I did not invent the word FUKUS.

It was invented by  a very wise and witty journalist Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey working for the reputed Russian newspaper Pravda.

Timothy came up with this term while writing an article on the true version of the FUKUS war for “freedom” and “democracy” in Syria.

FUKUS (France, UK, USA) are the three main countries responsible for the current f🙊 up state of the world right from the days of colonisation of Bharat to the current state of the Middle East where FUKUS is fighting wars against secular “brutal” dictators, who had secular, stable, orderly and prosperous societies, to promote “freedom” and “democracy” run by fundamentalist rapists, looters and thugs.

During the time of these “brutal dictators” in the Middle East, there was peace and order in their lands, women and children were safe, and most people had a high standard of living.

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FUKUS managed to find “weapons of mass destruction (WMD)” where none existed in Iraq.

For the first time in the history of the world since the invasion of Czechoslovakia by Hitler and the illegal invasion and occupation of Tibet, FUKUS, led by Dumbass Dubya invaded and caused genocide in a secular, peaceful , safe and wealthy country like Iraq.

The wretched FUKUS general Colin Powell conned the whole world into believing Iraq had WMD.

After more than 15 years of the brazen FUKUS “shock and awe” invasion of Iraq the whole Middle East is in ruins.

FUKUS did the same in Libya.

The root cause of FUKUS invading Iraq and Libya had nothing to do with promoting “freedom” and “democracy“.

The root cause of FUKUS invading Iraq and Libya was to protect the ponzi petrodollar.

Here is the real story of the Dreadful Chronology of Gaddafi’s Murder.

Gaddafi had a plan to introduce an African Gold Dinar, that would have done away with the worthless FUKUS ponzi petrodollar and the CFA Franc, a legacy of France to continue to exploit its former African colonies.

If Gaddafi’s vision of a gold dinar for Africa had come true, all of Africa would have been a developed continent in 20 years.

And the ponzi petrodollar would have collapsed in less than 4 years.

Watch Killary Rotten Clinton, the callous psychopathic bitch talk with cold blooded callous glee about Gaddafi, the man who created the Great Man-Made River, the largest infrastructure project in the world to supply precious water from the middle of the Sahara desert to his citizens.

This was one of the most difficult and impressive water related infrastructure projects in the world.

Gaddafi called it the eighth wonder of the world.

It cost over $ 25 billion ($25,000,000,000 (Rs 162,000 crores (Rs 162,000,00,00,00,000)).

Libya had completed the work without the financial support of any major countries or loans from world banks.

And FUKUS bombed and destroyed this Great Man-Made River that provided precious water to millions of Libyans.

And FUKUS did all this in the name of “freedom” and democracy”.

FUKUS also was responsible for the colonisation of Bharat, slavery and brutality towards Africans, and the genocide of Native Americans in the USA.

The FUK (France, UK) part of FUKUS colonised and reduced Bharat from being the wealthiest country in the world with a 25% to the world GDP, to one of the poorest countries in the world with a 2% contribution to the world GDP.

According to Utsa Patnaik, the UK stole more than 45 trillion from Bharat during the period of colonisation from 1765 to 1938.

For perspective, $45 trillion is 17 times more than the total annual gross domestic product of the UK in 2018.

There is a saying by Samuel Huntington which I have slightly modified:

FUKUS “civilisation” was built not by enlightenment nor the industrial revolution, but mainly from superior organised violence, slavery, genocide and the raping, pillaging and looting of its colonies.

The Queen of UK and her subjects are descended from rapists, looters and thieves and she still has our stolen Kohinoor Diamond as her crown jewel.

The Kohinoor just about 0.001% of the things their thieving ancestors stole from Bharat.

They also have priceless texts and manuscripts of ours lying hidden in their homes and libraries which contain millennia of priceless knowledge and wisdom.

These manuscripts have made their way all across the West from USA to Germany to Russia.

The FUKUS system we follow today was built by FUKUS colonists to make slaves of their colonies and ensure obedience and complete submission of the population of their colonies to the FUKUS colonial masters.

The FUKUS colonists have left, but the general population of Bharat is still slaves to the whims and fancies of the new “brown sahib” “coconut” masters who continue to run these FUKUS systems that are built to serve the interests of a few privileged sections of society.

Senator Richard Pettigrew said:

The convention which framed the Constitution of the United States was composed of fifty-five members.

A majority were lawyers not one farmer, mechanic or laborer.

Forty owned Revolutionary Scrip. Fourteen were land speculators. Twenty-four were money-lenders. Eleven were merchants. Fifteen were slave-holders.

They made a Constitution to protect the rights of property and not the rights of man.

Senator Richard Pettigrew – Triumphant Plutocracy (1922)

In fact we should stop learning from FUKUS, their systems have brought ruin even to their own citizens, not to mention the entire world.

Not only FUKUS, but the entire world should  learn from our original heritage which made Bharat the most well regarded and admired nation in the world for millennia.

