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Siddhi Palande aka book_gobbler (Instagram Influencer and Book Reviewer)
June 23, 2020
Arya Dharma by Bollachettira Dhyan Appachu is a comprehensive work on Hinduism and has a wide canvas.

Let me begin by saying that Arya Dharma by Bollachettira Dhyan Appachu is meant for a niche audience. If you are amongst those who love to read about India and Indian history and culture then you are sure to love this book.

At over 600 pages this book gives you an intricately detailed work. This book shows us the years of research and the strong belief of the author. The writing of the author has a conviction which doesn’t go unnoticed. Rather, the way the author puts across a point, it hits a nerve with the readers. The book reminds you of the minutest details about Indian sanskriti which we have forgotten over the years. And it does so with much aplomb.

If I say that every Indian should read this book then I won’t be wrong. Because this is one of the finest work on Indian culture that I have read in the recent times. The author keeps the language simple and to the point. Throughout the book he gives multiple references of seers and saints and articles we can read up online.

This book is heavily researched but isn’t of academic nature. However, in my view schools and colleges should definitely include it in the curriculum so that our gennext knows of their roots and learns and relearns about it.

Once again I stress that this book is meant to be read by one and all. It may have a niche audience but what this book will teach you, that is sure to stay with you today and forever.

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Insha Anam (Instagram Influencer and Book Reviewer)
June 14, 2020
People all around the world are fascinated by Indian history, culture and the way people are still connected with their roots. This book covers comprehensive Indian history that includes culture, religion, governance, social evolution, tradition, philosophy and science provides an integrated view of public administration, public policy and governance, human resources and environment, and leadership and values.

It reveals the glorious past of India along with the future.

The author points out that the well-being of the Indian citizens didn’t come from the wonders of democracy Or capitalism but because of the strength of the Bharat’s heritage system that placed Dharma and not the GDP as the sole aim of the nation.

For those who are looking forward to learn some interesting facts about Indian history and culture, the book contains almost everything: from traces of ancient invasions to modern-day evolution for the readers to enjoy and gain knowledge about.

Author Dhyan Appachu Bollachettira defining work in the form of Arya Dharma is an effective, essential and pertinent contribution to the field of Indian politics and political economy.

Maj Gen HK Sinha
BSc. Engr(Svy) , M Sc PhE and PG Dip in Aerial Photo ( The Netherlands )
Ex Additional Director General, Military Operations
July 17, 2020

This is a great read for anyone who wants to know the pitfalls of contemporary democratic society, their cause and remedy.

The main intention is, to change world consciousness and governments to a better way of life and to restore the Arya Dharma. References to old scriptures, historical events, quotations, scientific analysis and recommended SOP’s ( standard operating procedures) like solutions, covering wide field of legislature, judiciary and executive, make the reading very enjoyable.

This is written in an easy to read conversational style without any inhibition whatsoever. Though at places author sounds an idealist, he qualifies as “six sigma quality” author by virtue of his unique perspective on present day democracy in Bharat and his clarity of expression on its key elements.

Maj Gen M.C Nanjappa (Retd),
(AVSM**,YSM -Indian Army) (4 time National award winner)
17 Mar 21

Dyan, Thanks for sending me your book ‘Arya Dharma ‘ .You have produced a well researched, high quality book which takes the reader to a different path of ideals and righteousness. The topics covered by you are different from the normal path traversed by various authors. The presentation is simple and easy to read. I am sure that the serious readers will find this book very absorbing and thought provoking.

Joe Britto
January 25, 2020
Dear Dhyan, Been through your amazing work. Congratulations is a small word. It’s something out of the ordinary. You have touched upon most vital issues facing Bharath. The only hitch is that the one who bells the 🐱 must ensure it’s implementation in toto. This is easier said than done. But it’s a question of time.. As the younger generation is in a hurry and will surely be able to field capable leaders. The Davos meet has seen a sample of the young talent. Sooner than later they will be at the helm. On my side, I will be Sharing and spreading the message to my links. I will be going through the amazing book again and again.

