Defenders of the State

My idea of a Defender of the State is from the movie Hero.

Hero is one of the best movies I have ever seen in my entire life.

I believe all people should see it, especially our dumbass warmongering cowardly Representative DFIs, fundamentalists, separatists and so called nationalists.

The underlying concepts of the movie Hero should be taught as part of compulsory education for children and Adminstrators, especially Defenders of the State.

Children will love this movie, it has lots of Kung Fu and amazing special effects, but we must play the below part many times of the end of the movie where the Emperor speaks the below to Master Nameless when the Emperor understands the scroll.

In the original Chinese Hero movie, the Emperor says :

Tianxia(chin zia)

Which in Chinese means “Under Heaven” to include all land under heaven.

Of course when Tianxia was translated to English, the Westerners especially FUKUS who are totally unfamiliar with such a sublime concept translated it to mean “Our Land”.

It is unrealistic to expect FUKUS to understand such a sublime and enlightened concept, considering the fact that they have even killed millions and destroyed entire civilisations by committing genocide, colonisation and fighting  World Wars for centuries over land.

The Chinese philosophy is quite similar to our philosophy.

Tianxia contains the same ideal of the Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam which is one of the main underlying concepts of the Sanathan Dharma.

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam means “The whole world is one family.”

The phrase Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is not just found in just one scripture of the Sanathan Dharma.

It is found not just in the Upanishads, but even in children’s books of  moral fables like the Panchatantra and Hitopadesa.

Remember it says the Whole World, this means not just humans, but all the living and natural things in the world.

In fact the whole verse from the Hitopadesa is:

He is mine and he is another,

Is a thought that narrow minded, selfish and ignorant people have,

For the truly noble and enlightened,

“The whole world is one family.”

From the movie Hero:

King of Qin: I have just come to a realization! This scroll by Broken Sword contains no secrets of his swordsmanship.

What this reveals is his highest ideal – Tianxia

In the first state, man and sword become one and each other. Here, even a blade of grass can be used as a lethal weapon.

In the next stage, the sword resides not in the hand but in the heart. Even without a weapon, the warrior can slay his enemy from a hundred paces.

But the ultimate ideal is when the sword disappears altogether.

The warrior embraces all around him. The desire to kill no longer exists.

Only peace remains.

According to the Sanathan Dharma there are four stages of fighting:

  • Sama (try to befriend or form alliance)
  • Dana(give gifts, presents and do favours)
  • Bheda (confuse, deceive, separate, divide and rule)
  • And finally when all else fails Dhand (military or physical force).

We must follow the golden advice given by George Washington, the first president of the USA:

To be well prepared for war is the best way to ensure a lasting peace.

It is unfortunate that for almost all people not only in Bharat, but also all over the world, Brahman and the Army are remembered and respected only in times of trouble.

When the trouble is over, Brahman may still be remembered and respected, but the Army is totally forgotten and abandoned to the whims and fancies of the Representative DFIs and the desk jockey sarkari babus.

Look at a map of the world from space.

There are no borders, there are no nations, these are just stupid presumptuous and selfish constructs of man.

In fact, all people in this world, not only Administrators and Defenders of the State should study a course on Astronomy, not just from books, but also with telescopes and also planetariums where possible.

As Carl Sagan said:

Study of Astronomy is really a humbling and character building experience.

You will then realise how insignificant you are, and how insignificant the Earth is compared to the vastness of the Multiverse which is just a small glimpse into the wonder of the unparalleled power of creation of Brahman.

Hopefully you will also then realise how unique and precious the Earth is to sustain life which is not found in even one planet within a 100 million miles from us.

Carl Sagan – Pale Blue Dot

Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot OFFICIAL

We must reorient our military and law enforcement to protect the Arya and the Brahma Dana and eliminate the Wicked and the Fools.

The state may have a professional army and police force to eliminate the Wicked, but the state should also have local well regulated militia in each city council or village.

These members of the local well regulated militia should be thoroughly trained in and the ethos of the Army of Bharat.

There should be a global army and contributed by all nations.

Small nations are usually weak and prone to aggression and thugs and warlords like in Afghanistan and Congo if they do not have a bigger army looking after them.

We do not need an army with billion dollar Stealth bomber planes, ICBMS and aircraft carriers and nuclear missiles to destroy entire cities, nations and even this entire world.

All we need are committed and well trained professional army, supported by the local Well Regulated Militia which is also trained and funded to be a lethal advance and front line defence force.

