There is only one Universal Law that is eternal, unchanging, unquestionable and absolute.

The Rtam

The Rtam consists of Dharma and Karma.

Follow the Dharma and reap your Karma.

Violate the Dharma and reap your Karma.

Most people think that Karma is just limited to physical and verbal actions.

But the Sakyamuni said:

Your Karma is your thoughts.

What is Dharma?

As S Radhakrishnan said:

If you understand hurting another man is adharma (violation of Dharma), pleasing another man is Dharma, you have performed Dharma.
S Radhakrishnan, 2nd President of India.

Some of our Coconut wannabe Yamrican dyude 🤦 and Western opinion seeking and influenced residents of Bharat say we must follow the “civilised” FUKUS method of justice of the “RULE OF LAW”.

There is a saying by Samuel Huntington which I have slightly modified:

Western civilisation was built not by enlightenment nor the industrial revolution, but mainly from superior organised violence, slavery, genocide and the raping, pillaging and looting of its colonies.

The laws of Justice of ManuKautilya, our Shastras, our Dharma Shastras, and innumerable ancient texts  are most applicable not just to Bharat, but also to the entire world.

The only concept I will borrow from the Western Justice system is that Everybody is equal before Law regardless of ancestry, race, caste, gender, social standing, wealth and other differentiation.

If you incorporated that and only that basic Western principle Everybody is equal before Law and incorporated it into the laws of Manu, Kautilya and our Shastras and innumerable ancient texts we would have a good justice system.

Bharat had the best and most comprehensive framework of laws in the entire history of the world.  

The Arthashastra of Kautilya is just one of the many texts that are ideal for reviving Bharat to its lost glory.

Modern interpretations and addendum and updates will be added on this website as I review more of our texts.

People may say Arthashastra is from the old ages and outdated for these modern times.

Magadha basically covered Uttar Pradesh(UP) and Bihar.

Magadha under the Arthashastra was heaven on earth.

It gathered worldwide fame that has been documented for posterity.

Under the laws of the Arthashastra, men were fined if they raped prostitutes also.

That means even prostitutes had the right to choose who they had sex with.

Under the laws of the Arthashastra, dancing girls and female monks traveled alone late in the night and in the deepest forests.

Punishment was strict and done publicly.

The salary of the highest officials of the King including the Crown Prince was 48000 panas.

The salary of the lowest labourer was 60 panas.

Considering Bangalore, the Silly Con city standards, a labourer now earns about Rs 1,00,000.

One jujubee wilful debt faulting Dalal Street Pimp billionaire like the King of Good Times, earned more than the 1000 times of the highest official of the king of Magadha.

The richest Dalal Street Pimps in Bharat earn more than 5000 times the highest official of the king of Magadha.

And these officials assisted the king of Magadha to make Magadha a paragon of well being and prosperity that gained fame for millenniums.

Read this book A record of Buddhistic kingdoms; being an account by the Chinese monk Fâ-Hien of his travels in India and Ceylon, A.D. 399-414 * by Fahein.

Magadha under the Arthashastra, the laws of Kautilya:

Even a prostitute shall not be enjoyed against her will; each member of a gang raping a prostitute shall be punished.
4.12.6 (refer to details below)

Extracts of some other punishments:

Deflowering by a man of a minor girl (not yet attained puberty)
of the same varna cutting off a hand or a fine of 400 panas (Rs 675,000) 4.12.1,2
if the girl dies Death 4.12.1,2
Deflowering by a man of a virgin (after puberty)
girl not willing to marry violator cutting off the middle and index fingers or a fine of 200 panas (Rs 350,000)+ compensation to the father of the girl 4.12.6
girl betrothed to someone else cutting off the middle and index fingers or a fine of 400 panas (Rs 675,000)+ repayment of dowry 4.12.7

Deflowering did not just mean rape, it meant anybody who did it even with their consent.

Magadha due to the “wonder” of FUKUS “systems”:

Due to the “wonder” of FUKUS “systems”,  UP and Bihar have become the cesspits of  not just Bharat, but the entire world, beating even Congo, Niger and Somalia.

Due to the “wonder” of FUKUS “systems”, not just UP and Bihar and North Bharat, but the whole of Bharat is a cesspit.

Due to the “wonder” of FUKUS “systems”, women are gang raped with tyre jacks inserted into their vagina.

Children as young as 13 are gang raped and left bleeding in front of their father and also raped and bleeding mother.

And all these women were doing also were just travelling in the night, that too not late in the night, but just normal night time.

And they were not travelling alone, they were travelling with companions and that too in well traveled public roads and public transport.

And the best part due to the “wonder” of FUKUS “systems”, punishment is never given.

