भारत Bharata

The pinnacle of Western civilisation, Greece is now in ruins, Rome will soon follow and then will FUKUS including the so called “New World” the USA.

In fact the so called “New World”, the USA was discovered by Columbus who actually set sail looking for Bharata which was the pinnacle of civilisation just 500 years ago.

When Columbus found the “new world” the USA, he mistook it for Bharata.

The Native Americans were mistakenly identified as Indians by Columbus.

The unparalleled and globally unrivaled empire of Magadha even defeated and conquered the mighty Greek invader Alexander  and chased him out of Bharata.

Magadha never even raised a finger to fight the Greeks, just their appearance, reputation and might was so formidable, that Alexander’s soldiers actually refused to fight Magadha, mutinied, rebelled and forced Alexander to terminate his campaign in Bharata and return to Greece.

Alexander had conquered the mightiest of empires including the Persian empire, but could not conquer Magadha.

Leave alone Alexander conquering Magadha, he never even dared  to think about fighting Magadha even once.

Such was the might of Bharata.  

The world’s greatest conqueror Alexander never even dared to attempt to fight it.

Instead he turned around and ran back to Greece.

During the time of Kautilya, Magadha was the greatest empire in the whole world.

The only kingdom that exceeded Magadha  was the Ram Rajya under Lord Ram.

But Ram Rajya was in the Tretayuga and Magadha was in the Kaliyuga.

Ram Rajya is considered to be a mythical kingdom today, especially in the eyes of the coconuts.

I firmly believe that there was a Ram Rajya

But considering the state of today’s world, it seems  impossible for such a kingdom to have ever existed, and so “rational” and “modern” coconuts have classified it as a  mythical kingdom.

Today’s so called FUKUS “superpowers” would no hope of even reaching even one tenth what Magadha had reached for its times regarding peace, prosperity, security and well being of its citizens.

Read the account of Plutarch, one of the greatest of Greek scholars whose books form the one of the cornerstones of Western philosophy.

Read the account of Megasthenes one of Alexander’s scholars.

Read the account of Arrian, another of Alexander’s scholars.

Read this book A record of Buddhistic kingdoms; being an account by the Chinese monk Fâ-Hien of his travels in India and Ceylon, A.D. 399-414 by Fahein, especially page 42 and 79.

Page 79 (about Magadha, empire of the Guptas):

The cities and towns of this country are the greatest of all in the Middle Kingdom.  The inhabitants are rich and prosperous,and vie with one another in the practice of benevolence and Dharma.

The Head of the Vaisya families in them establish in the cities houses to dispensing charity and medicines.  All the poor and destitute in the country, orphans, widowers and childless men, maimed people and cripples, and all who are diseased, go to those houses and are provided with every kind of help, and doctors examine their diseases.

They get the food and medicines which their cases require, and are made to feel at ease; and when they are better, they go away themselves.

Read about the Indus Valley Civilisation – the greatest of all ancient civilisations.

There were no kings or priests or palaces or temples in these cities.

Everybody was treated equal and had equal rights.

If you can, buy and read the books The History and Culture of the Indian People  and The Wonder That Was India.

Read Chronica dos reis de Bisnaga, the account by Portuguese explorer Domingo Paes of the Vijayanagar Empire, and its capital city Hampi, whose glory even surpassed that of Constantinople.

“This is the best provided city in the world”.

Even as late as the 18th century, if you read the writings of French explorer Tavernier and you will find Bharata was a living paradise.

Read this entire book about the way of life that existed in Bharata which made it the pinnacle of civilisation – The Restoration of the Peasantries With especial reference to that of India by G.T. Wrench, M.D. (Lond.) published in 1939

It is really ironic, until just 1200 years ago, Bharata was the most civilised place in the entire world and called the HunasArabs, Greeks and Europeans, and other foreigners mlecchas or barbarians.

People may ignore history but cannot deny it.

Bharata was the land of the Arya Dharma.

The Arya Dharma ruled the entire civilised world.

Arya is not a race by birth, in SanskritArya means those of noble character.

There is no correct translation of the word Dharma in English.

The closest meaning is path of Truth.

The Arya Dharma will have many names in many lands, but they all mean the same thing.

Arya Dharma means the Noble Dharma.

Bharata was a land of many different cultures and people all bound by the Arya Dharma.