If every young and even old resident of Bharat was educated about and imbibed the ethos of the Army of Bharat, we would have been a superpower and most developed nation on this planet more than 50 years ago.

Below is an extract of the ethos of the Army of Bharat:

  • Espirit-de-Corps The spirit of comradeship and brotherhood of the brave, regardless of caste, creed or religion. The motto is, “One for all and all for one”!
  • Spirit of Selfless Sacrifice The tradition is never to question, but to do or die for the three “Ns”; Naam, i.e. name-honour- of the unit/Army/Nation, ‘Namak'(salt) i.e. loyalty to the Nation, and ‘Nishan’, i.e. the insignia or flag of his unit/regiment/Army/Nation which the soldiers hold afloat willingly.
  • Valour and Fearlessness
  • Non-discrimination The Indian Army does not discriminate on account of caste, creed or religion. A soldier is a soldier first and anything else later. He prays under a common roof. It is this unique character, which makes him bind in a team despite such diversity.
  • Fairness and Honesty The spirit of honesty and fair play. He fights for a just cause that extends even to the enemy (prisoner or wounded).
  • Discipline and Integrity Discipline and integrity impart the feeling of patriotism, honesty and courage under all circumstances, however strong be the provocation otherwise.
  • Fidelity, Honour and Courage He is a man on whose shoulders lies the honour and integrity of his nation. He knows that he is the last line of defence and he cannot fail the Nation.
  • Death to Dishonour A close bond amongst soldiers forces them to choose death to dishonour. The concept of ‘IZZAT’ (HONOUR) in the clan / unit enables them to shun the fear of death; to be called a coward in the peer group is worse than death.
  • Forthrightness A soldier has to be forthright, for on his word the men he leads are going to lay down their lives without questioning why.

All  young people upon completion of their school education (10th Std) or when they reach 16 if they do not have a school education must join a well regulated militia for at least two years.

They can defer this service by two years, if they spend a least 18 months in learning from gurus or just in traveling and exploring the world around them on their own.

It does not have to be foreign travel to another country.

Just exploring the greater world even 500 km from your home town is an enlightening  and life changing experience.

Some of the greatest experience and most profound insights of Swami Vivekananda came from his travels into the heartland of Bharat for almost 5 years. 

He never even had any money, he just depended on alms and the goodwill of his fellow man.

All he carried with him was a stick(staff/rod), water pot and two books:

The Bhagavad Gita and the Imitation of Christ.

This was much before Swami Vivekananda went and became famous in America.

But it was because of this travel and the insights and experiences he gained in living among the common and elite people in the deepest heartlands of Bharat, that he was able to come up with profound wisdom that made him world famous even upto this day.

Once people join the militia, during these two years, in addition to learning about marital arts and arms training, they must also learn  Yoga.  

It is not possible to learn about all the types of Yoga I have mentioned in my section on Yoga, so they must be trained at least in the Yoga Vasistha and Ashtanga Yoga.

They must also serve in the True Temples  especially in rural and remote areas and areas outside where they were raised.

Urban children should be trained in rural areas and rural children should be trained in urban areas.

This is in addition to the pre-university education that they are pursuing.

The serving in the True Temples should complement their pre-university education.

Both are compulsory but time can be adjusted to complement each other with 90% of the time dedicated towards the well regulated militia.

Once they complete their two year service in the well regulated militia they should be given a certificate that will enable to pursue a degree of their calling.

If the students are below the poverty line or have a family income upto Rs 5,00,000, and if they serve for 4 years in the well regulated militia,  then their future education upto post graduate level, should be free or 99% subsidised by the state.

In addition they should also be given preferential quota for government jobs if they serve for 6 years in the well regulated militia after they complete 16 years of age.

The well regulated militia should be taught to draw their lethal weapons only when faced with violence or the threat of violence.

They should use non lethal weapons like Pepper Spray,  Tasers , Tear Gas or Microwave Heat guns first.

They should use gunfire only if they are faced with lethal weapons, gunfire, threat of gunfire, or the safety of their own lives or the lives of their team members or the lives of the nearby public residents.

All women in the well regulated militia should compulsorily be given guns as soon as they join the militia unless they have misused arms before.

All the men in the well regulated militia should only be given guns after they get written character certificates about their integrity, intelligence, compassion and respect for fellow human beings especially women and children.

