The Ponzi Petrodollar which can only be paid in “Faith”

NOTE: March 24, 2022 — I last updated this article in mid 2019. Things are much much worse in the USA now in 2022 and will get even worse. Be ready for USA to say welcome to Mad Max and ZimbabweUSA by mid 2025 if not sooner.


The USA is like the bank that writes it own cheques and then forces the cheque recipients to deposit the same cheque back to the same bank.

It can issue any number of cheques (Treasury bonds) as long as the idiots who accept that cheque , deposit the cheque back in the same bank (by buying oil in dollars).

What if the idiots who accept these USA Bank cheques, demand cash instead of depositing their cheques in back the USA bank?

How can you pay cash when you dont have any cash and have more than $ 75,000,000,000,000 (that is seventy five trillion dollars or Rs 51,75,00,000 crores or Rs 51.75 crore crores or for those of you who like to count 0’s it is Indian Rs 51,75,00,000,00,00,000) in already unfunded debts(including Social Security and Medicare).

If you verify the report for yourself to see if I am lying, you can download it here from the US Treasury website itself.

Here is a simpler analysis than reading a financial report.

That is not to mention the current account debt of fifteen trillion dollars $15,000,000,000,000 or Rs 10.35 crore crore (Rs 10,35,00,000,00,00,000).

So the total debt of the USA including current account and unfunded liabilities is more than a 100 trillion dollars ($100,000,000,000,000/ Rs 69 crore crores Rs 69,00,00,000,00,00,000).
In fact the balance sheet of the US Federal Reserve is even worse than that of Lehman Brothers.

The Federal Reserve, the biggest central bank in the world and private Wall Street Pimp owned central banker to the USA, has more than double the leverage that Lehman Brothers had before it collapsed.

The collapse of Lehman Brothers almost destroyed the Wall Street Pimps.

But the collapse of the Fed, will not just destroy the USA and the rest of FUKUS, but also a large part of the world that does business with it including the so called export coolie nations like Germany, Japan, Bharat, China and SE Asia which will be hit with a brick to their face when their currency will be worth more than the US Dollar.

Incidentally unlike the central banks of most nations that are owned by the government, the Fed Reserve is not owned by the USA government, it is a private bank owned by the Wall Street Pimps.

Do you get my idea about the ponzi petrodollar?

Can you imagine what will happen when the idiots including Bharat who accepted these “cheques” payable only in “faith” realise they have been conned?

The dollar is now worth around Rs 69.

Once the petrodollar collapses, it will be cheaper to use a 100 dollar bill as toilet paper than to actually buy toilet paper.

Here’s looking to ZimbabweUSA.

The USA will have to change its anthem from being the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave“, to the “Wasteland of the Debt Slaves and Home of the Seriously Depressed“.

This has happened before in Germany just before Hitler came to power.

In fact this sort of thing was responsible for the rise of Hitler.

Just before World War I, Germany(Prussia) was one of the most powerful nations on the planet.

In 1914, just before the start of World War I, one US dollar was 4.2 German Marks.

And by November 1923, one US dollar was worth 4,210,500,000,000(4.2 Trillion) German marks.

The “honourable” US Fed stopped publishing the M3 money supply in March 2006 itself.

Here is a good article that explains the importance of publishing this indicator.

The US dollar is only backed by “Faith”. 

The link to gold was removed by Nixon a long time ago before I was born.

Faith is a very good thing to have in Brahman and the goodwill of your fellow man.

While faith can buy trust, love, kindness and respect which is priceless 🙂 , to buy milk, bread, beer, Pedigree for your pet poodle and “American Diamonds” to impress your Ukranian mistress 👄, you need money 🤦 🙁

Would you sell or lend me something if I only gave you a promise to pay?  

Then why should you trust the government who is also only offering you the same promise?

Is the promise of the government unshakable?

Then what happened to the treaties signed with the Native Americans?

That was also a promise by the “honourable” USA Government and look where their trust in that promise ended.

Look what happened to the promise given to the Royal families in Bharat that was also clearly written in the Bharatiya constitution.

Look what happened to the promises given to the forest dwelling tribals in Bharat which was also clearly written in the constitution of Bharat.

So money should always be back by something real, not “faith” or “promise to pay” as it is printed in the USA Dollar and Indian Rupee and all fiat currencies in the world which are only based on faith and “promises to pay”.

I dont think there is a single nation in this entire world which runs on a currency backed by something real, not a promise.

The Representative DFIs in Bharat are begging the so called developed and “wealthy” economies like USA and Japan to invest their fabled “wealth” in Bharat.

This is like the beggar running to the highly leveraged and defaulting debtor to lend money they dont really have in the first place.  

Actually the beggar is better off, since he does not have the burden of debt even though he only has a chaddi and banian.

The debtor on the other hand can even be stripped of his chaddi and banian to pay his debt.

