शम्भला (Shambhala) My idea of Heaven

True heaven is living in a blissful land where there is constant adherence to Dharma and oneness with Nature and all of Brahman’s creation and everybody achieves समत्वम् (Samathvam).

Constantly being with and taking care of Nature and the Brahma Dana and their oneness with the glory of Brahman is living in heaven.

Heaven is living in peaceful coexistence and mutually beneficial and perhaps even selfless unselfish benefits to one’s neighbours, relatives, friends and even strangers.

My idea of heaven is शम्भला

शम्भला in the Buddhist scriptures means Heaven.

शम्भला in the scriptures of the Sanathan Dharma also means Heaven.

But unlike the Heaven described in modern religions,  Heaven is not just a land filled with gold and diamonds and good looking people, but more importantly a land filled with Peace and Tranquility and ruled by धर्म Dharma and समत्वम् (Samathvam).

In the scriptures of the Sanathan Dharma, शम्भल means a place better than Ram Rajya where the rule of धर्म Dharma is supreme and everybody achieves समत्वम् (Samathvam).

In this day and age it may seem impossible but I am sure if we at least achieve the might and well being of Magadha in this generation, our children will live in Ram Rajya.

My vision of today’s Bharat having the might of Magadha will further be significantly improved when my vision of an Ideal State is implemented. 

Below is also my idea of Heaven:

The beauty of Nature in heaven is like Kodagu in the days of my grandfather.

Heaven is filled with people who always follow Dharma and are extremely kind and friendly, joyful and trusting.

Heaven is filled with people who have figured out things like I have.

Heaven is filled with people who are happy and working with joy and with dignity of labour.

Many of them are doing farming, carpentry, cobbling, weaving, artisan work and shepherds and cowherds.

Workers at True Temples, doctors, nurses, teachers, especially school teachers, and Defenders of the State are the most contented and highly respected and live a good quality of life.

There is no discrimination between people.

A labourer and manhole cleaner eat at the same table as the supreme leader and are given the same food and same respect.

Heaven is filled with children  playing real games.

Heaven is filled with unplugged music, painting, dancing, acting and other fine arts.

People have real friends and stand by them in their time of need.

All the doors in all the houses are open and there are no locks.

There are no fences and walls between houses and farmlands.

Heaven is filled with average looking people of and of all colours, and shapes and sizes.

Heaven is filled with horses and sheep and cows and dogs playing with sheep and cows.

Heaven is filled with noisy and mischievous children playing Holi.

In fact there is no need for heaven, my final dream for heaven in Bharat is as Sarvajna wrote:

A warm house,
Enough money for expenses,
An understanding family,
If you have these, then set fire to heaven.