The “magic” of the NRI Business Development Manager

I do not wish to comment on the “magic” 🤔 of the current NRI business development manager of the Adanis and Ambanis and other Global investor and Wall Street/Dalal Street Pimps and Lalas?

A person who rose to fame because of his extempore “Brilliant Oratory” which smart people who have figured out things like I have, would simply call “Smooth Talking”.

Because of the “wonder” of FUKUS based “democracy”, the people who live up to the saying “Empty Vessels make the most noise” gain far more importance and power than the people who live up to the saying “Still waters run deep”.

After all the world tours and rock star speeches in Madison Square Garden and London ,and hugging all foreign leaders promoting Make in India, over the last four years only 27 lakh jobs were created.

According to a recent newsletter by Samco dated 8th March 2019:

It being an election year, the middle and lower strata of society were the receivers of bountiful benefits doled out by the Government which although may look pleasing in the first instance but the axe is likely to fall in the full-fledged budget of the new Government. Direct tax collections were estimated at Rs. 12 lakh Cr but for 9 months ended the collection is just Rs. 8 lakh Crs, some estimates show that the shortfall is likely to be 1 lakh Cr by the close of the year. This deficit is unseen in the recent past. Larger repercussions lay ahead in the economy in terms of the Government borrowing programs, the interest rate cycle and the Government’s ability to spend on infra which will adversely affect the equity markets in the second half.

A person who is such a close chaddi dost of all American presidents and FUKUS politicians, that he calls them by their first name, embraces and takes selfies with them whenever he gets the chance.

It is just a small matter that these same chaddi dost American presidents and FUKUS politicians did not even want to give him visa to visit their countries before they were forced to do so, because he became Prime Minister.

He also has tea with them in expensive designer suits costing more than five years salary of the average farm labourer.

Of course he also takes FUKUS Presidents to monkey baths (Americans misunderstood meaning of Mann Ki Bath😁).

He embraces them more often than he embraces our Army chief who is busy defending our borders with our soldiers’ blood and sweat, while our NRI business development manager is busy wearing expensive designer clothing and giving pre-written and rehearsed speeches and selfies to our NRI brothers and sisters in the FUKUS countries.

Our NRI brothers and sisters in these FUKUS countries say that Bharat is always in their hearts.

But they will never come to live here and they will never come to Bharat to fight our wars.

But even before we go to war with Pakistan and China, they will surely vote their dislikes of Pakistan and China on Facebook.

A person who has all the intention, but no vision, insight and experience other than the so called “success” of the Gujarat Model, whose true facts are kept hidden.

A person who claims to be responsible for the success of Gujaratis, who in my opinion are the smartest entrepreneurs in Bharat along with the Mallus, Sindhis, Memons, Moplahs and Marvadis.

If a Gujarati can be a success and even a billionaire in Missouri, Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Burkina Faso, it is a jujubee task for a Gujarati to be a success in their own home state, and it is foolish to claim credit for work that the smart Gujaratis already did themselves.

A person who wants Bharat to be a bullet train when all the past vision, insight and experience is building a toy train that too not even in Balbhavan, Cubbon Park.

A person who does not realise that at this moment, it is a complete waste of time and effort to get Bharat to become a bullet train when almost 99.99% of the trains in Bharat dont even have good toilets, drinking water, a safe environment and even enough seats to sit on.

Almost 8 people a day, die on the Bombay train system.

More benefit would be brought to Bombay if even 1/10th of the money spent on the dumbass bullet train was spent on improve the Bombay train system so that nobody died.

A person who thinks he is impressing FUKUS and Japan by ordering billions of dollars of worthless outdated phased-out overpriced goods including nuclear reactors, trains and planes without realising they will give the same VIP treatment to the gullible leader of any third world country who is willing to buy their worthless outdated phased-out overpriced goods.

A person who has put farmers and farming in the worst of conditions of debt, despair, depression and suicide and finally even after all this, robbing their land to give to the Wall Street/Dalal Street Pimp/Lalas.

A person who will travel all across the world to take selfies and hug FUKUS Presidents who used to call him names and even refused to give him visa, but will not bother to even make a phone call, leave alone drive down just 5 km from his office to Jantar Mantar to talk to the farmers of Tamil Nadu who have been protesting for 100 days eating their own shit and dead rats, and now eating human flesh and slitting their throats trying to draw his attention to their problems.