Most countries mislead (actually it should be called deceive) people by mentioning the debt to GDP ratio.

This debt to GDP ratio indicator of debt is the biggest scam.

Governments always scam people and do not follow the same standards that they hold their citizens and businesses to follow.

The GDP is just the total measure of goods and services provided.

This is similar to the annual income of a person or the turnover of a business before deducting any expenses.

It is no indicator of the net savings or net profits which is the only source from which you can pay back your debts.

You can only pay your debts from your profits or savings left after all basic expenses like healthcare, food, education, entertainment and living expenses.

You cannot pay your debt from just your total income.

If you pay your debt based on your total income, then you will not have enough money to meet your basic expenses.

The correct measure of the ability of a person to pay their debt is the debt to income ratio.

The correct measure of a company to pay their debt is the debt service coverage ratio.

So the correct indicator of a country to pay their debts is the debt to revenue ratio.

Revenue means all the net income of the government from taxes and interest on savings and investments.

This does not include the income from loans that the government borrowed.

So in summary, the debt to revenue ratio of the government is equivalent to the debt to income ratio for a person.

No wise and reasonable banker will lend more than 30% of a persons income as a loan to a person.

The borrower should have a debt to income ratio of a maximum of 35%.

No wise and reasonable bank will lend any business which has a debt to service coverage ratio of less than 1.

The safe debt to service coverage ratio  is 1.3-1.5 and above.

Anything more and the probably of default is extremely high.

Remember any borrower with a debt to income ratio more than 35% is considered a highly risky borrower who has a 99% chance of defaulting.

The debt to revenue ratio of the USA is 408%, the debt to revenue ratio of Japan is 900%.

An individual or business with the above debt to income ratio would have already been considered a defaulter, no more loans would be given to them and their assets would seized  and auctioned since there is absolutely no hope that they will be able to pay it back during their lifetime.

But since we are dealing with the debts of the “honourable” government, owned and manipulated by the Wall Street Pimps and Representative DFIs, these “fine” and “honourable” persons just pay their debts in “faith”.

They shift this debt to future and unborn generations in the “faith” that the unborn innocents will pay for the sins of the Wall Street Pimps and Representative DFIs.

The Real Reason for the FUKUS wars for “Freedom” and “Democracy”

It is finally the Wall Street Pimps and the Representative DFIs of the USA and also FUKUS who are responsible for the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now finally Syria, Russia, China and Iran.

Afghanistan was fought to immediately pacify the American people who were very angry about 9/11 and demanded that something be done.

The war against Afghanistan was a ruse to set the stage for the invasion of Iraq which was planned as soon as Dumbass Dubya took office even before 9/11 took place.

In 2000, Iraq refused to accept payment in dollars for its oil and asked for payment in currencies other than the dollar.

Iraq was invaded in 2003, destroyed and now  Iraqi oil trades in petrodollars.

In fact if you do google searches on the Internet, the entire 9/11 conspiracy was done by the government of Dumbass Dubya to set the stage for the invasion of Iraq and restoration of the Petrodollar for Iraqi oil.

Gaddafi of Libya also refused to accept payment in dollars and demanded other currencies.

Gaddafi was a big threat to not just USA, but also France, the main instigator of FUKUS and pet poodle of the USA.

Here is the real story of the dreadful chronology of Gaddafi’s Murder.

Gaddafi had a plan to introduce an African Gold Dinar, that would have done away with the worthless FUKUS dollar and the CFA, a legacy of France to continue to exploit its former African colonies.

He was also destroyed and now the oil of Libya is controlled by the USA and traded in petrodollars.

Interestingly nobody knows what happened to the gold that the central bank of Libya held to create the African Gold Dinar.

Iran has also refused to accept dollars and demanded payment for its oil in other currencies.

Iran will definitely be invaded.

Russia has also refused to accept dollars for its oil and is being dragged into a war.

China has already introduced the Petroyuan as an alternative to the Petrodollar.

China has demanded that all oil trades with China will only be in Petroyuan.

The wars against Iraq, Libya, Syria and now Russia, China and Iran are not about freedom and democracy.

The FUKUS wars for “freedom” and “democracy are mainly and most importantly to sustain the petrodollar which is the fundamental lynch-pin of the ponzi economy of the USA.

Iran is the largest and only Muslim democracy in the Middle East. 

In fact Iran is the only democracy in the region other than Israel.

Iran is the only democracy in the region that does not discriminate against its minorities like Jews, Parsis and Christians.

Iran even has laws that protect its minorities like the Parsis, Jews and Christians.

The is very unlike the other “democracy” in the Middle East, the FUKUS poodle Israel which practices apartheid against its minorities, and builds high walls to keep them from even entering the areas of the majority and dominant Israeli population.

Iran has its faults,  it unwisely chose to mix religion with matters of state.

But since Iran is governed by the people, the people can vote the fundamentalist middlemen clerics out.