The “wonder” of FUKUS “democracy”

We dont have SWARAJ which is true Freedom and Democracy.

Read my interpretation of SWARAJ – True Freedom and Democracy.

What we have is FUKUS representative “democracy”, a Western curse mainly invented by FUKUS that originated in a time when nobody even dreamed of electricity, automobiles and airplanes, let alone cell phones, digital satellite TV and the Internet.

  • What would happen to Bharat if the Army was run on the “democratic” lines of our legislatures and with private funding?
  • What would happen to Bharat if our judiciary, especially the high judiciary if it was run on the “democratic” lines of our legislatures and with private funding?
  • What would happen to Bharat if ISRO, which landed a rover on the moon, was run on the “democratic” lines of our legislatures and with private funding?
  • What would happen to most Global Investor/Wall Street/Dalal Street Pimps if they were run on the “democratic” lines of our legislatures?
  • What would happen to most Presstitutes if they were run on the “democratic” lines of our legislatures?

Then what justification is there for Bharat, which is the mother of all of the above, to be run on FUKUS “democratic” lines where the most “popular” person is the decision maker and this “popular” person is elected with private funding by special interests and promotion by Presstitutes.

And where the “popularity” of the person is not because of their accomplishments or the strength of their character, but because of their caste, religion, wealth, ancestry, “Brilliant Oratory” of fancy speeches written by professional speech writers, manipulated Presstitutes, smart marketing costing tens of thousands of crores, tens of thousands of self-interested pumpers, freebie offers and an ability using their ill gotten gains and musclemen to bribe and intimidate their lazy, ignorant, gullible and greedy voters.

As M. Visvesvaraya said:

Only the very best competence and integrity can help raise the wretched of the earth to the status of human beings. There is no short cut.

You cannot elevate the wretched and expect them to do the work that the most talented and competent find arduous”.

This is also one of the most famous sayings by Schumpeter, that probably explains about the”wonders” of FUKUS “democracy” when it is dominated by Anarya:

It is not true that democracy will always safeguard freedom of conscience better than autocracy.

Witness the most famous of all trials.

Pilate was, from the standpoint of the Jews, certainly the representative of autocracy.

Yet he tried to protect freedom.

And he yielded to a democracy.
Joseph A. Schumpeter

As Sadhguru said:

What is good may not please everyone – what is pleasing may not be good for everyone.

Even a teaboy, peon or clerk has to pass a rigorous exam and personal interview, but  a mostly ignorant, illiterate, corrupt, criminal, rapist, pimp or murderer who  would not have even qualify to get a teaboy’s post, will lord over highly educated and experienced bureaucrats and technocrats because of the “wonder” of FUKUS  based “democracy.”

Putting a golden saddle on a donkey does not make it a fine race horse, it still remains a donkey only fit to carry heavy loads and also being whipped to do so.

In almost all FUKUS based “democratic” countries, elections are privately funded.  

There is no state election fund.

This gives scope to a lot of influence and manipulation by Wall Street/Dalal Street Pimps and other rich businessmen especially in rent seeking industries like real estate, mining, power, oil exploration, infrastructure projects, education, healthcare and other such rent seeking industries.

In the FUKUS concept of democracy, the power rests with the “common man”.

However even Rome, the foundation of so called FUKUS “democratic” principles, was not really a FUKUS based “democracy”.

It was fundamentally and principally run as a republic.

In Rome, the only men who could stand for election were men who fought in wars or were rich landowners or rich businessmen.

Greece cannot really be considered an ideal democracy.

Though Greece did produce great philosophers and scholars, it fundamentally was a flawed system.

Only the most popular decisions were taken that appealed to the popular majority.

It was this “democratic” system that even lead to the murder of  wisest philosophers like Socrates.

Though supposedly a “democracy”, Greece was quite like modern day FUKUS democracies, which are mainly an imperialistic, hegemonic, expansionist governments driven solely by greed of wealth and power and providing freebies to their lazy and undeserving citizens and oligarchs.

Even the USA was actually founded as a republic, not a democracy.

When the USA was founded, only men who were land owners were allowed to stand for election.

Not any monkey off the street could become a leader, because he was most popular  monkey among all the other monkeys in the street.

Whenever a civilisation rose to great heights, it was never because of the “wonder” of FUKUS “democracy”.

It was because of a strong and enlightened leadership aided not by a FUKUS “Representative Democracy”, but by a leadership that did represent the people, but that was chosen based on certain parameters.

Power should not reside only with the common man.

Power should also reside in the hands of people with great integrity, wisdom, foresight, energy, compassion, a willingness to listen and a sense of Dharma in every action of theirs.

The greatest of civilisations whether in Bharat or even in the FUKUS lands themselves were led by such people who were not common, but persons of extraordinary abilities.