Due to the “wonder” of FUKUS “systems”, the main and most perverted rapist in the most shameful curse to occur in Bharat, got away scot-free in two years and his identity, face and whereabouts remain unknown.

The worst part is not a hair was harmed on his head, and even now he has no remorse and actually gloats about what he had done.

But due to the “wonder” of FUKUS “systems”, he is a free man and nobody knows what his name is, what he looks like or where he is working and living now.

Due to the “wonder” of FUKUS “systems”, law makers and their relatives gang rape women, torture and murder the victim’s father in the police station itself with the help of the policemen,  and then openly threaten to gang rape and murder the victim again.

Healthcare in Magadha under the laws of the Gupta Empire:

A record of Buddhistic kingdoms; being an account by the Chinese monk Fâ-Hien of his travels in India and Ceylon, A.D. 399-414 * by Fahein:

Page 79 (about Magadha, empire of Guptas):

The cities and towns of this country are the greatest of all in the Middle Kingdom.  The inhabitants are rich and prosperous,and vie with one another in the practice of benevolence and Dharma.

The Head of the Vaisya families in them establish in the cities houses to dispensing charity and medicines.  All the poor and destitute in the country, orphans, widowers and childless men, maimed people and cripples, and all who are diseased, go to those houses and are provided with every kind of help, and doctors examine their diseases.

They get the food and medicines which their cases require, and are made to feel at ease; and when they are better, they go away themselves.

Healthcare in Magadha due to the “wonder” of FUKUS “systems”:

Hospitals in Gorakhpur do not even have oxygen, leading to the deaths of 175 children which is just a small fraction of the more than 30000 people who have died at this same hospital. 

Arthashastra is just a small window into our Shastras and innumerable ancient texts that was responsible for making Bharat the most admired and most wealthy nation in the world and the home of Dharma.

By wealth, I do not just mean money, I mean the whole way of life which made it heaven on earth.

Read my article on Bharat for the greatness we had and how we pissed away all that was bestowed upon us because of our fetish and obsession  for the wonder of fraud FUKUS systems.

Under the Arthashastra, punishment was strict and public and as we all know from Manu:

The Lord formerly created his own son, Punishment, the protector of all creatures, (an incarnation of) the law, formed of Brahman’s glory.

That is why I say we should abandon the fraud FUKUS method of  the “RULE OF LAW”, and deliver and practice Justice and Fairness instead.

Even in ancient Bharat, the most successful kingdoms first practiced JusticeFairness  and Accountability, and only then the rule of law.

In fact Justice was practiced to such an extent that the enforcers of the law were put to the same or even harsher punishment as the violator and offender of the law if they failed to deliver Justice to the victim.

I think it is better we abolish our so called FUKUS “rule of law” system and go back to the our traditional systems, where Justice, Fairness and Accountablity matters first, not the “rule of law”.

Today we have the “rule of  law” but no justice and fairness and their is absolutely no mention of accountablity.

Only the poor and most wretched and most helpless are subject to the “rule of law”.

The Representative DFIs, Wall Street/Dalal Street Pimps/Lalas, Middlemen of God, and their cronies are above the “rule of law”.

That is why we have pimps, rapists, murderers, thugs, looters and thieves get away with rape, murder, pimping, thuggery, looting and theft because the law givers and makers themselves are the worst embodiment of these violations of the law.

The only faults of the laws of Manu and Kautilya and the other shastras is that they treat Brahmins and “twice born” in a privileged manner and Shudras  in a discriminatory manner.

But disregarding the gender and Varna biases, from a concept wise method of justice, the laws of Manu and Kautilya  and the other shastras were very effective.

Read my article on the importance of the Varnashrama Dharma to understand the true meaning of the Varna system.

The other significant flaw with Kautilya, was that the Arthashastra puts the law of the King above the law of the Rtam which consists of Dharma and Karma.

That is why the kingdom of Magadha ultimately failed, because finally the later Kings themselves were Anarya and Wicked.

There is no law above Dharma, even the mightiest of Gods have to submit to the law of Dharma.

All violations of the Dharma must be nipped in the bud with zero tolerance even for minor violations.

There is this old story that must be recounted and applies to the entire world today:

There was a family in a village. They were reasonably well off.  They had over a hundred chickens,  50 sheep, 10 horses and 1 sister.  

The father was old but wise, and the property was now looked after by the sons.

One day 3 chickens were stolen from the family.  The sons told the father.

The father told them to immediately find who stole the chickens and whip them 10 lashes for each chicken stolen, and make them pay back 3 chickens for every chicken that was stolen.

The sons thought that since only 3 chickens were stolen it was not such a big deal and let the matter pass.

Shortly thereafter 3 sheep were stolen.  

