The “wonder” of FUKUS “Capitalism”

Before I describe the “wonders” of the FUKUS Industrial Mass Production Trickle Down Casino Capitalist SystemI will first mention my solution of Rising Tide Production by the Masses Socialist Capitalism.

Here is a brief joke but accurate summary which someone has written.

What exactly is the FUKUS capitalist model?🤔


You have two cows.
You sell one, and force the other to produce the milk of four cows.😥
Later, you hire a consultant with an MBA to analyse why the cow has dropped dead.😲

There is one fundamental flaw with the FUKUS Industrial Capitalist System.

It is a snake that feeds on itself. 

It is built on “free” money generated by unrestricted and uncontrolled “credit” by borrowing from future and even unborn generations.

The whole premise of the FUKUS Industrial “Credit” EMI Capitalist system is based on not on demand and supply, but on creating demand to meet their unending and unstoppable supply.

If the demand stops, the industry collapses since there is nobody to buy its supply.

So to create this demand, they must provide money to people.

To maximize profits, manual jobs will have to  be minimised by automation.

But robots dont buy Plasma TVs, real people with money do this.

Hence even people with no jobs and unsteady jobs have to be provided with money to maintain the demand which eventually maintains Western Industrial Capitalism.

This has led to the concept of the Equated monthly installment (EMI).

A person can be lent money because he has a good history of repaying the monthly installment.

But how much money should be lent?

Not more than 30% of the capacity he has to pay back not the monthly installment but the entire loan.

So these corporations which are mainly controlled by the Pimps of Wall/Dalal Street get the government to lend money to the people and more importantly to themselves.

The Government does not have any money since there are not enough revenues from taxes because of falling demand, so the government prints money using treasury bonds in Fiat Currencies.

The government issues “credit” by issuing low interest bonds to gullible idiots who consider these worthless piece of paper as solid “investments” since it has the sovereign “guarantee” of the government.

The Government issues “Credit” which is actually debt borrowed from future generations and even unborn generations.

The banks that get this “credit” at low interest rates from the government, then recklessly issue this “free” money to Wall/Dalal Street Pimps and Lalas to speculate and also divert money from these loans to their personal bank accounts, and also to the accounts of their multiple wives, mistresses, concubines, toy boys and more than seven generations of their families.

There is no risk for anybody, except the gullible idiots who invested their lives savings in these banks and Wall/Dalal Street Pimps and Lalas.

Finally, after Wall/Dalal Street Pimps and Lalas default on their huge loans, the banks collapse and people lose their lives savings.

After this the government issues more “credit” backed by it sovereign “guarantee”, recapitalises the banks and “restructures” the loans of the Wall Dalal/Street Pimps and Lalas.

Read my article on the Wall Dalal/Street Pimps and Lalas to understand more about this scam and what “restructuring” actually means.

And after this the whole circus starts again.

Finally the government itself is in upto its eyeballs in debt.

It cannot issue free money “credit” at low interest rates anymore.

So the government is forced to mortgage its assets and borrow at high interest like a desperate drug addicted junkie borrowing from a pawn broker.

Finally a day comes when the pawn broker also refuses to lend money.

Then the government defaults on its sovereign “guaranteed” bonds and then the shit hits the fan (SHTF).

The currency is now worth less than toilet paper.

Inflation is rising by the hour. There are riots.

There is a shortage of everything, even syringes for hospitals and vaccines and formula feed to take care of new born babies.

Murder is committed brazenly just to get a loaf of bread.

People flee big cities and return to rural areas.

Where you dont need and cannot get “free” “money” to live, you need real tangible goods that can be only generated by real hard work and intelligence.

You work hard on the farm, and grow everything you need, trade the rest with your neighbours and hence there is not much need for “free” “money”.

This is what will happen to our future generations.

They will all return to the lives of our ancestors of a mainly rural, agricultural and community based way of life.

They will relive the lives of our ancestors where hard work and sincere effort was rewarded and those who did not do so were left to ruin.

And this is not a bad thing, it is actually a good thing.  They will actually have a much better quality of life than we have and live their lives with great joy.

Living a  contented and good quality of life is much better than having wealth only.

Quality of life is not just measured in the ease of modern material conveniences.

Quality of life is mainly measured in the contentment, amount of happiness and peace of mind that one has, regardless of modern material comforts.