Even FUKUS originally came to Bharat to learn and earn from the wealth and prosperity and well being in Bharat.

The FUKUS concept and curse of  “Democracy” and “Capitalism” is the reason for the currently f🙊 up state of the world.

FUKUS  “Democracy” originated in a time where nobody even thought of electricity or the automobile, let alone digital satellite TV, mobile phones and the internet.

In the FUKUS concept of “democracy“, the power rests with the “common man”.

Power should not reside only with the common man.  

Power should also reside in the hands of people with great integrity, wisdom, foresight, energy, compassion, a willingness to listen and a sense of Dharma in every action of theirs.

The greatest of civilisations whether in Bharat or even in the FUKUS lands themselves were led by such people who were not common, but persons of extraordinary abilities.

Extraordinary civilisations can only created by extraordinary people, not by common men.

These extraordinary people put the good of the nation above their petty personal interests.

They held and constantly practiced Dharma as the supreme law and ideal.

To such extraordinary people, the wealth of a nation was not measured by its GDP, but by its adherence to Dharma .

The moment power came to the control of the common man, there have only been governments led by common thoughts and common people who do not have vision.

If a country has to rise to great heights, it has to be led by extraordinary persons.

Because of the curse of FUKUS based “Representative” “Democracy”, the words of Manu have come true, not only in Bharat, but the entire gullible and delusional nations that follow the FUKUS based “democracy”.

The Laws of Manu

Chapter VIII, 21 and 22

21. The kingdom of that monarch, who looks on while a Sudra settles the law, will sink (low), like a cow in a morass.

22. That kingdom where Sudras are very numerous, which is infested by atheists and destitute of twice-born (inhabitants), soon entirely perishes, afflicted by famine and disease.

People may think I am being racist with the mention of Manu and the Sudras.

People are not born Brahmins or Sudras.

Only a person’s Gunas (attributes/character) and Karma(conduct and deeds) make a person a Brahmin or a Sudra.

This is clearly specified in all the fundamental texts of the Sanathan Dharma, which most “Hindus” are totally unaware of.

Read my article about the True meaning and the importance of the Varnashrama Dharma.

I have another thing to add:

“FUKUS only believes in change — Regime change, climate change, policy change and spends great time, money and effort to make this happen.

Finally all they will be left with is small change and I mean change in coins.”

FUKUS claims to be the most “civilised” place in the whole so called “Free World”.

This is like a serial rapist telling his mother and sister he loves and respects them more than his own self.

Nobody would call a serial rapist “civilised” just because he respects and loves his mother and sister more than his own self.

They would still call him a wicked perverted serial rapist because of the way he treats the rest of the women in the world.

In the same way, FUKUS is just a serial rapist to the rest of the world, even though they claim to be the most “civilised” place in the whole so called “Free World”.

FUKUS is not really “Free” even to its own citizens.

The USA is as much, if not more oppressive than any third world dictatorship.

It just is very good at marketing itself as the land of “Freedom” and “Democracy“.

The “Freedom” in FUKUS like the saying “Iron hand in a velvet glove.

People are deluded to think they are “free” as long as their “freedom” is within the confines of the dogma of “freedom” as defined by the so called “Free World”.

In the old days, FUKUS burned heretics and dissidents at the stake claiming that they were witches.

Joan of Arc was a prime example of this.

In these days, FUKUS punishes dissidents by calling them “mentally ill” and locking them in mental hospitals or by calling them “terrorists” and imprisoning them without trial.

FUKUS also has a lot of good things, but mainly applied only for its “free” citizens.

America is built on TRUST.

They trust everyone even the first time they do business with them.

But before they trust, they lay down contracts and deal is a done deal in America.

A contract is sacred and usually always honoured.

Almost all the people I have met in America  trust what you say.

But they do not blindly trust.

They also verify that trust.

In fact the most famous saying of Reagan, one of their past Presidents is:

Trust but Verify.

Basic civic sense exists with respect to garbage, traffic, environment, social etiquette, cleanliness and other such things.

The infrastructure in most parts of America I have been to, even a small city of less than 100,000 people is much much better than even the best cities of Bharat.

Government offices even in the smallest of cities of 100,000 are much cleaner, better organised and better equipped than government offices of even the most so called “advanced” cities in Bharat.

You can drink water from the tap in Europe and also in America.

There are so many parks, playgrounds and open spaces for people to walk in and children to play in.

Most of these parks are safe and free from “eve teasers” (commonly called sexual harassers and molesters in  countries outside Bharat).

But there are instances of crime happening in some parks but it is not a regular occurrence.

There is absolutely no petty corruption among police and government officials you meet on a regular basis.

Petty corruption does not exist in most parts of America that I have been too.

Clerks do not harass you for bribes to do routine and perfectly legal work.

But corruption does exist especially among high government officials and Representative DFIs.

There are no peons and flunkeys and touts hanging around in government offices.

