Summary and Heart of my Work


Freedom is the ultimate power and it is my divine birthright given to me by Brahman (God) to have freedom,
Freedom is not free,
Freedom comes from the blood, sweat and sacrifice of all worlds and all beings in all worlds,

Because the whole world is One Family.

And most importantly Freedom comes from the God given Karma (destiny) to be responsible and follow Dharma and its highest ideal SEVA (selfless service),
Because the Rtam (the Divine order) is the highest and only law of Brahman (God),
And the Rtam consists of doing our Karma to follow Dharma in our every breath,

Because Dharma defends those who defend it,
Dharma destroys those who destroy it,

Dharma can neither be created nor be destroyed.

You will reap what you sow.

If you understand hurting another being is adharma (violation of Dharma), loving and caring unselfishly without ego and expectations for another being is Dharma, you have performed Dharma.

Wherever there is a sacred people who adhere to Dharma, the land that they belong to automatically becomes blessed and it becomes Ram Rajya.

The root of happiness and well being  is Dharma.
The root of Dharma is Artha (economy and statecraft)
The root of Artha is good governance.
The root of good governance is conquering by self control.
The root of conquering by self control is humility.
The root of humility is SEVA (selfless service) to the old.

May there be well being (auspiciousness) to the people;
May the kings always rule the earth with Dharma;
May the cows(& bulls) and the Arya (practitioner of Arya Dharma) always be fortunate.
May all the beings in all the worlds become happy;
And only peace remains in all worlds. (Om Shanthi, Shanti, Shanti)

O Absolute Truth and Creator of all three worlds,
May we contemplate on your unrivalled brilliance and divine light,
Guide our intellect so that we may be bestowed with true knowledge.