It is better to be poor and live in contentment and freedom from debt, than to be a rich slave and live in the chains of debt.

Bharat is now at a very critical stage.  It was at the stage that America was in the 1750-1850.

At that time in America, most people did farming and manual production.

Though there was not much money to spend on frivolities, everybody had a meal to eat and a bed to sleep in.  

There were no billionaires, there were slaves, but nobody was homeless and destitute either. There was very little inflation.  

Some of the greatest works of American writing (Franklin, Jefferson, Thoreau) came during this period.  Most people had very good personal relationships with neighbours, friends and relatives and they depended on this community first for support rather than depend on the government.

The community lived close to each other and most people lived close together in cities and villages.  There were no suburbs with McMansions and useless strip malls.

There was zero inflation from 1800 to 1850. There was no income tax. There was no monthly minimum EMI.  There was no social security.

Still people in America in the 1800s led a better quality of life than those in currently “developed” America live in 2019.  

As I said before:

Quality of life is mainly measured in the contentment, amount of happiness and peace of mind that one has, regardless of modern material comforts.

They had a better quality of life  in those days people worked hard and depended on each other and did not depend on the government unlike the lazy modern day citizens of not just America, but the entire developed world.

Then came the Civil war and that changed everything.  Many men died.

Many cities were ruined. This included the burning and looting of Southern towns and cities, homes, farms, businesses and livestock, mass violation of women and the killing of many people, including women and children.

There was a shortage of labour.  Resources needed to be rebuilt.

America instead of retaining the predominantly agricultural and manual and sustainable way of life that gave it prosperity, decided to choose industrialisation.

It is a fallacy to think that the Civil War was fought to free black slaves.

Lincoln was an expert at putting lipstick on a pig.

Freeing slaves was not the primary reason for the Union to go to war against the South.

The actual reason that Lincoln went to war was to preserve the union and prevent the southern states from seceding.

And the Southerners did not want to secede from the Union mainly because they wanted to keep slaves.

The Southerners also wanted to secede from the Union because of high taxes and low sales prices imposed on the Southern states by the Union.

The South was primarily an agricultural economy.  The North lived off the high taxes generated by the South and also the manipulated low priced agricultural exports of the South to feed the Northern Union industrial revolution.

In fact Lincoln was financed by the corporate industrialist capitalist Wall Street Pimp kings of those days and committed genocide against the Plains Indians so that Lincoln’s corporate cronies could build railroads over Indian lands.

In fact if the South had won the Civil war, America would have had a more sustainable and profitable agriculture based economy and so would have the rest of the world.

At that point of time after the Civil War, industrialisation may have been the right thing to do since there was a shortage of labour and resources and things needed to be rebuilt in the fastest possible time.

The discovery of oil greatly aided industrialisation.

The robber barrons(Carnegie, Rockefeller, Morgan, and many others) amassed huge fortunes but also helped in building the infrastructure of the country and many of them also gave away a lot of their wealth to social causes.

Then came the invention of the automobile and more importantly its mass production thanks to Henry Ford, and this started the second stage of the industrial revolution.  

Since there were cars, obviously highways had to be built, and thanks to Hitler who built the first express highway, the Autobahn, America also got inspired and started building express highways which lead to the Interstate Highway system.  

The concept of the suburb was born and this lead to the disease of urban sprawl. Like the modern tale of the so called “development” of Bharat, the most poor and helpless suffered the most for these “magnificent” highways in the USA.  

Their homes were demolished and lands taken over so that roads could be built to enable a dumbass to drive a gas guzzling SUV 4 miles to the nearest Walmart to buy a gallon of milk or a six pack of beer or porno DVDs from the nearest video store.

The development of the highways lead to the concentration of labour and production.

Nothing was made locally anymore. Instead they were built at places where labour was cheap and resources were plenty and then shipped on these “magnificent” highways all across the country.  

This led to the destruction of the local economy and locally owned stores and the rise of chain megastores like Walmart and Mega corporations .

The rise of mega corporations obviously led to the importance of the stock market and then came the evil influence of the Pimps of Wall Street.

Corporations were seen only as places to make money.  Profits mattered more than employee welfare.  Stock prices and stock buybacks mattered more than employees’ jobs and wage increases.

This led to the rise of globalisation, the most evil scam of the Wall Street Pimps.