These certificates should be obtained from their mother, father and teachers who taught them at the militia for at least three months and at least three of their women colleagues in the well regulated militia or in school before they joined the well regulated militia.

The well regulated militia must learn Yoga, swimming and an eastern martial art, especially those that originate in the land of Bharat.

People upto the age of 60 should be allowed to join the well regulated militia for active duty above at any time they choose.

They should be free to leave at any time they choose with 6 months advance notice.

People at any age should be able to serve in the True Temples for the Brahma Dana for any amount of time they choose.

The well regulated militia must have an equal representation of members of all the groups of people in the area.  

No well regulated militia can have a majority group of the area as the dominant representation of members of the militia.

If there is not enough representation available from all groups even after 3 attempts, then other groups can nominate their members of their group to the well regulated militia.

But the supervisory, officer and management cadre of the militia must have an equal representation from all groups in the area.

However the condition of a minimum standard of merit and competence should not be relaxed for any group representative. 

If no member of a group meets the minimum standard, then a member of the other groups can be nominated as a militia representative for supervisory, officer and management category of the unrepresented group.

This militia member should have an approval of 70% of the local population including an approval of at least 60% approval among the members of the unrepresented group for their appointment to the supervisory, officer or management post.

The Zilla (District) Panchayat, Village Gram Sabha and City Ward council and city ward residents have final say over the well regulated militia and the police, and should vote for any actions in the militia or police by at least 65% majority.

Actions for voting include recruitment and appointment of staff and officers, transfers, sanctions and punishment for malpractice, dereliction of duty and corruption.

Promotions and increments for police and well regulated militia should be based with 60% appraisal weightage from the department and 40% appraisal weightage from the Zilla Panchayat, Village Gram Sabha and City ward council and City ward residents.

However in the case there is an overwhelming majority of 70% of the non department appraisers of elected representatives and residents, then there should be only a 40% appraisal weightage for the department and the remaining 60% should be given to the public and the elected representatives.

The militia, police and other defenders of state must be put to the harshest punishment if they fail to deliver justice to a victim due to corruption, apathy, negligence, abetment of the offender or any other malpractice.

This includes a minimum of a 2 year suspension from service and 10 year suspension of pension and benefits.

In the case of malpractice of serious offences like serious violent and sexual offences and fraud and willful default, they should be subject to the same punishment as the offender in addition to a dismissal from service and a termination of pension and benefits.

The State Panchayat and Governing Council will have control over the Army or Paramilitary deployed in the area.

For city states and union territories, the city or union territory supreme council will have control over the Army or Paramilitary deployed in the area.

The Central Government will have to take the permission of the State Panchayat and at least 51% of the law abiding permanent residents of the area before deploying the army or paramilitary to an area except for border areas within 100 km from the international border.

For all border areas within 100 km of the international border, permission of at least 51% of the local residents and 70% of the national population must be taken for deployment of the Army and Paramilitary.

This vote is then prorated on a 45% local, 55% national weightage.

This is a direct participatory election by every local resident and refugee, and every national resident (not only citizens) and not an election by  elected representatives only.

All Defenders of the State, especially senior personnel must follow the disclosure requirements as given in the employees of the state section.

Each member of the police and well regulated militia should get local public approval of at least 75% for their reemployment which should be renewed every 4 years, but they can be removed at anytime by public referendum by all law abiding citizens and those citizens not convicted of serious offences.

It is the people in the Army (all defence including Airforce, Navy, and paramilitary BSF, ITBF etc) and representative leaders with Army experience and who have fought in wars that should truly decide whether a country needs to go to war.

The defense forces should have a veto approval in whether the nation really needs to go to war.

Without the veto approval from the defense forces, a nation cannot go to war or be deployed in a troubled area unless there is an overall majority of 70% of votes cast by the Representatives and supported by the general residents (not just citizens).

If the Army or Paramilitary does not think it is the right time to go to war, and if there is an overruling of the Army or Paramilitary, by the public and the Elected Representatives,  then the elected Representatives and public who voted for this decision to overrule the army/paramilitary must personally serve in the war for at least 6 months.

Or if they cannot they should send at least one of their children, or if they dont have children they should send at least one of their closest blood  relatives or spouse to also serve in the war.

If they refuse to do so, then their vote to go to war must be set aside and disqualified.

Prosecutions for Malpractice

The Defenders of the State must be put to the harshest punishment for any abetment, complicity or concealment of a crime, especially a serious violent or sexual offence or theft or corruption.

