Lord of the Flies

We had to read the book Lord of the Flies in school, and I think everybody should read it.

The book describes the gradual descent into savagery and lawlessness by a group of young well groomed and well behaved school boys because of desperate circumstances that they are forced into.

If you really understand the meaning of the book, it pretty much sums up the current path we are headed towards if we continue in the same way.

Even perfectly normal and well behaved law abiding people will turn into brutal barbarians when things are desperate and they run out of resources.

The only problem is at the end, we wont have a ship come in to rescue us from the island.  This world is the island.

I dont think the ships will come from the aliens.

Can you imagine living in a world that is an Island like the Lord of the Flies in by 2023?

But there is hope — The prophecy of the advent of the Satyuga.