Bharata was not a “Hindu” nation.

In fact there is no such thing as “Hindu” mentioned in the Vedanta or Gita or other texts of the Sanathan Dharma.

Read my understanding on the myth of the word “Hindu”.

It was not a Christian or Muslim land since those religions were not even born during that time.

Even the Jews were slaves in Egypt at that time.

Bharata was the land of the Arya Dharma –  The Noble Dharma.

The Indus Valley civilisation was mainly in Pakistan and they were following the Arya Dharma.

The Bamiyan Buddhas were in Afghanistan and they were following the Arya Dharma.

The Angkor Wat was in Cambodia and they were following the Arya Dharma.

The correct name of our land is Bharata and the correct name of the eternal way of Dharma of this land, not religion, is Arya Dharma.

Considering todays Bharata, Arya Dharma consists mainly of the Sanathan Dharma, but also Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and other religions that originated in Bharata, including  MarthomaSufism and the religion of the tribals.

In fact the religion of the tribals is the oldest and the closest form of  the Arya Dharma.

Since most tribals worship Brahman in the form of Nature which is true worship of  the most pure and highest embodiment of Brahman.

Tribals not only worship nature, they also take good care of it.

The tribal regions are the most beautiful and unspoiled regions in Bharata.

The whole land of Bharata knew and loved its rulers.

There was the Raja (King), but he was controlled by the local eminent elders and then the local people of the area.

There was no distant central or state government ruled by somebody mostly unknown, corrupt, devious and unethical.

The rulers traveled the length and breadth of the kingdom regularly at all times by going to each village in the ground.

This is quite unlike today’s Representative DFIs who hop around villages only at election time and that too in Wall Street/Dalal Street Pimp sponsored helicopters.

The whole land of Bharata could approach their rulers directly and even criticize them to their face without any fear.

Lord Ram banished his own pregnant wife Sita because he was criticized by a dhobi (washerman).

I am not saying that Lord Ram was right to banish his own wife just because some dumbass criticized her (that itself could open a whole new topic of discussion and debate).

But the fact of the matter is that an ordinary dhobi had the guts to criticize the wife of the supreme ruler.

Ram is considered a God in Bharata even today, and yet this dhobi criticized him without any fear.

Of course since Ram was a king, the dhobi did not directly speak to him but Ram’s secret agents heard the dhobi criticize Ram and reported this back to him.

Unlike today’s Representative DFIs and dictators who will send a rioting mob or order the police to arrest,  beat and torture anybody who criticises them,  Lord Ram on hearing this criticism did not take action against the dhobi.

Instead this supreme Godlike ruler listened to the dhobi and Ram banished his own wife Sita.

Ram risked his own life and went to war to get Sita back.

Many followers of his were killed in the war to get Sita back.

He destroyed all evil doers to get Sita back.

And yet he banished her even though she was pregnant with his child.

A wife who he risked his own life to rescue.  A wife who he loved more than his own self.

All because a dhobi criticised him.

A dhobi whose head Ram could have cut off based on a whim if he chose to.

But Ram followed Dharma, not his whim.

There are many misguided people who say that Ram was greedy for the kingdom and chose the kingdom over his wife Sita.

Lord Ram was not greedy for the kingdom.

He willingly gave it away for 14 years and went to the forest with his wife just to maintain his father’s promise to his step mother.

If he was greedy for the kingdom he never would have given it up in the first place.

Ram’s initial dharma was to fulfill the wishes of his father even at the cost of his own and his wife’s happiness.

Ram’s eventual dharma was to fulfill the wishes of his subjects even at the cost of his own and his wife’s and unborn childrens’ happiness.

That is why there was Ram Rajya in the time of Lord Ram, because Lord Ram himself was the ideal of Dharma.

He did not talk about it or loudly promote it, he just followed and practiced it at the cost of the happiness of his own wife, his unborn children and his own self.

A true leader will be loved for generations to come and his legend will last for many more.

There are many versions of the Ramayana right from Afghanistan to  Vietnam.

There are even many temples built to Ram in these areas.

Ram Rajya does not just mean the ideal rule of a “Hindu” God.

Ram Rajya meant the rule of Dharma of which Lord Ram was the best and supreme embodiment.

Rule of Dharma is not only the right and responsibility of the “Hindu“religion, it applies to every person of any religion.

