  No Thing

I was finally able to reduce my father to Shunyata.

What he thought or felt or does to me does not matter anymore.

In fact what anybody thinks or feels or does to me does not matter now. 

I have learned to accept my father will always not measure me by the devotion and sacrifices I did for him, but only for the money I had in my bank account which is not a permanent state of being and will change for the better in the next two years.

I have learned to accept that my father will remain a stone cutter until his death.

Until he dies, he will only value a person by the size of his bank account or the money they have lost or made.

I know my true worth.  I have always known my true worth.

The problem was I was trying to sell my precious stones to the wrong people who were just stone cutters.

I now only plan to spend my time being a jeweler and teaching people to be jewelers and not stone cutters.

And finally after 15 years(since March 12, 2003) of being a forced drug addict to fraud gutter psuedoscience psychiatric drugs, since December 2018 I am free of all drugs and perfectly normal without relapses or drug withdrawal symptoms.

It took me five years of ध्यान Dhyana (since mid 2014) (at least 30 minutes a day) and an extremely gradual tapering of 10% of the dose of the fraud addictive drugs every month since the last two years.

If you want to know more details about my recovery write to me in private or we can skype and I will give you a detailed story of my recovery.

My case may be unique and not applicable to your story, but at least it will give you the courage and strength to try to attempt a recovery and achieve success like I did.

It is not easy, unless you achieve Shunyata, you will never be able to recover from addictive psychiatric drugs.

Shunyata demands a total reset in your attitude that led you to this misery in the first place.

But I am 210% certain that at least  a two year practice of ध्यान Dhyana for at least 30 minutes a day or perhaps twice a day (once at sunrise and once at sunset) will get you on the road to recovery and the path to Shunyata.

In fact my mind has become stronger than it was.  I have become hypersane now.

I have been practicing ध्यान Dhyana since mid 2014.

I have achieved Shunyata only in December 2018.

The followers of the Sanathan Dharma call it Moksha.

The followers of the Sakyamuni call it Nirvana.

They both mean the same thing:

Shunyata or NO THING
Attachment to no thing or freedom from Vasanas or
Freedom from the permanent influence of Karma.

ध्यान Dhyana is not Meditation or Mindfulness taught in the west.

ध्यान Dhyana is quite different.

Find out if there is an Art of Living (AOL) center near your place.

They will teach you ध्यान Dhyana by Sudharshan Kriya (Happiness Program).

It has changed the lives of millions.

There are many others who teach ध्यान Dhyana but AOL Sudharshan Kriya (Happiness Program) is the least dangerous in my opinion.

In the other methods like Isha Yogas Inner Engineering, if you stop for some time you get splitting headaches.

If you can maintain the discipline and consistency to continuously practice these methods then it may be safe to follow.

But AOLs  method allows you to take sudden breaks for some time.

I  have now developed my own method.

Today I hear the Pompous Prick wants to rebuild mental asylums.

It is the most reckless, dangerous, dumbass and inconsiderate idea like all his other ideas and is an accurate reflection of his personality.

The mentally ill are not dangerous people. 
They are the most sensitive and feeling hearted of people. 

Their strong emotions and love and attachment and expectations from others drive them to mental illness when their feelings are not reciprocated or their expectations are not met.

It is the psychopaths who are the most dangerous of people. 
And most of today’s leaders, politicians, and Representative DFIs we have today including the Pompous Prick are psychopaths.

The Pompous Prick is not just a Representative DFI, he also is a willful debt defaulting Wall Street Pimp who also happens to be a serial rapist and willful adulterer.

That makes him doubly dangerous since Wall Street/Dalal Street Pimps are the biggest psychopaths in this whole world, even worse than the Representative DFIs.

It is psychopaths like the serial rapist Pompous Prick, serial Rapist Slick Willie and Killary Rotten Clinton that need to be locked up and permanently incapacitated, not the so called deranged mentally ill.

It just tells you about the sanity of todays citizens of the USA that lead them to elect such psychopaths as the most powerful people in the world.

Never make the mistake of getting on psychiatric medication.

Dont waste your time going to a fraud gutter science psychiatrist.

Psychiatry is a gutter science and a big fraud.

It ruins your life.

It just makes you a mindless zombie full of apathy and indifference and lethargy.

