The myth of the word “Hindu”

There is no such word “Hindu” in any of the major texts of the Sanathan Dharma :

Vedas, Upanishads, Yoga VasisthaGita, Brahmasutra, Itihasas, Puranas,  Dharamshastras  and all other texts.

The word “Hindu” came from all wretched invaders of Bharat, from Greek times to the Arabs to the FUKUS colonists.

Why should we call ourselves a name that was given to us by all the wretched invaders of Bharat?

In the entire world, regardless of what name people call themselves, there are fundamentally only two names of groups of people as specified in the Gita:  

The  above groups remain eternal and unchanging, not just for Bharat, but for the entire world.

However there cannot be a permanent Arya or Anarya race just by birth.

Being an Arya is an achieved state, not a permanent state.

It can only be generated by the continuous practice of Dharma.

It is like electricity, once you stop generating it, you go dark and are no longer an Arya.

The word “Hindu” was derived from those who lived east of the Sindhu (Indus) river.

In fact even the name India was derived from the Greek word Indus which Greeks called the Sindhu river – the actual name of India is Bharatvarsha and the actual name of the Indus river is the Sindhu River.

Most “Hindus” cannot comprehend the Shruti (revealed texts) – Vedas,  the Vedanta (Upanishads),  Yoga Vasistha, Gita and probably never heard of the  Brahmasutra and its fundamental truth of ध्यान(Dhyan) as the only way to reach ब्रह्मन् (Brahman).

This is because their minds have already become conditioned and close minded.

So these simple minded people follow the Smritis, many of which need to be updated to modern times.

I dont know which version of the Sanathan Dharma our current day “Hindus” follow.

The saddest part is that the some of the people who call themselves “Hindus” are completely ignorant about the core teachings of the Sanathan Dharma.

They are completely unaware and ignorant of the principal texts of the Sanathan Dharma.

Even though they claim to be followers of Ram, I would not be surprised if even 5% of them have read the Ramcharitmanas.

Their story of Ram has come from TV serials by Bollywood directors and tales told by middlemen.

I am also not surprised that not even 0.1% of them are aware of and even understand, forget about practice Ram’s ideal of Dharma.

They do not understand that the rituals are to be done personally and at home and they should not just chant like parrots, but they should understand the true meaning and philosophy behind the mantras and rituals while they perform them.

Many “Hindus” practice a “caste system” which is a total corruption of the Vedic “varna” system where Karma (deeds), and Gunas (character virtues) defined a person, not their birth.

The ordering of the four Varnas were based on Karma (conduct) and Gunas (Virtues/character) and not by birth.

Read my article to understand the importance and true meaning of the Varnashrama Dharma.

If they really understood the Sanathan Dharma as taught by our maharishis,  they would know that the mantras and rituals in Vedas are just one portion of the Vedas – the Karma Kanda or Ritualistic portion.

The Brahmins had perverted and condensed the Vedas into just the Karma Kanda portion so that they would retain importance.

The actual essence and gold in the Vedas is the Jnana Kanda or Vedanta and the  Maha Kavya (Grand Pronouncement) of the Sanathan Dharma is:

तत् त्वम् असि Tat Tvam Asi – That is the TruthThat is the SelfThat You Are.

Your Atma is an embodiment of Brahman, the ultimate Truth.

Even noted and eminent ritualistic (Karma Kanda) followers of the Vedas, finally realised the essence of this grand pronouncement and converted to Vedanta (Jnana Kanda).

Case in point — The famous debate between Shankara (foremost promoter of Vedanta – Jnana Kanda ) and Mandana Mishra (foremost promoter of Karma Kanda).

True worship of Brahman is not giving gold and silver offerings, and delegating poojas to some baba, godman, or priest in a “temple” with loudspeakers blaring and “devotees” stampeding and fighting with one another to get blessings for selfish personal gains, and with rich devotees getting faster and special darshans.

One must worship Brahman, not for selfish personal gain and personal interests.

One must worship Brahman to unite and become one with Brahman.

True worship of Brahman is always following Dharma and the sincere and sustained practice of ध्यान(Dhyan) and more importantly loving and protecting the creation of Brahman by service to Nature and service to the Brahma Dana.

We should not call and identify ourselves first as Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Dalit, Brahmin, North Indian, South Indian or any other differentiation.

All the above differentiation is secondary and does not matter at all.

As I said before if Bharat has to rise above and beyond its glorious heritage, we should realise the concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam means “The whole world is one family.”