Dharma is beyond religion.

It was created by Brahman, and Brahman creates for all, not just a particular religious group or man alone, but for all creation not just in the Earth, but in the Multiverse.

The FUKUS colonizers perverted this system completely.

Quite frankly FUKUS spread their diseased version of “democracy” and “capitalism” and other plagues all over their colonies and this has brought us to the miserable state of today’s  world due to the “wonder” of so called FUKUS  “democracy” and “capitalism“.

And all we have left today is Ravan Rajya where dumbasses, half wits, idiots, illiterates, semi-literates, rapists, murderers, pimps, looters and thieves hold on to power and even permit their relatives and cronies to do the same.

That is why Bharata is now a third world, backward class nation.

Because of the “wonder” of FUKUSdemocracy“, not only in Bharata but also in the entire world, the words of Manu have come true:

21.The kingdom of that monarch, who looks on while a Sudra settles the law, will sink (low), like a cow in a morass.

22. That kingdom where Sudras are very numerous, which is infested by atheists and destitute of twice-born (inhabitants), soon entirely perishes, afflicted by famine and disease.,

Manusmirti Chapter VIII, 21 and 22

People may think I am being racist and “casteist” with my bias and contempt towards Sudras.

It must be remembered that all people are born Sudras. 

Only by their developing Gunas (virtues/character) and Karma(conduct), do they become Dwija or Twice Born.

I have contempt not for Sudras by birth, but for Sudras who even as 40 year old adults, choose to remain with Sudra Gunas and Karma, and do not focus seriously to develop  and improve their Gunas (virtues/character) and Karma(conduct).

For more on the actual meaning and importance of the Varnashrama Dharma, read my article The importance of the Varnashrama Dharma.

We cannot just blame the third class Representative DFI leaders we have.

If we have third rate dumbasses, rapists, pimps, murderers, looters and thieves as leaders it is because they have been voted in by a third rate ignorant and Anarya majority who tolerate dumbasses, rapists, pimps, murderers, looters and thieves and who because of the wonder of FUKUSdemocracy” form the majority whose opinion is more valued then a more sensible and enlightened class who follow Dharma.

Whenever you see history, people have always got the government they deserve.

I have a dream for Bharata as Sarvajna wrote:

A warm house,
Enough money for expenses,
An understanding family,
If you have these, then set fire to heaven.

Only some men like MK Gandhi and S Radhakrishnan who had great knowledge of our heritage, understood the true value and greatness of our great heritage.

MK Gandhi wanted Bharata to be a Ordered Non Violent Anarchy.

Note he did not say FUKUS  “democracy”, he said Ordered Non Violent Anarchy.

This system of Macaulayeducation” has made us coconuts who are taught that everything that is based on the original heritage of Bharata is considered useless, backward and inferior to so called “modern, superior and civilised” Western heritage.

Even our basic heritage  which was so admired, renowned and influenced the world and brought us great wealth and prosperity has been completely forgotten and we now practice the so called “modern, superior and civilised” Western heritage.

Bharata should go back to its heritage that brought prosperity and happiness to its people for millennia and earned it fame all over the world ever since the dawn of history and for more than 5000 years.

The principal components that brought well being and world wide fame to Bharata include:

  • Dharma and SEVA as the Supreme Constitution of the State
  • Decentralised community based planning and participation
  • State and even Village Community level decision making and involvement in justice and social welfare, healthcare and education
  • An ethical population and ethical ruling class rooted in and abiding by a sense of Dharma which was also maintained by a justice system that awarded swift redress of wrongs to victims  and harsh punishment to offenders to act as a deterrent.
  • A sensible and enlightened ruling class
  • A well armed and empowered population
  • Tolerance and acceptance of a wide variety of cultural and other practices of various ethnicities of the population
  • Strong work ethic with acceptance of dignity of labour
  • Judicious use of natural resources while still giving priority to environmental conservation and enhancement
  • Efficient water conservation and management
  • Educational excellence and a locally developed repository of vast knowledge developed over millennia for practice and disbursement in a wide spectrum of disciplines in agriculture, arts, culture, environmental conservation, science, technology, law, justice and governance and many other aspects that are important to the well being of society.
  • Agricultural prowess using low cost, sustainable, ecofriendly cultivation and management techniques
  • Handloom textile prowess
  • Metallurgical and other technological innovations
  • Handcrafting of fine goods and monuments
  • Trading both domestically and all across the world

We must return to this system if Bharata has to regain its lost glory.