Santhosh Cariappa
January 25, 2020
Thank you once again for your book, sent to me with your sign and lovely message and letter. I have been telling my friends and family about the goodness of the book , a lot of work and creativity has gone into the making of it. A lovely work of art ! I too hope as I dwelve into it will find all my answers 🙏🏼

Adhyansh Jadli
December 28, 2019
I really want to appreciate your work. I was quite impressed with the way you put your thoughts on India in your articles. I can’t resist my self to congratulate you on creating such beautiful content. Keep up the good work. Bookmarked. Thanks Adhyansh jadli

Dr Mandira Adhikari Dubey
7th May 2020
I was really intrigued by the title and decided to take up this 600 plus page book (which is incredibly tough in my scenario) However the topics are so interesting that I finished reading quite soon.

What I loved about this book was that the writer is very progressive yet is deep rooted in the ancient principles of our country.

The book is a labour of extensive research, knowledge and logic. One would really gain a lot after reading this book.

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Sarath Babu
30th April 2020
I was totally amazed because the book is a confluence of most of the religious texts/books/literature since author has mentioned that he has read the religious book more than once.

I do not know the possibilities of application of a book to a greater extent but if it was done, it would surely lead to a Utopian Society where there is no religion and all the subjects would be following the highest order of Dharma called Arya Dharma.

There were lots to learn from this wonderful book. I am trying to mention few of them which I found it interesting/appealing.

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Dr. Manoj Dubey
9th May 2020
This book is very different as to what all I have read in the past. I am usually a reader of fiction and self help books but this one is of the most meaningful reads of my life. If you love your country and make some difference to the world, then you should definitely try reading this. This book is not easy, it’s 600 pages but it is definitely a fast read.

The author has tried to find a solution to every problem of today from our rich heritage. The ancient texts of Upanishads, Manusmriti, Arthashastra, Neetishastra etc seem to have the key for the questions of today. They may have been written thousands of years ago, but are truly timeless in their content.

This book has really opened my eyes as to how to make our lives more meaningful, how to work for the welfare of the world and of course the secret to happiness.

A tough read because of its volume but absolutely worth the time and effort.

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Pratibha Malav, Author
May 28, 2020
“Arya Dharma: The Noble Dharma” isn’t like any book. It’s a different, informative and excellent work. It’s a need of the hour!

Don’t get confused with the title. The book isn’t about Hinduism alone but other religions too.

Arya Dharma is based on ancient Indian culture, ancient democracy and ancient literature.

The book gives the readers a quick tour of the history of incredible India.

Indian culture and its civilization are two things which are very precious and oldest on this entire planet.

Arya Dharma: The Noble Dharma” is a result of a very deep research. It must have taken a lot of time to come up with an idea of writing a book of such genre.

The book gives an excellent idea on how we can reform our flawed democracy in India.

Not just it, the book also talks about researching on ancient democracy to make today’s world a better place to live.

The book covers all existing aspects of Indian civilization.

It will deeply make you think about life, democracy and history of Bharat. Reading Arya Dharma was like a journey down the memory lane.

The book is just wonderful.

If you are interested in knowing the history of Bharat, I must recommend it to you…

Vandana Choudhary (Blogger and Book Reviewer)
9th June 2020

The author obviously has done extensive research and years of reading to have written a book with such depth which reflects all through.

The first thing that any reader would notice is the length of the book as it is close to 600 pages; and it is totally worth the readers’ time as the book is such a treasure trove of information.

The book also makes for such an important read because it touches on various aspects of governance, finance, spirituality, and everyday life. The writing style is lucid and easy to understand.

If the readers attempt to understand the concepts explained by the author without being judgmental then this book provides ample food for thought.

The author provides a wholesome insight into the current world we live in as well as the past which is long forgotten.

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Rashi Gupta

Feb 25, 2021

Amazing read. Such an insightful book which connects you to the rich heritage of our glorious past. The book provides a connect of today’s world it’s problems by quoting solutions from our deep rooted historic setups in the form of Vedas and Upanishads.
The book has been written with great understanding and research keeping in mind the pace of the readers to make it very practical and solution based.
The book has a connection to the soul of the readers and kudos to the author for explaining such complex concepts in a simple and easy manner.
The book is highly recommended to all the generations specially to students who can gain so much from this holistic approach penned by the author.

