Law – The worship of Nature, the true face of Brahman

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The protection and conservation of Nature  must be drilled into every person from the old to the very young.

The protection and conservation of Nature includes all flora and fauna, water bodies and afforestation and promotion of methods and techniques that lower the carbon footprint and eliminate climate change and global warming.

The biggest contributors to climate change and global warming are fossil fuels – coal, crude oil and to a lesser extent natural gas.

There should be immediate and high priority attempts to eliminate the use of fossil fuels from energy generation, industrial production and transportation.

These are the biggest contributors to climate change.

For promotion and increments in any job, private or government, people must be made to pass an exam with at least 75% on the important measures to protect the environment.

This exam is not just a theoretical exam, but also a practical and project based exam.

Practical and project based work include community service and self initiated work to protect and conserve the environment through any method — physical, financial, mental or a combination of all three methods.

Children and students must pass these exams with 80% marks.

There should also be weekly or at least fortnightly practical lessons for children in protection of the environment.

Special consideration and promotions and incentives in education and jobs should be given to those that practically and physically implement these measures to protect the environment in real world and not just by passing exams.

Harsh penalties and fines and even imprisonment must be imposed on those who pollute the environment, especially those who do illegally and surreptitiously.

This could be applied to everybody from an individual, to large companies to housing, industrial and other developments.