Dumbass Dubya

Dumbass Dubya was the court appointed leader, self-appointed decider and self-evident jester of FUKUS, the so called “Free” world

Dubya is a really interesting person.  He looks like a dumbass, talks like one, I have not seen him write much, he admits he does not read much, so I guess he is pretty much a dumbass.

Some people say that Dubya is actually smart, he is the only president with an MBA.

An MBA means nothing to me, it only means Major Bullshit Artist.

I think the MBA is the most overrated degree ever, right up there with a Doctor of Theology and  whatever degrees they have for actuaries, investment bankers, economists, and psychiatrists.

I used to like Dubya because he I thought he was an Idealist – he talked about “freedom” and “democracy”, but he does not walk the talk.

Dubya believes that everybody has a right to “freedom”.  Dubya was willing to go to war to defend this  ideal -at least thats what he said the war was about – “freedom.”

He was  just putting lipstick on a pig – the fat cat wall street pimp pigs – the real reason that Dumbass Dubya went to war was to protect the petrodollar.

Refer to my article about the Ponzi petrodollar.

This so called defender of “freedom” has the Patriot act and the NSA that spies on its own citizens and Guantanomo Bay prisons.

Dubya comes from a good family, his father (Old Daddy Bush)  was a much better president than Dubya, but he was still  voted out in favour of serial rapist Slick Willie – the horny adulterous populist procrastinator who says he feels our pain, when he isnt busy feeling up girls his daughters age.

Old Daddy Bush, George HW Bush (GHWB) was one of the most remarkable and underrated presidents in USA history.

Reagan painted the big picture, but left it to GWHB to fill in the fine details.

GWHB did all the hard and unpopular work to improve the USA economy.  Because of this, he was voted out in favour of serial rapist Slick Willie.  It was because of GWHB’s hard and unpopular work that the USA economy took off, but since he was voted out, serial rapist Slick Willie got a free ride and claimed full credit for GWHB’s hard work.

Serial rapist Slick Willie always liked getting easy jobs, even from interns right in his office.

This is the wonder of modern FUKUS democracy“, especially in the home of the so called champion of the so called free world.

Even with such commendable genes, Dubya turns out to be a world-class dumbass.

I guess they must have switched babies without telling old Daddy bush when Dubya was born – like the Omen movie I saw and that child in the movie turned out to be the Anti Christ just like Dubya is in the real world.

Dubya believes that government should have less to do in peoples lives – he wants to cut taxes, he wants to let people be responsible for their retirement and these are very good things.

But he also has the department of homeland security and the Patriot act to guard against incoming terrorists and he supports the despicable system of imprisonment that includes Guantanamo and Abu Gharib and privatised prisons.

Instead of trying to eliminate the root cause of why these terrorists originate in the first place, he his trying to lock the door after the horses have bolted.

Dubya considers the King of Saudi Arabia a personal friend? Why cant Dubya look into his eyes and ask him not to be a fanatic?

I have heard accounts from friends that in Saudi Arabia you cannot even bring in a non Islamic scripture into the country – you could get into trouble – one of our friends had a Bible with her, and when the customs inspector found it, he shouted at her, confiscated it, threw the Bible to the ground and stamped on it.

And forget about protesting in Saudi or even abusing the Saudi royal family – they will kidnap you, torture you and finally behead you in public even for a verbal abuse against the Saudi royal family.

In America and Bharat, anybody can criticize their ruler or even God and have recourse to the court of law rather than a visit by the Saudi rulers’ secret police or moral police or a mob lynching or unpleasant encounter at Chop Chop square.

Dubya is a world class dumbass – he misses even the obvious – the terrorists were all Saudi Arabian, but he calls Iran the axis of evil.

I know that people may find this strange, but the women of Iraq were more free and liberated during the regime of Saddam which was actually secular and called itself socialist though it blurred the line between socialism and communism.

It was the first time in history since invasion of Czechoslovakia by Hitler and the illegal invasion and occupation of Tibet that the invasion of Iraq was preemptive – there was no actual threat from Iraq, just a perception.

Dubya could be a fool because he thinks everybody should be a democracy, when we don’t even have one real democracy anywhere on this planet.

Dubya finds it easy to wage war because he and his cronies Rumsfeld and Cheney have never fought a real war themselves.   If they really took part in a war, they would take it more seriously.