Rainu Arora, Instagram Influencer

July 10, 2020

This book has the ability to take everyone in a delightful trip to the ancient time.

Hats off to the author for his research work. Language used is simple and understandable.

Overall, a wonderful book which contains a wide range of information from ancient evidences to present day development.

Samvedna, Instagram Influencer

July 25, 2020

The narration, rich in examples and in indelible ways to achieve the glorious past leading us to Dharma and Seva, has some impeccable simplicity in it, that not only interweaves itself into our realisation, but also ripens it. The details are not only thought provoking, but also they mark a rhythm with the covenant we have.

Kiranmayi (Blogger and Book Reviewer)
9th June 2020

The author has done thorough research which reflects in the book as he explores multiple dimensions of a culture and how it is adapted by the citizens. Governance, administration, stages of life, civilization — the author touches upon every possible aspect related to human living. At the start the book will feel huge will 600 pages length but that is because the author has explained many concepts in a detailed manner that once the reader gets engrossed, the length would not matter. The book is very informative and would appeal to those looking to understand ancient Indian culture. The enormous history of Indian that is generally not captured in our academic books has been summarized in one single book by the author.

The author also provides lot of references so that the reader can further read about topics of interest. The cover is very interesting and a mirror for the content to be found inside. This book is unlike any of the non-fiction books we usually come across as it will urge the reader to think even after the book is completed. Pick this one if you always wanted to have a wholesome read about Indian’s history, culture and ancient civilizations.

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Gunjan Mittal (Blogger and Book Reviewer)
9th June 2020

The author provides useful sources that can be referred to by the reader to further understand each of these concepts. While some of the information mentioned by the author can be found in popular literature, the remaining is enormous knowledge rolled up into one book. The extensive research and prior reading done by the author is evident in the diverse concepts covered.

This is unlike any nonfiction book a reader can ever find – the chapters around yoga, spirituality and the slokas and verses included are very impressive. Whether a reader will be influenced to understand and follow the principles put forward by the author are debatable, however there is no denying that this book is a treasure trove of knowledge about Indian history which is a must read for everyone.

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Isha Singh, Blogger, ibooksta
May 18, 2020
The author tried hard to convince everyone that once thousands of years ago there existed a perfect state where people were free to speak and the government was ready to listen to them. It was Ram Rajya.

Thus, if the same is built and brought today, it’s going to make the world a much happy place and free from the realms of FUKUS, it means following blindly collectively the hollow ideologies of three nations namely France, United Kingdom, and the USA.

The book is about how Ram Rajya was perfect. How can we build it? How to shun FUKUS system – which nothing substantial but based on money and money…and so on.

There is some unspeakable urge within the author that needs to be heard. I was bemused and confused and relieved at this book. I had really mixed feelings while traversing such a vast work of immaculate observation and a vast vista of thinking. I think the concept of the book appeals for one world and one religion without any prejudices and barriers.

BA Bopanna
May 20, 2020
All those who dream of a better World or an idealist should read this book. Any righteous thoughts emanating from anyone or anywhere in the World needs to be acknowledged & appreciated. This book is one of such efforts to induce people to return to Dharma & the path of righteousness.

Author has covered most important aspects of Dharma & has walked us through what a Ram- Rajya had been then as per Rama Charitra Manas and reminded us to dream towards achieving Ram Rajya.

Agree with the Author that Dharma is beyond religion & applies to every person of any religion and that the entire purpose of all the religions is the same.

Lot of ideas & thoughts are poured in which widens the reader’s horizon of thinking. Book mentions quotes of Bhagavadgita, Buddism, Vivekanand, Sadguru, Ramakrishna, Ramcharitamanas, Vishnupurana & other texts. This book not only suggests ideal way of life but also tells the deficiencies in the present system with improvements required in Education, Politics, Banking, Society, Various Laws, Governance, etc. Reader can relate to the author as he has covered the present scenarios.

