The value of a Jeweler and Stone cutter

This is a story about recognising the true value of people and only associating with people who recognise your value.

There was an old but wise father on his dying bed and as part of his legacy he gave a few small stones to his son.

His son was perplexed, he expected a lot more than just a few small stones but he did not question his father he thanked him and asked him what he should do with it.

The father told him when he needed money, he could sell the stones, but before he sold it then, go out and try and sell it now.

But before he sells it, first come back to the father and ask his permission if the price was right.

So the son set out with the stones.

He first met a stone cutter on the way and asked him if he would buy it.

The stone cutter said, he could not make anything out of these stones so he offered him only Rs 1/stone.  Then the stonecutter went back to his job of breaking stones.

The son came back and told the father.

The father told him to try again.

The son then went to a Museum and met the curator.  The curator was quite impressed.  He said these were decorative stones, but not much valued.

He offered him Rs 1000/stone.

The son was delighted.  He ran back to the father and told him.

The father said, go out and try again.

The son then went to a highly esteemed jeweler and showed him the stones.

The Jeweler was shocked and asked the son where he found the stones.

The son said his father gave him the stones as his legacy.

The Jeweler told the son that he was blessed to have such a wise and gracious father.

The stones he was given was the rarest and highest quality precious stones.  The Jeweler immediately offered the son Rs 70 lakhs ($100,000)/stone.

The son went back home and hugged and thanked his father.

He said:

I should never have doubted your gifts to me.

Then the father said:

This is the same with life.  Learn to associate with people who recognise your true value.

You would have sold the stone to a stone cutter for Rs 1 and remained poor and unvalued for life.

Just because you went to a jeweler who knew the value of the stone, now your future of you and your children are secure.

Never sell yourself to a stone cutter, always look for jewelers who recognise the true value in you.

In the same way, when others come to you, you also must learn to act like the jeweler and recognise their true value.

If you act like a stone cutter, all you will get are cheap stones to break and remain in a life of poverty and hardship.