Extraordinary civilisations can only created by extraordinary people, not by common men.

These extraordinary people put the good of the nation above their petty personal interests.

They held and constantly practiced Dharma as the supreme law and ideal.

To such extraordinary people, the wealth of a nation was not measured by its GDP, but by its adherence to Dharma .

The moment power came to the control of the common man, there have only been government led by petty common thoughts and common people.

These common men only have the petty common vision to ride a bullock cart and avoid the immediate potholes and heavily frequent the “free” roadside bars,  restaurants and whorehouses on the road that are readily offered to the by the Representative DFIs.

They do not realise that the “free” smooth road offered by the Representative DFIs finally is a one-way that leads to the end of the cliff.

These common men and petty Representative DFIs elected by such common men, do not have the vision to fly to space to see not just where the road leads, but avoid the eventual cliffs even though the short term journey may be arduous and full of rough roads and hard climbs.

People with vision look for all other points even the smallest village, that can be connected to the road that they are traveling on.

More importantly they look for better roads that will lead to a wonderful paradise of peace and tranquility in the long term, even though the short term journey may seem difficult.

It is a real irony that Bharat wants to be inspired by the same FUKUS who ruined it.

It is the a real irony that this same FUKUS first came to  Bharat because they were inspired by its wealth and well being of Bharat’s citizens.

And this wealth and well being of Bharat’s citizens, did not come because of the “wonder” of FUKUS “democracy” or “capitalism“, but because of the strength and wisdom of Bharat’s heritage systems that placed Dharma and not the GDP as the sole aim of the nation.

Because of the curse of FUKUS based “Representative” “Democracy”, the words of Manu have come true, not only in Bharat, but the entire gullible and delusional nations that follow the fraud FUKUS based “democracy”.

The Laws of Manu
Chapter VIII, 21 and 22

21. The kingdom of that monarch, who looks on while a Sudra settles the law, will sink (low), like a cow in a morass.

22. That kingdom where Sudras are very numerous, which is infested by atheists and destitute of twice-born (inhabitants), soon entirely perishes, afflicted by famine and disease.

People may think I am being racist with the mention of Manu and the Sudras.

People are not born Brahmins or Sudras.  

Only a persons Gunas (attributes/qualities/virtues) and Karma(conduct, deeds and accomplishments) make a person a Brahmin or a Sudra.

This is clearly specified in all the fundamental texts of the Sanathan Dharma, which most  “Hindus” are totally unaware of.

More about this is in my article about the importance of the Varnashrama Dharma.

In all nations of this world, governance is left to politicians.

Politicians are supposed to be experienced in the art of governance.

Politicians are more usually involved in politics of staying in office and we all know that means doing the things that will ensure that you stay in office.

To do that in our present form of FUKUS “democratic” government, it just means doing the things that appeal to the majority, and if the majority is composed of the  Anarya, the ending usually results Manu’s prophecy coming true.

Isn’t it strange that Germany elected Adolf Hitler?

Adolf Hitler was voted in democratically.  That is a fact.

Adolf Hitler should actually be considered a hero by the colonized nations of the British Empire including Bharat.

In fact for Bharat, Churchill was more evil than Hitler.

Churchill diverted grain meant for starving drought stricken Indians to his soldiers fighting in Europe.

And this caused the Bengal Famine.

4 million Indians(40,00,000) died in the Bengal famine in a little more than a year because of Churchill.

It took 12 years for 6 million Jews(60,00,000) to be killed by Hitler.

And in Bharat, Hitler is taught to be an evil monster and Churchill is taught to be a hero.

There are only monsters in a war on both sides.

But the winners make their monsters look like saints. 

In fact there are no winners in a war, there are only victims.


NOTE: There are some Representatives that are sincere, humble, law abiding, selfless, compassionate, wise, accomplished, have self respect and value their integrity as much as they value their life and family.

They follow Dharma and they put the peoples’ and nation’s interest above their own personal interests.  

However these are very few in today’s world and what I say below does not apply to these representatives.

Here are some more interesting quotes about Representative DFIs 🙂

Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other.
Oscar Ameringer

A politician is a fellow who will lay down your life for his country.
Tex Guinan

The FUKUS form of “democracy” is really f🙊 up.  

Many politicians, especially those that spew verbal diarrhoea on the presstitutes TV channels appear to be cunning linguists 😜 and master debaters.

Say the highlighted red words above repeatedly really fast to really understand what these Representative DFIs really are 😉  

In the so called “free” nations, the representatives are elected by the people and with private funding.  They usually appeal to the majority of the population.

In these days, those with the smartest marketing campaign stand a much better chance of being elected even if they are truly worthless.

Its the smart marketing message that counts in these times, not the actual character or accomplishments of the man.

Because of the “wonder” of FUKUS  based “democracy”,  a person can rise to great fame and power because of  “Brilliant Oratory” which smart people who have figured out things like I have, would call “Smooth Talking“.

