Nature – The supreme gift and true embodiment of Brahman

Bhudevi is Mother Earth or Mother Nature.

Brahman loved creation, that is why Brahman created Nature with sparkling clear oceans, rivers and lakes filled with fish, and trees and sheep, cows and birds and set them all free.

Man loved only himself, that is why he cut the trees and caged and ate the sheep, cows, birds and fish and poured his filth into the oceans, rivers and lakes.

Nature is the supreme gift  given to us by Brahman, above the other divine gift of free will, and Nature will always reign supreme overruling the free will of Man.

We should always be kind, loving and respectful of nature and then it will treat us the same way.

If we mess with nature, this planet will be a living hell and we will suffer slow and painful deaths.

Nature means all of God’s creation – humans, animals, plants, trees, rivers, lakes, oceans, air, mountains and other infinite natural and living creation found on this planet.

Nature is the true embodiment of Brahman.

Whereever there is respect and love of Nature in all its splendor and glory, there is true love and worship of Brahman.

The Rig Veda is full of praise and worship of Nature.

Most of the powerful gods of the Rig Veda are gods of Nature.

In the Rig Veda the gods of Nature were given much importance and Vishnu(Narayana) and Shiva(Rudra) are mentioned in the same measure as the gods Indra, AgniVayu, Surya, Soma, Yama and Varun.

In  40:57 of the Quran it says :

The creation of the heavens and earth is greater than the creation of mankind, but most men do not know.

Forget about man creating a butterfly, even the ease of vision and flight of a simple house fly still cannot be created by man.

Not just one man, but not even thousands of men, even if they have the most advanced degrees, decades of experience, and the most sophisticated and expensive equipment.

Looking at and being in the wonderful glory of nature brings a sense of divine consciousness and ecstasy, which cannot ever be matched by any man-made intoxicants and man-made creations.

Constantly being with and taking care of  nature and appreciating natures oneness with the glory of Brahman, is much better than just practicing ध्यान Dhyan.

We must learn to be very respectful of nature.

The rivers and lakes give us drinking water, water for our crops, fish and many other resources.

The oceans give us precious rainfall and fish and many other resources.

Not to mention they also serve as means of recreation and as an important means of transportation.

The trees and forests and greenery give us life giving oxygen, absorb harmful carbon dioxide, recharge water, cool the earth and are amazing to look at.

Man is just an insignificant toy of nature.

In the grand scheme of things, man is not even a microbe in the pimple on an elephant’s butt.

The West, especially FUKUS, wants to “conquer” Nature.

The whole aim of the West is to “defeat” Nature and make it subservient to man’s will.  

We must be one with Nature not try to conquer it. 

When we harm nature, we are only harming ourselves.

It is a shame that Bharat is following the delusional and foolish West and abandoning its cherished heritage of worshiping and conserving nature right from the days of the Vedas.

That is the greatness of ब्रह्मन्.  For over 5000 years we have only praised Brahman.

But we have ignored and abused and destroyed Brahmans wonderful creation – this great planet we call Earth with our petty “human” thoughts and actions.

This is our last chance at reforming our Karma and if the world ends, it wont be a great explosion, it will be reduced to the Lord of the Flies.

Brahman is both the creator and the destroyer.

The time has come for Brahman to destroy the selfishness of man.  तत् just enforces the law of Karma which is part of the supreme and absolute divine law of the Rtam.

Man has destroyed Nature in a very painful and slow way, and now Nature will destroy man in the same painfully slow way.

Rainfall patterns have been disrupted causing drought, flood and crop failure.

Wind patterns have been disrupted causing hurricanes and cyclones.

Air has been poisoned causing all sorts of diseases.

Cancer, Infertility and Stress related mental illnesses are on the rise due to all sorts of pollution.

There is man animal conflict.  There is man-man conflict.

We cut trees and forests down to build and widen roads, and unwanted housing developments and IT/BT/SEZ coolie parks that are not used for shelter or production, but to make money and speculate.

If this continues soon there wont be any trees and forests and we will have to buy bottled oxygen to breathe.

Man says he is now trying to act like God with cloning, genetically modified crops, chemical fertilizers, fossil fuels, river linking and dams and other presumptuous and arrogant and ignorant ideas.

I was born in Bharat, and I love Bharat the most.

Not just me, but many people in Bharat are extremely disappointed to  see Bharat trying to be selfish greedy and stupid and follow selfish and idiotic FUKUS and China.

The pimps of Wall/Dalal Street are colluding with the Representative DFIs to build IT/BT/SEZ coolie parks, high speed expressways, grant mining rights and grab and steal land from poor illiterate helpless farmers, fishermen and tribals, and even cows to build cheap car factories that nobody really needs.

These Representative DFIs and Dalal Street/Global Investor Pimps should be shot for sedition since they are violating their Fundamental Duty to Protect and Improve the Natural Environment as specified in the Indian Constitution.

In the Sanathan Dharma, Mother Nature is one of the highest Gods – Bhudevi

People are misled by the term Mother Nature.

They think they can abuse her as long as they want and take her for granted.

Bhudevi (Mother Nature) is like Nargis in Mother India

She will undergo tremendous suffering for a lifetime for the sake of her children.

But the mother who gives life also has every right to take the life of a child who violates all the principles she stands for.

Mother India did this to her son Birju in the film – she shot him and killed him when he kidnapped the village bride.

Bhudevi will also kill us if we continue to abuse her creation.

But we wont die fast and easy deaths by shooting, we will die slow painful deaths like the Lord of the Flies.

Then hopefully we will finally come to realise the wise Native American saying:

Not till you have felled the last tree
Killed the last bird
Killed the last fish
Poisoned the last river
Will you know that you cannot eat (or drink) money

But there is always redemption.

The prophecy of the advent of the Satyuga.