For this to happen as soon as possible, Bharata must completely abandon the fraud FUKUS systems and go back to our traditional systems which I have adapted to include modern updates that I have described in my articles on Law, the State and a team of Ideal Administrators of Bharata.*

The people who live in Bharata must follow the culture of Bharata – Bharatayata

Read this enlightening article of Sadhguruabout the origin and power of the name Bharata

Extract from the Sadhgurus article above:

Bharata comes from bha – ra – ta. Bhava means sensation. Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching are different types of sensations. Your whole experience of life is sensory right now. Or in other words, sensations are the basis of your experience. Bha means sensation, out of which emotion arises. Ra means raga or the tune. The tune is not yours – existence has already set it. Now you have to find the rhythm, which is the tala. If you find the right rhythm, you are a fantastic human being. If you miss the rhythm, you get crushed by the process of life.

I support the notion that all people of Bharata should have knowledge and appreciation of the original heritage of Bharata, but once they learn about it, it is the choice of the people to follow or reject it.

Cornwallis was humiliated and kicked out of America in the late 1700s by less than 100,000 poor Americans with no kings and kingdoms.

The same Cornwallis became one of the greatest colonisers of Bharata.

At the time of Cornwallis, America was poor and had no kings, kingdoms or forts.

Bharata had a 25% contribution to the world GDP, the wealth of its kings ran into trillions of dollars ($1,000,000,000,000/ Rs 65,000,000,000,000) considering today’s value.

These kings had hundreds of thousands of soldiers with the latest arms, heavy infantry and strong forts.

Yet Cornwallis  succeed brilliantly in Bharata even though he had  failed miserably in America.

The formidable might of Britain, was defeated by about 100,000 poor American soldiers.

The even more formidable might of thousands of rich Kings in Bharata with trillions of wealth and millions of soldiers was defeated by a little more than 100,000 Britishers.

The same Britishers who were humiliated and kicked out of America managed to humiliate and kick the people of Bharata for more than 200 years, and they successfully did this with a much lesser number of Britishers than those who were kicked out of America.

There was only one reason for this.

The Americans, though poorer, understood, united and fought for the concept of OUR LAND, not my land.

In fact the wretched colonists themselves would never have succeeded if Bharata was united.

Even during the census of Bharata as late as 1931 *,  the total number of British subjects in Bharata was less than 0.05% of the population of Bharata and the population of British males was only 110,000.

And yet these 110,000 of British males managed to colonise and exploit the whole of Bharata.

Bharata failed and continues to fail to this day, because we have no concept of OUR LAND and OUR PEOPLE.

This is OUR LAND, NOT my land.

Only if the ignorant and dumbass “fundamentalists”,”secularists”, “nationalists” and “seperatists” realise the above, only then will Bharata rise.

Whether we are “Hindu“, “Muslim” or “Christian”,”Dalit” or “Brahmin” we all are born and live in Bharata and have an equal duty responsibility to protect and nurture Bharata and an equal right to enjoy its privileges after we perform our duties.


Somebody said:

 “India is not a poor country, it is the Indians who are poor.”

Swami Vivekanand said:

Out of the past is built the future. Look back, therefore, as far as you can, drink deep of the eternal fountains that are behind, and after that, look forward, march forward and make India brighter, greater, much higher than she ever was. Our ancestors were great. We must first recall that. We must learn the elements of our being, the blood that courses in our veins; we must have faith in that blood and what it did in the past; and out of that faith and consciousness of past greatness, we must build an India yet greater than what she has been.

Even JRD Tata said:

I do not care if India becomes a superpower, but India must work to be a Happy Nation.

How would one define happiness?

In my definition it means a state of well being or contentment.

What is contentment?
It means that you have been satisfied and yearn for nothing more.

But when are you satisfied?
When you get what you want, or when you have what you need?

How much do you need?
Enough for yourself and your loved ones, or enough for many generations of loved ones?

What if your future generations took their inheritance for granted?

Anything that is taken for granted is not valued, and anything that is not valued will be lost or discarded or abused.