Book has touched all the important aspects of Dharma, Bharata, Character, Ideals, Morality, Democracy, Religion, Caste & lot more.

I could have written much lengthier review but I tried to restrict my words. It’s worth reading and reader can take many good messages from the book ‘ARYA DHARMA’.

Shiny Jain, Instagram Influencer
July 26, 2020

This book is a work of very high quality and very deep research done by the author. The collection of data and its analysis shows the hard work of the author, its easy to recall the history and to thought about it but it really takes a lot of efforts to penned down whatever you have in your mind. The author gave me the tour of *My India* and it was really worth reading.

Kevein Mallik
May 15, 2020
The book holds higher level of philosophy on the stratum of religion and nation building. The author has given, from time and again, examples from Vedas, civilizations, Sanskrit literature, included links to movies, articles, and libraries. The book is like a journal cum research work. Its intensity is high and it sounds well-researched. If it’s understood properly, the book’s teachings and contents can be used as insightful lessons for the generations.

How can India achieve great growth without getting into the clutches of FUKUS system is brilliantly penned down? Other than the main concept of Arya Dharma, the book is a fountain of knowledge and gives various links and hints of resources, the book is good for non-fiction readers and of course for those interested in cultural studies. Overall, written in simple and credible way, the book’s philosophy tries to convince all and appeals to have a world that is not only peaceful but also meaningful.

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Mitul, Blogger – The Bookish Elf
May 25, 2020

This book, ‘Arya Dharma’, is a work of very high quality and very deep research for which the author learned nearly all the ancient Indian cultures and all of its ancient literature. The work is polymathic in it’s outlook and covers nearly all known aspects of the Indian civilization from its geography, its literature, governance, religion, philosophy to science and even coinage.

Author Dhyan is a competent chronicler who relies heavily on the available literature of his time as the base for his work. The chapters are broadly divided into politics, religion and theology, culture, laws and social structure. Summed together they give an in-depth understanding of the Indian subcontinent. This work is essential for anyone who is interested in knowing the Indian history. It is a brilliant reference material.

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BD Vijaya
January 22, 2020
Good evening Dhyan. Thanks for the book and will go through during the next month. Its first glance very impressive. Hearty congratulations 😊.

Col ML Shanbhag
April 26, 2020
Your book is really very interesting & fascinating. When did you get time to study such complex subject as Dharm and write such a wonderful book.

Rashi Gupta
26th February 2020
Hi, thanks for the book. Kudos to you for such an enlighting write up. Great going. looking forward to have a great association with you.

Leo Saldanha
24th February 2020
Thanks Dhyan for sending me a copy of your tome. much appreciated. Plenty of great ideas I gathered, as I browsed through. will get back in greater detail duly.

Sridhar Pabbisetty
11th February 2020
Received the book and very glad to see the well finished book.
Will get to read it in the coming month. Look forward to reading the book.

Naganath Bichkunde
6th February 2020
Sir I have received the book it is a Excellent book interesting and more informative. I will surely tell my friends in india and US, to read this book.

Elloji Rao
January 22, 2020
I received the book
Thank you
It is nice and interesting.

Major General MM Belliappa
January 20, 2020
Dhyan received the Book. Cursory reading shows it is an excellent Book. My compliments to you and your wife.

Colonel Jayakrishnan
January 20, 2020
Hi Dhyan, I received the book this morning. I just glanced through it and found it rekindling the deep knowledge of our ancient past. More after an in-depth reading. Thanks again,
Col Jayakrishnan

January 6, 2020
Dhyan, just glanced PDF which you have sent. You have worked very hard to compose. I can’t believe myself that you are the same person with whom I worked in XXXX. God bless you in all your steps of Life.

Akhil Shekar
July 30, 2019
Hi. My name is Akhil and I am truly impressed by your two articles on Kodagu and its history and the path forward. The very main reason I took time to contact you and know you better is to know more about its rich and pristine history.