However in some cases of mob violence or assault by insurgents or antisocials, as a last resort with no other option left, if to save themselves or their partners or the surrounding public, they are be forced to fire in self defense leading to the death of  a person in the mob or in the surrounding public.

In such cases of mob violence or unprovoked assault by insurgents or antisocials, the Defenders of the State must be left free.

Any person present in and supporting a violent mob, whether they are committing a violent action or not, should be treated with the same harsh punishment as a violent offender.


One of the greatest defence strategists was Kautilya.

So were Laozi and Sun Tzu.

And now the Indian Army has forgotten Kautliya’s teachings sends its best officers to the US War College, the defence school of the biggest genocidal and cowardly terrorist in the world – the USA.

There is a huge difference between Western and Eastern war strategy.

In Western strategy the aim is for immediate and direct and hard brute force action hoping that it will yield results.

The immediate results are a short term military victory which may kill a few enemy soldiers but which causes much more collateral damage (a FUKUS euphemism for large scale needless unwarranted unsolicited innocent civilian genocide and massacre).

FUKUS claim to be the bravest soldiers and army in the whole world.

FUKUS are the biggest pansies and cowards.  

They first send drones and missiles and aircraft bombers and obliterate entire cities and families.

They then hire locally paid thugs and lawless mercenaries to fight  wars for them.

Only in the rarest of rare cases do they send their own soldiers to fight on the ground.

And even if these FUKUS soldiers do fight on the ground, they will never go a step further before first calling in air support to bomb into oblivion whatever lies ahead in their path, even if it was just innocent defenseless  women and children.

Even with all the sophisticated billion dollar stealth bombers and drones and fancy satellite guided missiles and more than 15 years of war and trillions of dollars spent, FUKUS still have not been able to defeat a bunch of not more than 20000 sandal wearing, smelly, bearded, uncouth, ignorant, perverted sex starved cowardly thugs with a fondness not only for guns, but also young boys, sex slaves and sheep.

But instead they have destroyed entire villages and permanently crippled and killed generations of families of innocent civilians using their “bravery” of remotely guided aircraft and drone “smart” bombs.

We have all seen the horrible long term side effects of western defence strategy.

The horribly spawning of genocide and lawlessness in Iraq, Syria, Libya and rest of Middle East where the West  mainly FUKUS practiced their wretched strategy.

In Eastern thought, more prominence is given to the indirect method.

Attack the means of war, not direct war itself unless absolutely necessary.

Use the force of the enemy against him through various deceitful means.

The Eastern method is a little more slow and painful in the short term, but the long term results are a lasting peace and permanent conquest of the enemy.

The Eastern method is found even at an individual level of all the Eastern martial arts.

Where it is not enough to just use your own force, but easier to use the force of the enemy against him.

Our present day Representative DFIs are the biggest fools.

They spend billions on planes and warships and nuclear bombs to destroy another nation.

The value of each plane that will only bring death and destruction and probably be used for only about 3 years if used full time, is Rs 450,00,00,000 (Rs 450 crores).

The cost to maintain and run this plane every year will cost another Rs 30,00,00,000 (Rs 30 crores) minimum.

If the same value for each plane is used for a more productive purpose like basic healthcare, education, sanitation and security, it could probably  change the lives of at least 10,00,000 people forever.

The all inclusive cost of an aircraft carrier is Rs 65,000,00,00,000 (Rs 65000 crores).

This is not just the cost of the ship, but all the planes, guns, staff and other costs to make it fully operational.

The cost to run it annually will be another Rs 10000,00,00,000 (Rs 10000 crores).

The entire budget of Bharat for basic health care, education, sanitation and housing budget for Bharat for 2016-2017 is Rs 57000,00,00,000 (Rs 57000 crores).

We seem to glorify our current day army and those that fight against “terrorists” and “naxalites“.

General Dyer was just one man.

But on his orders, the army which was composed of about 95% of Indians fired on their own country men and  innocent women and children.

In fact Bharat would have been free in 1857 itself, if it not for the Army, which did not fight for DharmaBharat and the fellow citizens of Bharat, but fought for the King of Britain, the worst oppressor of his own citizens in Bharat.

In fact Bharat won freedom, not only because of MK Gandhi, but also mainly because of the Indian National Army (INA) of Netaji Bose.

The INA may have lost the war, but they won freedom for Bharat.

