कर्म Karma or Destiny

Karma is a fundamental component of the Rtam.

The Rtam is the supreme law of Brahman and consists of Dharma and Karma.

However we all question Karma as the will of God and that sometimes God is cruel and unfair.

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There are three types of Karma

Sanchita Karma : the Karma we accumulate over our past lives minus what we have already burned out.

Prarabdha Karma : the Karma that was given to you when you entered this life and the unforseen events that happen to you.

Kriyamana Karma : your response to your Sanchita and Prarabdha Karma.

You Kriyamana Karma is totally under your control.

It is the only Karma which is not fixed or destined.

It is formed based your response to the destiny thrust on you by your Sanchita and Prarabdha Karma.

You may be born to rich and good parents who love you.

But you turn out to be a gambler, womaniser and drunkard and vagrant and lose all they have given you.

Or you may be born to bad parents who neglect and abuse you.

But you still work hard, follow Dharma and persist and persevere and become a billionaire and change the lives of millions.

Which brings me to what I have already said:

Karma or Destiny is what you make of it, but it is all part of a divine plan by Brahman.

Just like the potters mould, your Karma is in your hands, but like the potters wheel, Brahman dispassionately turns the wheel of the Rtam.