A person who is so impressed by FUKUS scamsters who vigorously promote only the “wonders” of FUKUS Industrial Mass Production Trickle Down Casino Capitalist System and Wall Street/Dalal Street Pimp/Lala owned IT/BT/SEZ coolie export parks, expressways and bullet trains.

A person who claims to be working wonders because he is working hard for over 18 hours a day and sleeps only 4 hours.

Read my article on the things I have figured out to understand why hard work alone does not matter much, but smart productive work matters much more.

Donkeys do hard work.

Men who ride the donkey carts are more productive if they can keep the donkeys from running off a cliff or keep them from colliding with oncoming vehicles.

A person who is willing to risk a war with our neighbours with whom we are permanently linked ethnically, culturally and geographically, because he thinks he can depend on FUKUS and Japan to help fight our wars.

He thinks he can depend on the same FUKUS who sent aircraft carriers to threaten us in our 1971 war against Pakistan.

In fact, he has now placed more importance on our relationship with FUKUS than our historical ally for decades Russia who strongly supported us our 1971 war against Pakistan and prevented FUKUS from actually using their aircraft carriers against us.

He thinks he can depend on the same FUKUS who did not want us to have nuclear weapons and imposed strict sanctions against us and is still continuously spying on our Ballistic Missile Systems & Airdropped Nuclear Weapons.

He thinks he can depend on the same FUKUS who is blissfully selling us worthless outdated overpriced planes and guns and other such defense equipment.

He thinks he can depend on the same Japan who invaded and occupied us in World War 2.

He has completely abandoned our strong relationship developed with Iran over millenniums in favour of their arch rival, the arrogant, racist, belligerent FUKUS poodle Israel with whom we have nothing in common and is a huge secret storehouse of our Representative DFIs black money.

He has permanently altered our relationship with our Nepal, our historical brother for millenniums and strongest friends, that they are now becoming fast friends with China.

He has shut the door on friendship attempts from Pakistan, who in all fairness is our blood younger brother as we both descend from the same motherland.

In any family dispute, elder brothers should accept the friendship offers of younger brothers, no matter what happened in the past.

If India and Pakistan reunited and became Bharat again, our door to Ram Rajya will surely open since all the money we spend on arms and ammunition to kill each other can be spent for a more useful purpose like the healthcare and education and employment of the citizens of our two nations.

A person of such integrity and firmness of conviction, lets just forget about the minor technicalities of 180 degree U turns of his positions on Aadhar and GST, just a few I have mentioned about the many positions of such firmness of conviction.

Firmness of conviction on Aadhar

Firmness of conviction on GST

Aadhar is our 1984 style Big Brother inspired identification system designed by the founder of the largest IT coolie firm in Bharat.

An identification system that is supposed to be voluntary, but now made compulsory even for your income tax, cell phone and bank records in addition to many other records. Aadhar was supposed to be only for government records and databases, but is not being extended even to cell phone records.

Strangely Aadhar is not made mandatory for property ownership records and property tax records.

Even more strangely, our “honest” “corruption free” NRI Business Development Manager has not made Aadhar mandatory for Voter ID cards and for eliminating duplicate and fraud voting during elections?

Why is that?

Aadhar is used as a lame excuse to weed out duplicate and fraud PAN and cell phone SIM cards.

In the worlds largest FUKUS based so called “democracy” isnt it also important to weed out duplicate and fraud voter ID cards?

Aadhar is an identification system containing sensitive data including biometric data of more than a billion Bharatiyas, but whose computer servers reside outside Bharat and according to Wikileaks, is being accessed by the CIA.

Using the Aadhar card the aim of the government is to link it to even your credit card and cell phones and perhaps in the future to your medical records and prescription drugs and maybe even your liquor and drug dealers.

So watch out for buying those cheap American diamonds and lying to your Ukranian mistress that you bought her the most expensive diamonds.

With Aadhar around, both your wife and your Ukranian mistress will find out what you have actually been buying and how many times you have been lying about your cheap fakes.

More importantly your wife can get your cell phone records and find out all the calls and shady purchases you have been making behind her back.

Aadhar is an identification system identification system that is based solely on biometric identification and which is known to be extremely error prone and has never been implemented anywhere in the world, even in the FUKUS countries.