The trials of the INA soldiers caused great unrest in the regular Army of Bharat and there was also a mutiny by the Navy in Bombay.

This caused the FUKUS colonisers to panic.

They knew they they had reached the point of no return since the Army of Bharat could not be trusted anymore.

They realised that if they continued to stay in Bharat, they would have been humiliatingly kicked out, or worse slaughtered and skinned like sheep in a bigger Army mutiny than the one in 1857.

In fact in the same evening of February 16, 1946, the first day of the mutiny by the Navy,  Atlee, the Prime Minster of Britain, held a emergency session in the House of Lords, to send a Cabinet Mission to Bharat to frame the terms of  independence as soon as possible.

The FUKUS colonisers dressed up their rapid, forced and scared withdrawal from Bharat, as a magnanimous gesture of granting freedom because they were impressed by the non-violent protests of the Quit India Movement.

I am not devaluing the contribution of those great souls who took part in the Quit India Movement. 

They made magnificent and selfless contributions for which we all should be thankful.

But we should remember this golden quote from Mao:

“Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”

This hidden fact and underlying reason of rapid, forced and scared British withdrawal was confirmed by Atlee himself in his meeting in 1956 with PV Chakraborty, former Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court:

“It was because of the wartime activities of the INA, the Naval Revolt, the widespread unrest in the Indian Armed Forces and NOT IN THE LEAST because of 1942 Quit India Movement of Mahatma Gandhi“.

Freedom is never granted magnanimously by an oppressor, it is always fought and forcibly taken from them with the sacrifice of blood, sweat and tears of the oppressed. 

The FUKUS colonisers have committed far greater crimes than the Nazis, not just for a few years, but for centuries.

It is just the sad fact that because they came out winners in all their battles, the FUKUS colonisers smartly dressed their genocidal crimes as magnificent victories of “good” over “evil”.

The Army does not think, it just obeys.

In fact the golden motto of the Army ironically has traditionally been:

Ours is not to reason who or why,
Ours is just to do and die.

This is a quote by Jack London:

“YOUNG MEN:  The good soldier never tries to distinguish right from wrong. He never thinks; never reasons; he only obeys. If he is ordered to fire on his fellow citizens, on his friends, on his neighbors, on his relatives, he obeys without hesitation. If he is ordered to fire down a crowded street when the poor are clamoring for bread, he obeys and see the grey hairs of age stained with red and the life tide gushing from the breasts of women, feeling neither remorse nor sympathy. If he is ordered off as a firing squad to execute a hero or benefactor, he fires without hesitation, though he knows the bullet will pierce the noblest heart that ever beat in human breast.” –  Jack London

In this day and age, especially if you are going to die for your country based on the orders of some unscrupulous Representative DFI who is willing to lay down your life but not theirs or their childrens’, you have a right to know and also question who or why?

If the Army really wants to defend the safety, honour and well being of Bharat, it should learn from the Shanti Parva, the most wise and profound teachings of Bhishma, one of the greatest and still unrivaled generals ever in the history of the world.

A concise summary of the Shanti Parva, the most wise teachings of Bhishma is given below:

The welfare of Dharma and then the Nation is paramount.  
When these are in danger, the king should be killed, even if he is your own son.

There are a lot of things I learnt and admired and respect from the Bharatiya Army.

A lot of my close relatives were and are in the Army.

My grandfather fought in World War 2 in Burma and even won a medal – the Burma Star.

My father was also in the Army.

Many of my cousins and close relatives are and were in the Army.

I also planned to join the Army when I was out of school.

I was so enamoured by their ads of guns and tanks and polo playing and getting the chance to kill Pakistanis and terrorists by shooting them with cool AK-47s like my favourite hero Rambo.

I think it is a good thing I did not join the Army.

That is assuming I would have qualified to be selected in the first place.

I have absolutely no respect for authority if they are not truly not worthy of respect, and this sort of thing is unheard in the Army.

I also dont like being shouted at or talked to in a patronising way and this sort of thing is routine in the Army.

I also dont like the fact that, not just in the Army and the Defenders of the State, but perhaps all government departments and government organisations including public sector companies,  seniority matters the most, regardless if there is a junior much more competent and capable than their seniors.

Read my article on the employees of the state on how evaluation for promotion should be done.

I probably would have been kicked out of the Army in 2 weeks.

Army men, at least those I know, do not take any bullshit.

