My Visions

This is our last chance otherwise the world will end by March 12, 2023.

On March 12, 2003 at St Petersburg Florida, USA in the morning around 11am EST I saw The prophecy of the advent of the Satyuga

This is our last chance at reforming our Karma and if the world ends, it wont be a great explosion, it will be reduced to the Lord of the Flies.

The USA has had bad karma ever since it started the genocide of the Native Americans and this increased after it dropped the nuclear bomb on the innocent citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and wages wars all across the world even today.

Its karma will now speak for all their sins above.

It will be a living hell in the USA till the One decides to visit and work in the USA and this may take 30 years.

My visions are coming true and there will be a real war in the Land of Abraham and will completely destroy the land of Abraham.

They say that only prophets or visionaries have visions.

I am neither a prophet or a visionary.

I dont know if there are other books written but the Nostradamus predicted an Angel of the Moon.

In fact I dont even know who the Angel of the Moon is in the Abrahamic scriptures.

Nostradamus called the name of the Angel of the Moon as Diana, a French variant of the Vedic Dhyana or Dhyan which is my name.

Even the Quran says if God sends an angel, it will be in the form of a man who causes confusion, not some supernatural being with wings who causes miracles.

Ask any astrologer about the dates I have mentioned below:

March 12, 1973 Monday 930pm IST (Bangalore) – conception

December 14, 1973 Friday 1115am (Bangalore) — Birth

March 12, 2003 Wednesday 830pm India time/11am USA time (happened at Apt 1127, West Port Colony Apts, St Petersburg, Florida, USA 27°52’23.91″N, 82°37’57.27″W) — This date is very important.

Nov 2, 2006 Thursday 430am India time/ Wednesday Nov 1, 2006, 6pm USA Time, happened at Apt 142, Inlet Bay Apts, St Petersburg, Florida, USA 27°52’35.53″N, 82°38’27.25″W — This date is very important.

Nov 5, 2006 Sunday 10am India/ Nov 4, 2006 Saturday 11:25pm USA Time, happened at Apt 142, Inlet Bay Apts, St Petersburg, Florida, USA 27°52’35.53″N, 82°38’27.25″W — This date is very important.

March 31, 2007 Saturday 930pm India time / March 31, 2007 12pm (afternoon) USA , happened at Apt 142, Inlet Bay Apts, St Petersburg, Florida, USA 27°52’35.53″N, 82°38’27.25″W

March 6, 2009 Friday at 525pm India/ March 6, 2009 at 755am, happened at Apt 710, West Port Colony Apts, St Petersburg, Florida, USA 27°52’23.91″N, 82°37’57.27″W

I got the following input about the above dates from a noted astrologer- S Ganesh

“It does show some connection of some divine connection of soul taking birth in one unison.

I can prove all these dates except the date of my conception (obviously) — I did not choose them they just happened without my knowing or even under my control.

My ancestors originated from a village which is on the banks of the River Kaveri and they were honoured by the Shiva temple near our house.

Ours are the only two families in the entire village that are allowed to make offerings to the temple.

I am left handed. I have a mole on my right chest.

My visions about my mother came true.

There is written and audio proof in the USA of my visions of my mother.

Not the mother in this life, but the mother in my previous life.

My mother in this life will die unharmed and in peace and surrounded by her family and mourned by all those who know her including the mostly poor Muslim patients she has done selfless service for.

I went from Bharat to a land that was supposed to be a dream and wealthy land (Florida, USA) where there are a lot of Jambul Trees.

I am here to Destroy the Filth.

There is a Destroyer of Filth.

Do a google search to find out who is the Destroyer of Filth.

This is my vision on March 12, 2003 at 11am in St Petersburg, FL, at my apartment and I have witnesses:

I am God. There will be a war, there has to be a war, women and children will die, many good people will die, and he will die and he will die, but this world will go on and be a better place. This boy has suffered enough and I want him to be happy.

It is written, this boy will die at 42, but he will die a happy man.

He will change his family for generations to come, but if you listen to him, he will change the world.

Kill him now or listen to what he has to say, for the world will end in 20 years, if you do not listen to him.

He is an “Arya” and I will tell him what to do, and he will do it. He will work through the system and with other “Arya” and they will decide to do the right thing.

Arya” is God and the law of Karma will always prevail.

This boy knows the truth, and if the whole world can see what he sees, the world will be a better place.

This is the truth I discovered on the day of my vision:

“Selfishness and Aggressiveness are the root cause of all evil in this world.

If people or companies or nations learned to be more adaptive instead of aggressive, and were not Selfish, then people, companies and this world will be a better place.”

In my vision I had a glimpse of Brahman.

At first Brahman was very angry, I have never felt such anger in my life and the words that are written above came to me and I saw great destruction.

Then I felt the most happiness I ever felt in my life.

Later I saw my version of paradise — landscapes like paintings from Monet and I saw the Universe.

Some people call me mad, and some people call me a genius (my IQ is 151 and I am a card carrying member of the US Mensa since 2000), but the funniest part is that looking back over the course of my life, most of the things that I wanted have come true.

On March 12, 2003 I had what I think was a divine revelation.

I call it a vision.

I saw an extremely blinding light and in a fraction of a second, I saw the next 40 years of not only my life, but the entire world until the adulthood of my son.

Because of the importance of that vision, I was overwhelmed with happiness.

I was shouting to the world about that vision, that I was the messenger and I must be taken to the supreme leader and that there would be hell to pay in the land of Abraham and the USA if I was not taken seriously and the supreme leader (President Bush) still went ahead with the war in Iraq which was yet to begin and God and sent me as the messenger to prevent.

I have never felt such happiness, fright, and excitement ever in my life.

Already almost 20 years of the fright I saw has come true.

In that vision of March 12, 2003, I saw the bearded men like ISIS doing bad things to women and children.

In the vision of 2006 I saw my mother of my previous birth being assaulted and murdered and it came true as Nirbhaya.

There is written proof of the visions of 2003 and 2006 by the Florida government.

In the vision of 2009 I saw police being killed and it will come true by 2023. There is audio proof of this vision in a 911 call.

My revelations about the destruction of the USA are coming true and you have already seen this happening in the land of Abraham (the Middle East) which will end with the destruction of the land of Abraham (Israel).

The hell in the USA has not even started yet, it just began as a curtain raiser in March 2020.

I have been blessed with a son in 2017.

I saw all this way back in March 12, 2003 itself when I did not know of the existence of the wonderful woman who I married in 2011 and with whom I have a son in 2017.

How did I see all this in March 12, 2003 when I was not even married and the war in Iraq had not even begun?

How did I see all this in my visions of 2006 and 2009 when it had not even happened?

You will all see the filth destroyed starting March 12, 2023 when the 20 year grace period I saw in March 12, 2003 expires.

Then after March 12,2023 the Kaliyuga is officially over since by March 12, 2025 the rule of the Destroyer of Filth will start and followed over the next 60 years by the golden rule of the One.