Even the most advanced FUKUS countries, home to tech giants like General Electric, Google, Apple and Microsoft, have realised that biometric identification is an extremely defective and error prone system, but obviously the founder of the largest IT coolie firm in Bharat knows better.

After all isn’t the successful IT Coolie Y2K fame 😎 🤦 technology of changing two digit year to four digit year (YY to YYYY) more advanced and sophisticated than the still error prone computer vision and image recognition technology being developed by the most leading edge tech giants in the FUKUS countries 😲?

If you dont understand computers and if you think Y2K fame is more advanced and sophisticated than computer vision and image recognition technology, then maybe you also think a safe crash proof bullock cart is better and more advanced than an ISRO rocket which has landed a rover on the moon, but still could fail and crash and burn the next time it is launched.

Our NRI Business Development Manager most likely got elected because the only alternative was the Clown Prince.

Even a shoeshine boy would have been a better alternative than the Clown Prince and would have gotten elected.

A person who successfully marketed the demonetization scam, as a sacrifice we must make, even if it caused the deaths of more than a 100 people, untold suffering and hardship to millions of poor innocents and the destruction of livelihoods of millions of poor innocents.

The real reason for the demonetization scam was to bail out the gambling Dalal Street Pimps and Lalas.

Of course, the added bonus of the timing of demonetization scam just before the UP elections is just a minor technicality.

Here are the real facts of the so called “success” of the demonetization scam.

Here is what his own party was doing exchanging notes according to this Congress Party Video while more than a 100 people died and more than 1 crore people permanently lost their jobs.

Even though I dont think much of the Clown Prince and would never have him on my team of Ideal Administrators, he recently delivered a speech in USA that was right on target on the “magic” of the NRI Business Development Manager.

I dont think the Clown Prince wrote the speech, but he did deliver it eloquently.

All of what I have mentioned above wont be found in the reports of the mainstream Pressitute media which is completely owned by the Global Investor/Wall Street/Dalal Street Pimps and Lalas, the only beneficiaries of the “magical” capabilities of the NRI Business Development Manager.

The NRI Business Development manager already has started the process of stealing land from poor farmers.

India offers land twice Luxembourg’s size to firms leaving China May 5, 2020.

I will leave the people of Bharat to comment on the “magic” and decide in a few years when corruption and black money is still flourishing, “achhe din” is still coming but has not yet arrived, crime has increased because banks have collapsed and more people have been rendered unemployed because of the dumbass demonetization scam, and all their land has been acquired and they again become bonded slaves and are forced to fight for freedom again from the new Global Investor/Wall Street/Dalal Street Pimp Lala colonists that are rapidly replacing the old FUKUS colonists, who also initially came to Bharat as foreign “businessmen”.

Our NRI Business Development Manager is a Master of Political science by education, training and practice, but gets elected because he claims he was a chaiwala.

Only in a country like Bharat, will one hide their Master’s degree and claim that they are a chaiwala to get elected.

That is the “wonder” of FUKUS democracy.

Where more power rests with the chaiwalas than enlightened people, that even highly educated people with Master’s degrees pretend to be chaiwalas to get elected.

That is why most people in Bharat can only afford chai and milk biscuit, that too as a luxury, because a government elected and run by chaiwalas is only capable of making chai and milk biscuit.

Not that the previous government was any better. They were filled with thieves.

All governments of all parties, ever since the curse of the Ghendy’s dawned on us, not only at the national and state level, but even at city council and panchayat level are filled with thieves.

Most people in Bharat always get robbed by the government because they always elect thieves and the only aim in the life of a a thief is to lie, cheat and steal and rob their victims blind.

So as I said many times before:

Whenever you see history, people have always gotten the government they deserve.

Definition of Magic

A masterful display of sleight of hand to fool you and create an illusion that something wonderful happened when nothing really happened at all.😲

All that was gained your momentary thrill of the experience.

Once you’ve seen it, there is no thrill in going back to the same magic show.😒

All that was lost was your time and ticket to attend the “magic” show and the money that went from your pocket to the magic company owners and investors.🤔

When is “Achhe Din” arriving?

“Achhe Din” has already boarded at London and departed with a First class airline ticket to Bharat.

As soon as it arrives, “Achhe Din” is going to be better than Ram Rajya. 🙌🤓😍

Oh sorry I forget to mention which airline it will arrive on.

It will arrive on Kingfisher Airlines.🤷