Rumsfeld is the most wicked person ever and Dubya is really weak or stupid for not holding him responsible for his failures.

Dubya even failed to learn from his dad – old daddy Bush could have taken Iraq, but he knew better.

Old Daddy Bush, fought in a war himself, he is due a lot more respect and if he had won the second term, I dont think there would have been an Osama or a Mohammed Atta or another invasion of Iraq to find ghost “weapons of mass destruction.”

The important thing to realise is that any fool can win a war, but it is more important to win the peace and this takes a lot more time and effort by real human beings doing really human things like earning the goodwill, love and respect of the local population.

Wars are not just some hotshot general ordering a drone, missile or nuclear bomb attack to just destroy a place, eviscerate  and destroy the lives of innocents, and overwhelm them with “shock and awe”.

I think the American people take war so lightly  and some fools even are eager for it because there has never been a war in US soil in recent times.

The last war that took place on US soil was more than 150 years ago.

Nobody in the USA over the last 150 years has experienced having their homes destroyed and loved ones be eviscerated into just blood and guts in front of their eyes or their women molested or children shot.

War is man at its most savage. I have nothing but contempt for the DFIs who quantify and approve collateral damage – collateral damage is real people who had nothing to do with the war.  In the old days war would be fought by soldiers in battlefields and the cities and civilians were generally spared.

In recent times the generals and rulers prefer to bomb the cities  just to spare their soldiers – that is what Truman did when he bombed Japan and that is what all nations have been doing ever since – these warmongers are just cowardly and selfish and so they are basically DFIs and some of them are Wicked.

The pressitute media has a huge role to play in this – the media does not report both sides – take the first gulf war – I was in Bharat then and it was the first time that a war was on live TV anywhere in the world courtesy CNN – we had Christian Amanpour and the whole war looked like a video game with a lot of fireworks.

In the second gulf war I was in the USA and the same thing was repeated – a video game and fireworks show.

That is the shame of the presstitute media – the media rarely shows blood and guts and faces and limbs blown off from both sides.

Why is this – it must be shown – just like most people who eat meat have never seen how it really comes to be.

 This is the truth – to not tell the truth is to lie and the presstitute media is just lying when it reports on war.

Dumbass Dubya is against the Kyoto protocol.  Dumbass Dubya supports corn based ethanol, an absolutely absurd idea.  Ethanol as a fuel itself is a dumbass idea.  We must not encourage or fund it.

Dumbass Dubya ducked from being hit by a shoe.

Saddam stood up like a man even when he was hanged.

Saddam was the real man, he was not afraid of death, much less a shoe.

Dumbass Dubya is the real pansy.  He cannot even stand up to a shoe and does not even have the graciousness to request forgiveness for the person who threw the shoe at him.

Saddam was supposed to be a dictator who had a referendum and he won almost a 100% and the country was safe, the women were free to work and dress as they wished and there was no violence even though there was crippling international sanctions.

No weapons of mass destruction were found even by international agencies.

Saddam was put through a lot of suffering – he was humiliated during imprisonment and lost his sons.

Dumbass Dubya liberated Iraq by dropping scores of bombs that killed many women and children (what the disgusting FUKUS armies deceitfully refer to as collateral damage).

The pressitute media has portrayed Saddam as some perverted mad man – he is not a madman. He did a lot of good things too

Why is it perfectly acceptable if Truman committed genocidal bombing of Japan, old daddy Bush invaded Panama and Lincoln went to war with the South and ordered Sherman to destroy it?

But if Saddam killed people to preserve the union of his state he is called a mass murderer.

I am not defending Saddam for his wrong actions against innocents.

But if the USA and allied FUKUS generals kill civilians it is called Collateral damage, but if Saddam did it is called a crime against humanity?

Dumbass Dubya employed paid mercenaries (Blackwater) and opened places like Guatanamo and Abu Gharib where men are tortured into forced confessions and imprisoned under humiliating conditions without first being tried and convicted in a court of law.

Even now there are suicide bombings that kill large numbers of people and the economy and infrastructure is in a mess.

I said that Dumbass Dubya would be eliminated in spectacular fashion before his term is up.  I am not talking about his term as President.  I am talking about his term on his planet.  He has many years to live.

I may never meet him and I dont think I would even care to meet him when he is no longer the “decider 🙂 “.  He lives up to my name for him – Dumbass Dubya.  Who wants to meet a dumbass?