The sons again told the father and the father told them to immediately find who stole the sheep and whip them 10 lashes for each sheep stolen, cut off their thumb and index finger of their strong hand, and make them pay back 6 sheep for every sheep that was stolen and complain to the village panchayat and have them whipped in public and locked in pillories for a week.

The sons thought that only 3 sheep were stolen, it was not such a big deal since they still had 47 sheep, and let the matter pass.

Shortly thereafter 3 horses were stolen.

The sons again told the father and the father told them to immediately find who stole the horses and whip them 20 lashes for each horse stolen, cut off their strong leg in addition to their strong hand, and make them pay back 9 horses for every horse that was stolen and complain to the village panchayat and have them whipped in public and locked in pillories for a month.  

The sons thought that though 3 horses were stolen, it was not such a big deal since they still had 7 horses, and let the matter pass.

Shortly thereafter their sister was kidnapped.  

Now the sons were really worried and rushed to their father and told them that their sister was kidnapped and what should they do now?

The saddened father said, you should have done what I told you when the chickens were first stolen, that would have saved your sister, it is too late to save her now.

We should not tolerate even the slightest instance of corruption, crime and violation of Dharma.

Even the biggest criminals start with the smallest of crimes.

Each time they get away, they commit a bigger crime.

So they should not be allowed to get away with even the smallest of crimes in the first instance of the crime itself.

A rapist does not start with rape – he starts by staring, then harassing and stalking, then by touching and then by rape.

If he was taught a lesson at the harassment phase itself, he would never even dream of rape.

The shameful curse of Bharat repeats many times every day even after one of its most shameful curses gained global attention and even caused a stir in the short term memories of the residents of Bharat.

Like most things not only in Bharat, but all over the world, peoples’ memories have become extremely short term.

They are worried about more of their immediate needs and family and do not look at the big picture.

They think if these shameful curses dont happen to their family, they should not worry about it.

This narrow self interest is actually ultimately destructive.  

When you have to clean the lake, you have to stop all the sewage that goes into it.

Not only must a person stop himself, if the community is not willing to listen, he must rise up and stop the whole community from putting their sewage into the lake.

Only then can you drain out the lake and clean it up.

If you dont stop sending all the sewage, then the lake will become polluted and that will not only cause harm to you, but to the entire community.

The pollution of the lake will spoil the entire surrounding ground water table and you will not even find water fit to drink in your own well in your own house.

Even if you never polluted the lake, you will not find drinkable water in the well in your own house, because your neighbouring community was not concerned about pollution and continued to pollute the lake.

Perhaps if you had overcome your narrow self interest about not being concerned about the larger neighbouring community and had also actively encouraged your larger neighbouring community to follow your non-polluting methods, you would have had drinkable water in your own well.

So unless people overcome their narrow self interest and realise the concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, not only Bharat but the whole world will remain in a collapsed polluted stinking lake.

Ancient Bharat was one of the most pristine and heavenly places in the world and its people were actually living in heaven on earth.

It got that way because the founding principle of Bharat and even given in our Upanishads is Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam:

The whole world is one family.

There is another golden Chinese saying:

Slaughter a few chickens to shut up the monkeys.

We need to slaughter the serious and publicly known violators of the Dharma in public according to what I have written.

That will surely shut up the rest of the monkeys.

In addition to all the specific punishments I have given in my laws, supplementary punishment I have mentioned in my Law of Punishment must be given for what is not mentioned below.

The laws I have written are not absolute.

There should be scope for the Arya judges to interpret the law and ensure that punishments are based on the severity of the crime, not based on the severity of the law, especially in cases of victimless crimes.

Read all the Laws I have suggested.  

These are just modern day addendum and updates to our already established traditional justice systems.


The first thing we should create is a fool proof lie detector.

I think it can easily be created but hasn’t been created because that would expose the hypocrisy of a lot of people including our so called “honourable” Representative DFIs.

If we have a fool proof lie detector we can immediately try and convict the Wicked and Fools and there would be no false acquittals and mistrials.

The lie detector should not be based just on verbal questions and answers, it must also be based on handwritten answers to verbal questions.  

I think it is much more difficult to lie when you write in your hand.

Today you cannot punish somebody until they confess without concrete or almost concrete proof.

That is why the conviction rate is so low, because most crimes can be committed with absence of proof of the lawyers can twist the facts in such a way that criminals go scot- free.

But if we have a fool proof lie detector there is no need for proof or twisting of facts by crooked lawyers.

Many people say that people can lie under oath.

Lying is a physical action since lying causes stress.

It is alleged that criminal psychopaths can lie without stress.

Bur the proportion of criminal psychopaths compared to the rest of the criminal population is very small not even 5%.

Also most criminal psychopaths are so overconfident that they will eventually get caught.