They thought that since America was becoming too costly for production, it should be replicated in some third world coolie nation to encourage Americans to consume more at cheap prices and increase the corporations profits.

This led to the dominance of low cost export coolie nations first Germany, then Japan, then China and now they are focusing on Bharat.

America stopped producing anything and became a services based economy and even this began to be outsourced to  Bharat.  

The rise of computers made the Pimps of Wall Street even more powerful since they could create money and manipulate stock markets with computer algorithms at the click of a button.

Since people did not produce anything, they still needed jobs and more importantly the money that was provided by these jobs so that they could buy more useless things produced by the companies owned by the Pimps of Wall Street and stop these companies from losing money and going bankrupt.

But the jobs were few and to enable people to spend, the Pimps of Wall Street instructed the Federal Reserve, their private bank, to print money by borrowing from future and unborn generations.  

This printing of money led to the stock market dot-com boom of 1995-2000 where catching eyeballs meant more value than making money.

This then collapsed because people realised that tech companies needed to make real profits and not just attract eyeballs.

This panicked the Pimps of Wall Street and they instructed the Federal Reserve to print even more money.

This free cheap money had find some place to go and this led to the housing boom where even NINJA (No Income, No Job, No Assets) loans were given to hairdressers with good credit history to buy McMansions.  

Finally house prices started to tank and this almost led to the collapse of the Pimps of Wall Street in 2008.  

But they being as powerful as they are, influenced the Representative DFIs and the Federal Reserve to bail them out again.

However the Government still did not have any money and instead of bailing out and waiving off the loans made to the gullible people by these Wall Street Pimps, it instead bailed out the Wall Street Pimps again.

This caused more jobs to be lost and more people to depend on the government.

And the government had to borrow more by issuing even more worthless treasury bonds and buying these bonds themselves and also selling it to idiots who believe these Treasury bonds are worth something because they were rated AAA highest quality bond by the credit rating agency whores owned by the Wall Street Pimps.

Finally a day will come when the government cannot buy anymore of its own loans, and the idiots around the world will finally realise that they have been conned and stop buying treasury bonds.

This day should come in the USA around the end of  2020.

And that is when the circus will end and the rabble who are dependent on the USA government will start to riot and loot and take from those who have, especially those that have a lot.

People will flee urban areas and run back to rural areas and live in small communities where they grow their own food, sew their own clothing and trade among their neighbours and form militias to defend themselves.

So finally after 200 years of mistaken shift from agriculture and handmade to the misguided mass production industrial capitalist minimum monthly EMI revolution in the USA, there are more homeless and hungry people in the USA than there was in 1850.

And these people are very angry also, so there will be great civil unrest in the USA for a long time to come.

The Representative DFIs in Bharat must learn this fundamental fact:

Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.

There is also a golden Chinese saying:

To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.

Look at the history of Industrial Mass Production Corporate Minimum Monthly EMI Capitalism adopted by FUKUS and the rest of the “developed” world.

It has only ended in environmental and financial ruin and debt to be paid by future and even unborn generations.

We must stop following America and the rest of FUKUS.

Most of America lives in the towns and America is the biggest polluter in the whole world.

5% of the American global population contributes to 25% of the world pollution.

Can you imagine what will happen to the world if all nations follow the American capitalist model?

We would need 7 planet earths just to maintain our current way of life if everybody followed the American and FUKUS capitalist model.

The so called “success” of the “developed” FUKUS and West, China and Gujarat model is the biggest lie of mankind and a major marketing success of the Wall Street/Dalal Street Pimp owned Presstitutes.

The mainstay of any economy is not industrial mass production and IT/BT/SEZ Coolie parks, mega factories, mega steel plants and mega coal and nuclear power plants, which just creates mindless worker drones slogging away their whole life in some soulless work with little rewards.

The rewards  of which are enjoyed by the owners who are rich enough for generations and fritter away their wealth on frivolous luxuries costing more than the salaries that they pay their employees.

The mainstay of any economy is family farm based agriculture, small scale local entrepreneurship and minimizing machine labour by encouraging handcrafted goods and cooperatives for basic needs like clothing, footwear, food and construction.

Here are the real facts of the Gujarat Model,  the main tagline for promotion of the “magical” capabilities of the NRI Business Development Manager.