They have a quick temper and treat anybody junior to them as ignorant and needed to be whipped and given orders to be strictly followed.

But best thing in the Army is the camaraderie and bonding it inculcates in person.

People in the Army develop such strong bonds that they are willing to die for each other.

It is also the only professional government organisation in the country where selection and promotions are made only on merit, and not on religion, caste or gender.

It is a different matter that due to the “wonder” of FUKUSdemocracy“, the Army has to be under the control of the Representative DFIs and Sarkari Babus who only got to their posts not because of merit, but because of caste, religion, influence and in the case of the Representative DFIs it also includes smart marketing, false promises and “Brilliant Oratory” which is otherwise simply known as Smooth Talking.

Another good thing in the Army is the discipline it inculcates that lives on even till a person dies.

My grandfather used to get up at 6 am in the morning and walk and do exercise till he died.  He lived to be 80.

My dad does the same and he is 81.

Most of the Army men I know, but not all, are extremely ethical, honest, disciplined, loyal, straightforward and also braver than the regular population  in the civilian world.

This is a rare thing to have in today’s world.

People do not join the Army only for a salary.  Most people join the Army because of their
commitment to the nation.

No salary can compensate the hardship that the Army undergoes.

This passion for commitment to the nation is not just limited to the Army, but also includes all the defense arms, the paramilitary services and the border security forces.

It is a really tough life and the standards for recruitment are extremely high.

The families suffer because of frequent transfers or otherwise because of long separation from their spouses who can only come home during their rare holidays.

Not to mention the chance of getting shot and permanently disabled or worse even dying and leaving your family destitute.

The soldiers are forced to retire at 35.  Officers who do not make the grade are forced to retire by 50.

Thirty five is a very critical stage of a soldier’s life.  He probably would have been married and have very young children. And then he finds himself without a job and only a pension.

An officer forced to retire at 50 also is at a very critical age. He probably has young children who are just entering college, old parents who need constant financial and other support and he also has to find a job to supplement his pension.

There are very few opportunities for those over 50 since they are considered past their prime.

The condition of the Army widows and disabled veterans is really sad.  

It is a shame that this nation which only remembers the Army in times of war, Independence and Republic Day, totally abandons the Army and their families and forget the great sacrifices they have made for the rest of the time even neglecting them for decades.

Watch this heart rending video about how ungrateful we are as a nation to the families of those who sacrificed their children for the nation:

It is better not to give any medals, but give swift and assured financial and social security to the Army personnel and their families especially the Army widows and disabled veterans.  This includes all defence arms, paramilitary and border security forces also.

I am sure that they also will be willing to exchange their medal for swift and assured social and financial security.

I think One Rank One Pension(OROP) is a very good thing but it sets off a pandoras box.

Every other government employee may start to demand it from the paramilitary, police, peons, postmen, school teachers to bus conductors.

I think the only exception of OROP must be made only for the Army, Paramilitary and Border Security who also undergo hardship.

Policemen also undergo hardship but they are not separated from their families.

Incidentally the Army did have OROP, until it was abolished by evil Indira Ghendy as a token of thanks to the Army, just two years after the selfless sacrifice they made both in lives and sweat and blood by winning the 1971 Bangladesh war.

And in todays wretched Bharat, the Representative DFIs and sarkari babus honour the Army by pulling medals off the shirts of weak old veterans and stealing houses from Army widows.

Most of the Army men I know are extremely loyal and expect the same loyalty consider it unthinkable to betray a persons trust.

In the Army, betraying a nations trust is called treason and one can be shot for treason.

But the Army applies this treason law only to its soldiers.

The Army has first sworn to defend Bharat, not just the constitution or the government.

So this treason law should apply to all people of Bharat including and especially the corrupt Representative DFIs, corrupt Sarkari babus and the Wall Street/Dalal Street Pimps/Lalas.

Corruption is a serious betrayal of the nations trust and should be dealt as treason.

I mean corruption in any form, not just bribing, but corruption of the system, laws, rules and procedures of the system.

Do you really think the safety, honour and welfare of our country is threatened by Pakistan and China?

That’s the biggest joke, the country is already raped by the Representative Devious Fucking Idiots (DFIs) and Dalal Street Pimps, threats from China and Pakistan are not even a pimple on an elephants butt compared to what is the danger from the above.

Now there is complete anarchy in some parts of Bharat, even gang raping of solider’s wives.