There is this wonderful passage in the Book of Life by Jiddu Krishnamurthi :

The moment you are conscious that you are happy, that you have much, is that happiness?

The moment you are conscious that you are happy, it is not happiness, is it?

Happiness is not a thing to be pursued; it comes.

But if you seek it, it will evade you.

I think Bharata will have to change

You cant go below the bottom of the cesspool, and Bharata is right at the bottom.  So the only way is up.

There are a lot of smart people I know who are making their own contributions to try to improve the lot of our people.

Our farmers are the most selfless and greatest risk takers in the history of the world.

They sacrifice their lives savings and their lives efforts into farming and they still are at the mercy of nature, and speculators and usurious money lenders and loan sharks.

I see a lot of hope for change in the younger generation, especially those in their 20s and early 30s. 

The younger generation is more aware of and vocal and assertive about their rights and hopefully also their duties.

You cannot have Rights without Duties.

In fact you must first do your duty before you can claim any rights.

We must first be a duty based people, rights can be claimed thereafter.

Bharata and this whole world can only be sustained by unity, tolerance, hard and smart work and Dharma.

My dream, at least for our generation, is for Bharata is to return to its greatness that was achieved during Magadha.

But there was one flaw with Kautilya, he puts the law of the King above the law of the Rtam which consists of Dharma and Karma.

That is why the kingdom of Magadha ultimately failed, because finally the later Kings themselves were Anarya and Wicked.

There is no law above Dharma, even the mightiest of Gods have to submit to the law of Dharma.

My dream for the next generation is that they achieve Ram Rajya where the law of Dharma is willingly and lovingly followed by all.

Bharata has all the potential to regain its historical well being, fame and glory, but for Bharata to realise this, it has to abandon the fraud FUKUS based systems it has ruinously adopted and go back to our traditional heritage of Ram Rajya where the rule of Dharma was supreme.

The FUKUS system we have adopted has only brought ruin to us.

It was imposed by FUKUS, not to govern us efficiently for our own well being, but to make us weak, obedient, unresisting slaves who were forced to contribute to the well being of our privileged FUKUS colonisers at the cost of our own well being.

The FUKUS colonisers have left more than 70 years ago, but the coconuts who inherited, implemented, benefit and still swear by FUKUS systems have become the new colonisers who continue to enrich the well being of themselves and their cronies at the cost of our own well being.

None of the creators of the FUKUS system we so sincerely admire and follow, had any respect or appreciation, forget about detailed knowledge, of our great heritage and systems that unrivaled administrators like Kautilya had established for the well being of our citizens that has brought us world wide fame even after more than 2500 years.

It is a real irony that Bharata wants to be inspired by the same FUKUS who ruined it.

It is also a real irony that this same FUKUS first came running to rape, loot and plunder Bharata because they were inspired by its wealth and well being of Bharata and its citizens.

And this wealth and well being of Bharata, which brought it prosperity, wellbeing and worldwide fame for millenniums came only because of the traditional ruling systems of Bharata and not because of the “wonder” of FUKUS based “democracy” and “capitalism“.

Once Bharata realises it true potential,  and the entire nation works towards not just living in the past, but envisioning and working to a future that was greater than the past, the world will soon follow Bharata

The time will again come not for Bharata to “Go Global”, but for the world to “Go Bharata” just like it has been for millenniums until just 500 years ago.
My ultimate ideal is not just OUR LAND, but Tianxia.

Which in Chinese means Under Heaven  to include all land under heaven.

The  Chinese philosophy is quite similar to our philosophy.

Tianxia contains the same ideal of the Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam which is one of the main underlying concepts of the Sanathan Dharma.

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam means “The whole world is one family.”

The phrase Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is not just found in just one scripture of the Sanathan Dharma.

It is found not just in the Upanishads, but even in children’s books of  moral fables like the Panchatantra and Hitopadesa.

Remember it says the Whole world, this means not just humans, but all the living and natural things in the world.

In fact the whole verse from the Hitopadesa is:

He is mine and he is another,

Is a thought that narrow minded, selfish and ignorant people have,

For the truly noble and enlightened,

“The whole world is one family.”

Map of Bharata

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* My articles on Law, the State and a team of Ideal Administrators of Bharata are just rudimentary thoughts based on my limited vision of what I have seen.

I would welcome any further input or comments which can be submitted in my feedback form.