Of course I should not forget to mention the other tagline of his claim to be a chaiwala, even though he has a Master’s degree (correspondence course) in Political Science.

In one generation of almost 40 years,  China has gone from zero to the world’s second-largest economy.

Its growth spurt has no equal in history. Cheap credit, which is actually cheap debt made this possible.

In 1990, Chinese debt was under 10% of GDP. It was 148% of GDP by the end of 2007.

In 2017 it runs about 264%. It could exceed 300% within two years.

Most countries mislead (actually it should be called deceive) people by mentioning the debt to GDP ratio.

This debt to GDP ratio indicator of debt is the biggest scam.

Governments always scam people and do not follow the same standards that they hold their citizens and businesses to follow.

The GDP is just the total measure of goods and services provided.

This is similar to the annual income of a person or the turnover of a business before deducting any expenses.

It is no indicator of the net savings or net profits which is the only source from which you can pay back your debts.

You can only pay your debts from your profits or savings left after all basic expenses like healthcare, food, education, entertainment and living expenses.

You cannot pay your debt from just your total income.

If you pay your debt based on your total income, then you will not have enough money to meet your basic expenses.

The correct measure of the ability of a person to pay their debt is the debt to income ratio.

The correct measure of a company to pay their debt is the debt service coverage ratio.

So the correct indicator of a country to pay their debts is the debt to revenue ratio.

Revenue means all the net income of the government from taxes and interest on savings and investments.

This does not include the income from loans that the government borrowed.

So in summary, the debt to revenue ratio of the government is equivalent to the debt to income ratio for a person.

Read my article on the Ponzi Petrodollar to get an idea of the Debt to GDP Ratio scam that all the governments all across the world use.

92% of the public funding in Bharat goes to the Wall Street/Dalal Street Pimps/Lala  businessmen.

92% of the rest of the sincere honest loan paying contributors to the economy get only 8% of the public funding.

And these shining star Wall Street/Dalal Street Pimp/Lala leeches only contribute 8% to the economy of Bharat.

Even with 92% of the funding, more than Rs 8 lakh crores (Rs 8,00,000,00,00,000) of stressed Non performing assets (NPA) have been caused by these gambling Dalal Street Pimps/Lalas.

This is further estimated to rise to more than Rs 14 lakh crores (Rs 14,00,000,00,00,000) by 2019, but the details are kept completely secret even by the RBI.

In fact, in Bharat, Small business is big business.

Following are the statistics of small business in Bharat vs the Corporate Sector as per a recent ad in the Economic Times dated 13-10-2014 and on the website

  • 45% contribution to GDP by Small Business compared to 15% contribution by Corporate Sector.
  • 90% of the employment in the country.
  • 46 crore employed, 24 crore self employed
  • 62% owned by ST/SC and OBC

Despite generating Rs 6.28 lakh crore(Rs 6,28000,00,00,00,000) per annum, the access to banks by the Small Business sector for their financial needs is less than 4%.

If we dont reform ourselves now, our future and unborn generations will be up to their eyeballs in debt and will lead miserable lives of not just poverty, but rampant crime and violence and environmental degradation.

All because we had our head up our asses because of our stupidity and greed and laziness and fetish for “free” stuff and “free” “money”.

I dont think our future and unborn generations are going to remember us fondly or even thank us for the mess that we left them in.

So all we will get are their curses, and according to the Sanathan Dharma one who curses their ancestors ends up cursed himself, but more importantly his ancestors are reborn as his descendants so that Karma can be repaid.

But it will affect us more because this will happen to us first in the next 5 years.

Before this happens to our future and unborn generations, we will have to first live through the SHTF phase when people finally realise that there is no “free” money and finally debts have to be paid

And if the debt cannot be paid back, then the whole concept of an orderly rule based society totally collapses and we end up with a world similar to the film Mad Max.

So Karma will have to be paid twice.

First when the SHTF happens, and second when we are reborn as our future generations descendants.

When the SHTF happens, we will get what we deserve.

When we are reborn to our future generations, we will learn their divine ways of hard work, community living and the value of agriculture and nature.

This in fact was already taught to us by our ancestors for millenniums,  and we callously abandoned their priceless teachings and living example in favour of the “wonder” of the FUKUS Industrial Mass Production Trickle Down Casino Capitalist System.

Any then again the world will be in balance just like my idea of heaven.

This is the divine law of the Rtam.