Your full color VIBGYOR vision of life becomes dull grey and soulless.

Your power of thinking goes to negative, not just zero.

You put on a lot of weight and sleep all the time.

You get perverse thoughts and nightmares.

You become a drug addict.

Your journey through life becomes like driving in rain with no windshield wipers.

God forbid if you try to suddenly stop your medication like I tried many times to do in the USA, you will end up in the hospital a raving lunatic.

I actually achieved Nirvana on the morning of  March 12, 2003 in my apartment at St Petersburg, Florida, USA.

But my whole journey henceforth was ruined by a forced addiction to fraud gutter science psychiatric drugs because of the wonders of the Baker Act in Florida and similar such dumbass selfish and inconsiderate acts in the USA.

If the Nirvana that happened to me on March 12, 2003 occurred while I was in Bharat instead of Florida, USA, I probably would have been in the same league as Sadhguru by now.

On March 12, 2003 I had what I think was a divine revelation.

I call it a vision.

On March 12, 2003, in a fraction of a second I saw the next 40 years of not only my life, but the entire world until the adulthood of my son.

Because of the importance of that vision, I was overwhelmed with happiness.

I was shouting to the world about the vision, that I was the messenger and I must be taken to the supreme leader and that there would be hell to pay in the land of Abraham and the USA if I was not taken seriously and the supreme leader (President Bush) still went ahead with the war in Iraq which was yet to begin and God and sent me as the messenger to prevent.

I have never felt such happiness, fright and excitement ever in my life.

Already almost 20 years of the fright I saw has come true.

My revelations about the destruction of the USA are coming true and you have already seen this happening in the land of Abraham (the Middle East) which will end with the destruction of the land of Abraham (Israel).

The hell in the USA has not even started yet, it just began as a curtain raiser in March 2020.

I have been blessed with a son in 2017.

I saw all this way back in March 12, 2003 itself when I did not know of the existence of the wonderful woman who I married in 2011 and with whom I have a son in 2017.

How did I see all this in March 12, 2003 when I was not even married and the war in Iraq had not even begun?

It was a divine revelation and the USA will pay for ignoring my message and ruining my life under the Baker Act.

It is going to get much worse before the Satyuga finally dawns.

In Bharat people believe in Nirvana and revelations.

Nobody calls Sadhgurus Nirvana a psychotic delusion.

They wonder and marvel that he was touched by God.

In the USA, they just call it  a psychotic delusion, and if you are in Florida they will Baker Act you and forcibly introduce and permanently addict you to the horrors of fraud gutter science psychiatric drugs.

In March 12, 2003, I got an explosive revelation that I am the Destroyer of Filth who is also the predicted Nostradamus Angel of the Moon.

Running around in public proclaiming this on the streets of Florida was the root of my troubles of being forced into fraud gutter science psychiatric drugs and the wonders of the Baker Act.

The Baker Act makes Florida, USA worse than any oppressive third world dictatorship.

For absolutely no fault of mine, due to the wonders of the Baker Act, I was kidnapped from my apartment in my nightclothes thrice by the police, and raped and abused by fraud gutter science psychiatrists who damaged my soul and way of thinking for almost 15 years.

Twice this happened in the USA because my father managed to call the police through his friends because I wrote the damaging truth about him.

All the  times I was abducted by the police, I had not done anything to hurt anybody or myself and thrice I was alone in my apartment in my nightclothes, but due to the wonders of the Baker Act  still I was kidnapped by the police and raped and abused by the fraud gutter science psychiatrists.

My coming has been predicted both in the East and West.

I now do not proclaim to be anything.

After my death, only history will judge whether the prophets and puranas were right about me.

But I am here to Destroy the Filth and I am dead sure that Brahman will help me fulfill the prophecy of the advent of the Satyuga.

Brahman has already fulfilled the first 20 years of what I saw.

At least I am born with the name ध्यान Dhyana of the Nostradamus  Angel of the Moon, that much of the Nostradamus  prophecy has already come true.

Only time and history will tell whether I am right or not.

Tell then we will just have to wait and see.

But one thing is for sure, unlike Florida, nobody in Bharat will Baker Act and lock you up if you claim you are Brahman (God), because the highest saying of the Sanathan Dharma is:

तत् त्वम् असि – That is the TruthThat is the SelfThat You Are.