The prophecy of the advent of the Satyuga

Bhudevi is Mother Earth.

Bhudevi was the wife of Varaha.

When Bhudevi was in trouble, Narayana(Vishnu) took the avatar of  Varaha to save Bhudevi from Hiranyaksha.

Sita was the daughter of Bhudevi.

Sita was also the wife of Rama.

When Sita was in trouble, Narayana(Vishnu) took the avatar of  Rama to save her from Ravana.

Sita was the epitome of womanhood.  Yet Rama banished and abandoned her.

When a husband abandons his wife, the only option left for her solace is her mother.

So Sita, the epitome of womanhood, prayed to Bhudevi: 

If never in thought and word and deed I have permitted myself even in a dream to dwell on any person other than my lord (Rama), then O Mother Bhudevi, listen, let me abide in your lap.

The moment Sita uttered these words, a deafening sound was heard and the earth opened up.  Then an impeccably beauteous throne appeared, borne by the thousand-headed Sheshanag, and  Bhudevi, the redeemer of the world was seated incarnate upon it.

At once, she took Janaki (Sita) into her lap and admonishing, blessed her and  Bhudevi and said:

You have daughter, suffered greatly; now come and enjoy the blessings available in my realm.

With due courtesy, Bhudevi set Sita upon the bejewelled throne, which vanished into the nether world – a glorious marvel beyond words;

Lakshmana and others were utterly dumbfounded at this marvel, their eyes streaming with tears.

Having witnessed all this, the all-gracious Lord realised that Sita had a premonition of his return to his own (Saket, Vaikunta).

Hiranyaksha and Ravana were extremely powerful Rakshahas or the worst and most Wicked of demons.

But they could be easily defeated because they were just two demons.

Hiranyaksha and  Ravana may have been extremely powerful enough to destroy armies of the mightiest of Gods.

But still they were just two demons and so Brahman just took the form of Vishnu, a part of Narayana to destroy them.

In the age of Kuly (the demon, not the Goddess), the KaliyugaKuly (the demon) enters the hearts of billions of people who are Anarya (fools).

Due to the “wonder” of FUKUS “democracy” and capitalism, even SAT (Truth), the last and most fundamental leg of Dharma, is being destroyed.

Due to the “wonder” of FUKUS “democracy“, Anarya (fools) elect millions of Dhushta(Wicked) Representative DFIs as their leaders because they are fooled by “Brilliant Oratory” and smart marketing and paid pimping by the Presstitutes.

Due to the “wonder” of FUKUS capitalismAnarya (fools) work as bonded debt ridden slaves for  Dhushta(Wicked) Wall Street/Dalal Street Pimps and Lalas as their leaders because they are fooled by brilliant marketing scam of Globalisation and the “wonder” of FUKUS capitalism.

In age of Kuly (the demon), everything is at risk – Bhudevi, Sita (women) and even two year old children.

In age of Kuly (the demon), the highest Yoga is Bhakti.

In age of Kuly (the demon), Dharma is on its last leg.

Dharma may be on its last leg, but Dharma will never be destroyed. 

Dharma cannot be destroyed. 

It is the supreme law created by Brahman and above all so called “laws” of man.

Dharma defends those who defend it.  And Dharma destroys those who destroy it.

This is the ultimate teaching of the Sanathan Dharma.

When Dharma is down to its last leg, Brahman itself comes down to defend it.

Who is Brahman?

तत् त्वम् असि Tat Tvam Asi – That is the TruthThat is the SelfThat You Are.
The whole of Bharat is Brahman, not just the people of Bharat.
Together we all form ब्रह्मन् Brahman.

But ब्रह्मन् Brahman is also ShaktiBrahma Narayana and Rudra and all the Gods of the Vedas.

Shakti is the mother of all creation.

Brahma is the creator of the Multiverse.

Narayana is the sustainor of the Multiverse.

Rudra is the destroyer of the Multiverse.

The Gods of the Vedas have their own powers.

The whole of Bharat has suffered for more than the last three hundred years under FUKUS and its cursed systems of “democracy” and “capitalism”.

Bharat takes pride to be ruled by FUKUS systems of the “rule of law”.

FUKUS proudly establishes itself as the bastion of the “rule of law”. 

But the law in FUKUS is made by liars and thieves.

The whole foundation for wealth and power in FUKUS systems are based on lying and thieving.

Lying for power, by the Representative DFIs.

Thieving for wealth, by both the Representative DFIs and the Wall Street/Dalal Street Pimps and Lalas.

For Bharat to regain its well being and its historical fame and contentment, it must burn the fraud FUKUS systems, just like FUKUS will be burned along with its systems.

Rudra has already started putting this message into a real sword by subjecting the USA, the main king of  FUKUS and the so called bastion of “democracy” and “capitalism” into fury and vengeance that will be unrivaled in the history of this world.

2019 will be a landmark year for the USA.

The end of its beginning and the beginning of its end.

Fire and floods have started.

Winds will freeze and then burn and then blow away everything in its path.

Waters will freeze and melt and flood and wash away everything in its path causing famine.

Drought will then follow causing more famine and social unrest.

And finally the earth will explode in an earth shattering manner, laying waste to whatever FUKUS foolishly thought they could do to conquer Nature.

Then the currency will collapse and prices will rise by the minute.

Of course it goes without saying, that the Pompous Prick and Dumbass Dubya will be eliminated in a spectacular fashion.

And then the USA will be a living embodiment of the story of the Lord of the Flies.

And this will continue until the One returns to the USA.

That means a minimum of 25 years.

Considering that the USA has spread its grand vision of the Lord of the Flies  to various parts of the world, including to its own original native born citizens, for more than 250 years, 25 years of payback is just a minor technicality.

Bharat was always renowned for the rule of Dharma and only gained contentment for millenniums only by following the rule of Dharma

Bharat must return to the rule of Dharma.

And the rule of Dharma is divine rule by Brahman.

This website is the horse of Brahman.

The message on this website is the sword of Rudra and chakra of Narayana.

It transports the wheel of Dharma.

And I have already explained who Brahman is.

The whole of Bharat is Brahman, not just the people of Bharat.

Narayana always comes down as an avatar in human form.

In the age of the Satyuga, the Raja (Highest) Yoga is ध्यान Dhyan or Dhyana.

You will see ध्यान (Dhyan) in Bharat.

Not just as a man, but as an ideal.

Not just in one man, but in the whole of Bharat.

You will hear about ध्यान (Dhyan) in FUKUS.

What government and presstitutes talk about ध्यान (Dhyan) is what will happen to them because that is what they did to ध्यान (Dhyan).

And what is done in FUKUS and all countries that harmed Bharat will be done by Rudra and by the people of those countries themselves.

The prophecy of Nostradamus:

Quatrain 2,28
Le penultiesme du surnom du Prophete,
Prendra Diane pour son iour & repos:
Loing vaguera par frenetique teste,
En deliurant vn grand peuple d’impos.

God the Last but First (the seer)
Takes Dhyan, for his Day & Movement
He will wander far because of a frantic head,
And delivering a great people from subjection.

For more detailed prophecies from Nostradamus refer to the Angel of the Moon.

It is written in the Brahmasutra and Gita and Yoga Vasistha:

Only those who follow ध्यान (Dhyan) will reach ब्रह्मन् (Brahman).

Following ध्यान (Dhyan) does not mean just following a man named Dhyan.

Following ध्यान (Dhyan) means practicing ध्यान (Dhyan) in every thought and action of yours to become a Yogi who has achieved समत्वम् (Samathvam).

For the Satyuga to return, you must follow ध्यान (Dhyan) not just in name but always mainly in practice.