Who is responsible for this if not for the Representative Devious Fucking Idiots (DFIs) and Dalal Street Pimps?

Nuances of mining plan in Manipur – master plan of the Representative Devious Fucking Idiots (DFIs) and Dalal Street Pimps started in 2020 which led to the shame of July 2023.

I have already said this previously earlier in this same article, but  again repeat the concise summary of the Shanti Parva, the most wise teachings of Bhishma:

The welfare of Dharma and then the Nation is paramount.  
When these are in danger, the king should be killed, even if he is your own son.

Dharma is the highest and most supreme of all rules since it is part of the Rtam, the most absolute and divine law of Brahman.

The law of Dharma applies even to the mightiest of Gods, forget about lesser things like the government or constitution.

The  Representative DFIs and Sarkari Babu desk jockeys who probably never held a rifle or think that cocking a rifle is an obscene thing to say should not be authorised to rule over when to declare wars or how to run the Army.

All the Representative DFIs and sarkari babu desk jockeys who want to continue to leave the Siachen problem unresolved for so many years must be sent to live there with the army for three months.

Then they will understand the stupidity of their vision and the hard suffering the army has to undergo because of the foolishness and ignorance of the Representative DFIs and the sarkari babu desk jockeys.

Many more Army men have died because of bitter weather conditions than actual firing in the Siachen glacier.

In Siachen it is so cold, forget about bathing,  you cannot even go outside to do your toilet,  so you and your toilet waste are done in the same room.

Your bedroom and kitchen are also your toilet.

In India, the Army (all Defense and paramilitary) is under the control of a sarkari babu desk jockey who probably never even got shouted at in his life, leave alone being punched or shot at.

These sort of men decide the arms and ammunition that the Army needs, when they need it and in how much quantity.

The arms and ammunition of the Indian Army is third rate.

Even simple Indian Ordnance 0.22 rifles are pathetic compared to Western rifles.

This is purposely done by the Representative DFIs and corrupt sarkari babus so that “better quality” imported arms can be imported of course with fat bribes from arms dealers.  Case in point, BoforsBarak Missile, Tatra Truck, Scorpene and many others.

Can you imagine, this country can send a spacecraft to Mars, but cannot produce a decent 0.22 rifle even 70 years after independence?

In ancient times, the best steel and best armaments were made in Bharat.  

And now the Indian Ordnance factories cannot even produce a decent 0.22 rifle.

This emasculation of the Army, was done by “CoconutNehru who was so scared of General Thimmaiah kicking him out, because Nehru and his sarkari babu desk jockey flunkey Menon were interfering with the professionalism of the Army.

Incidentally, General Thimmaiah was from Kodagu, which is also the homeland of my ancestors.

In fact, General Thimmaiah hated Nehru’s guts and had nothing but contempt for Nehru.

If Nehru listened to General Thimmaiah  all of Kashmir would have been with Bharat.

But Nehru, as usual wanting to impress the Westerners, especially FUKUS, and appear “Statesmanlike”, took the matter to the UN.

And we ended up with half of Kashmir and the problem constant of terrorist intrusions from POK.

Even Nehru’s evil daughter Indira Ghendy who also loved to impress Westerners and appear “Statesmanlike”, also criminally wasted a chance of completely overpowering Pakistan and ending their constant khujli problem, by signing the Shimla Agreement.

At the end of the 1971 Bangladesh war,  India had 90,000 Pakistani prisoners of war, the Indian army was at the gates of Lahore and could have been on its way to Islamabad, and permanently destroyed all their nuclear ambitions, but Indira Ghendy wanted to appear “statesmanlike” wasted a golden chance that was selflessly earned by the blood, sweat and lives of the Indian Army.

The Army is not all golden.

In the areas they occupy there are persons who love them but an equal number who hate them.

I have seen this in Kashmir.

Most of the locals do not stop for Army men even if the Army only wants to get a lift because their vehicle has broken down.

There must be  a reason for this.

There is the AFSPA.

This sort of law is more suited to the ISIS and Banana republic type government than the so called Coconut FUKUS based “DemocraticBharat.

In fact the ISIS is more transparent than the ASFPA.  At least you can see their ISIS videos on the internet for all the atrocities they commit.

You can be arrested for sedition in Bharat if you post an Army atrocity video on the Internet.

In the ASFPA the Army has legal immunity for their illegal actions, that is why even the cases like Manorama Devi and Shopian went unpunished.