Even the head of the organisation makes and gets his own coffee.

People are addressed on a first name basis, and this is an absolutely refreshing change from Bharat.

The law is strict and swift and the judicial system is much faster than the Bharatiya system which sometimes takes twenty years for a case to be heard.

There is strong protection of the rights of women and children, and enforcement of these laws.

 Women are still harassed even in FUKUS countries, but at least the law is much faster to prosecute the offenders swiftly and strictly.

The system of social services is useful although it sometimes can be misused.

There is women and child protection and support, there is enforcement of child support payments to divorced wives.

There are homeless shelters.

The police is much more quicker to respond in America, sometimes within 5 minutes.

But the police especially in America can be very evil and unjust especially towards dark skinned people.

Planning is much more professional though they made the cursed mistake of over dependence on the automobile and its associated ills like express highways, suburbs and urban sprawl.

However enlightened cities in the West have realised the folly of their automobile based urban planning and reverted to dense and walkable city planning.

It is really ironic, Bharat which had dense and walk-able city planning, is now trying to repeat the foolish mistakes of the West.

In most developed western cities in Europe, there is no need for a car.

The public transport is excellent and quite safe especially in Europe.

America is a very different.

There is very little public transport except for mega cities like New York, Boston and Chicago and others of that size and density.

A judge once said:

A developed nation is not one in which the poor have cars, but one in which the rich use public transport.

Unlike what our NRI Business Development Manager says, even in America soldiers are not always respected.

The video that is floating around showing everybody standing and applauding American soldiers is a fallacy.

Many times, soldiers end up mentally ill because of the extreme stress of combat.

They either end up homeless or in mental hospitals or even living below poverty line lives.

But the curse of FUKUS is the overbearing welfare state.

All old people are provided pension, even if they are wealthy or have wasted their lives lazing around, drinking and gambling.

People claim disability even though they are perfectly capable of working.

Unemployment insurance is provided to people who are mostly unemployable.

But some parts of the welfare state are good especially outside FUKUS,  in the rest of the West like Europe and Canada where free or greatly subsidised health care is provided to all and free or greatly subsided education even upto university is provided to all.

But the main curse of America is the Pimps of Wall Street.

The whole of America is controlled by the Pimps of Wall Street.

The electoral funding of most Representative DFIs comes from the Wall Street Pimps.

There is also a website called www.opensecrets.org which shows this funding.

However I dont think this website can depict the total level of funding that is done by the Wall Street Pimps to manipulate the Representative DFIs.

Even the Federal Reserve, the central bank of the USA, is actually a private bank controlled by the Pimps of Wall Street.

The curse of America is the predominance of Wall Street Pimp owned mega corporations like Walmart, McDonalds, Coco Cola, P&G, Mosanto and other chains.

Everything in America is the same and boring all over the country.

From California to New York, there will be a McDonalds offering the same burger, the same ketchup, the same paper napkins and same toothpicks.

From California to New York, there will be a Walmart selling the same $5 T shirts made using foreign slave labour.

From California to New York there will be an old minimum wage Walmart greeter, wearing the same blue jacket, bearing the same fake plastic smile and saying the same  plastic greetings.

Almost 99% of them were forced to work because they did not get a pension or have high healthcare bills.

In the big cities, there are very few independent businesses.

Most of the independent small businesses have been destroyed by the Wall Street Pimp owned mega corporations.

There is a spirit of community service that is very prevalent in America.

There may not be many protesting activists and rioters like we have in Bharat, but per capita there are more ordinary middle class people who do community service in America than almost all the rich and upper middle class people in Bharat.

I also noticed in America that people are good sports and more tolerant than the people in Bharat.

They allow criticism of themselves and even laugh at themselves.

Case in point, is movies like Bowling for Columbine and Borat.

In the USA, they even allow open criticism of their highest leaders including the President and also their highest Gods.

This would be very unsafe and suicidal to do in Bharat.

People are much more quick to anger in Bharat.

The Satanic Verses, The Polyester Prince-The Real Story of Dhirubhai Ambani and the movie Water are banned in India because the government thinks it will upset a few dumbasses who claim to represent that vast tolerant majority of Bharat.

No “honourable” Representative DFI, Middleman, Film Star, Cricketer or other such cult leaders can be criticised openly in Bharat, even if they are not the best of people and have criminal faults.

To do so would mean inviting a rioting mob of that persons’ third class porki chamchas (scoundrel flunkeys) to your door step.

And it would also invite a visit by the friendly neighbourhood income tax and police departments if you have foolishly criticised a Representative DFI or a Middleman.

In Bharat, with great difficulty they may manage to hold a candlelight march of a maximum of 25 people to protest against the rape of a girl, even the gang rape of a four year old girl.

But in Bharat, millions will riot and kill people and destroy billions of rupees in public and private property, if any of the above mentioned “honourable” characters are brought to justice, even if these “honourable” characters are actually rapists, murderers, thieves and thugs.