A person can be a miserable failure if he is a poor speaker, even if they are a million times more qualified and capable than so called “Brilliant Orators”, who smart people would simply call “Smooth Talkers”.

Because of the “wonder” of FUKUS  based “democracy”,  the people who live up to the saying Empty Vessels make the most noise gain far more importance and power than the people who live up to the saying Still waters run deep“.

Because of the “wonder” of FUKUS  based “democracy”, some uncultured, uncivilized,  corrupt barely literate Representative DFI, who would not even qualify to serve as a teaboy in the traditional workplace, gets to rule over people far more competent, experienced and educated than them.

Only in a FUKUS democracy can a bigoted, boorish, sexist, horny, sexual predator, adulterer, multiple time willful debt defaulter, tax evader, megalomanic, sloppy B grade reality TV host, narcissistic whimsical psychopath and overall pompous prick🤢 have a hope of being president.

Only in a FUKUS democracy can a shady, devious, lying, conniving, two faced Wall Street Pimp owned puppet, warmonger, psychopath,  abettor and vigorous defender of a serial rapist husband hope to become President.

Only in a FUKUS “democracy” can a sloppy B grade drama queen who has not finished college become Minster of Education.

Only in a FUKUS “democracy” can a corrupt petty waitress who has not finished college become one of the most powerful women in the country for decades, solely because she is the wife of a college dropout who was Prime Minister

Whose sole qualification himself to become Prime Minister was that he was the son of another congenitally evil and corrupt college dropout who became  Prime Minister.

Whose sole qualification herself to become Prime Minister was that she was the daughter of a college dropout who became Prime Minister because he happened to be a favourite of our founding fathers and also because his father was the main donor of the political party that nominated him unopposed as its leader.

Only in a FUKUS “democracy” can a drug addict college dropout who never held a real job in his life, nor would possibly even qualify as a peon on his own merit, hope to become Prime Minister just because he is the son of the corrupt petty waitress I have mentioned above.

Only in a FUKUS “democracy” can a semi-literate female monk who has not finished school become Minster of Water Resources.

Only in a FUKUS “democracy” can a driver or a cattle herder become the Minister for Railways.

Only in a FUKUS “democracy” can not just one, but hundreds of thousands of semi-literate thuggish, boorish, uncouth goonda timber smugglers, hooch kings, pimps, roomboys and real estate mafia kingpins and encroachers become ministers and even legislators with multiple terms.

Only in a FUKUS “democracy” can the 9th std pass son of a convict, become a deputy chief minister of a state that has a population of more than 100 million (10 crores) (100,000,000).

The population of this state is just slightly less than that of combined population of Canada, Australia and UK, and more than 75% of the population of the FUK portion of FUKUS.

Only in a FUKUS “democracy” can 20% of the municipal corporators of the Silly Con city be 10th std fail and 57% have only a 12 std education or less.

Only in a FUKUS “democracy” can an ordinary, barely passing arts graduate, charged with multiple counts of rioting and assault, become the minister of Health and rule over doctors who have undertaken years of rigorous study and decades of skilled experience to achieve mastery over their craft.

This person would not have even qualified to run a first aid shop if it was not for the “wonder” of FUKUS “democracy”.

A person with even less than 50% of the vote can become a minister.

A party with less than 35% of the vote can form a government that will completely overrule the wishes of the 65% majority that did not vote for them.

A person with a criminal background of even rape, rioting, theft, corruption, tax dodging and murder can get elected and even become a minister.

There are even Representative DFIs whores who watch gang rape videos on their mobile phones in the Karnataka state legislature in the Silly Con city.

And they get nominated again for re-election.

We cannot blame the third class Representative DFI leaders we elect.

If we have third class, Representative DFIs as our leaders in our “democracy”, it is because they have been elected by a vast majority of the third class porki DFI Anarya population.

Whenever you see history, people have always got the government they deserve.

Most people and do not cast their vote, but vote their caste.

In the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is the King.

Most people in Bharat do not look at the character and ability of the person when they vote.

They are not bothered if the person is corrupt or even a criminal.

They look at his caste, religion, ability to bribe voters with cash and subsidies and freebies and reservations and also whether he is from a family of politicians.

The people in Bharat and also in the rest of FUKUS “democracies” do not chose the best candidate, they chose the least worst among all the other worse and worthless.

The Representative DFIs in Bharat and FUKUS democracies are funded and sponsored by the Dalal/Wall Street Pimps/Lala Businessmen.

These Representative DFIs use these sponsored funds to bribe ignorant voters, and once they are voted in, they cheat these same ignorant voters by grabbing their lands and livelihoods and sell it back to their Dalal/Wall Street Pimp/Lala businessmen buddies, of course making a good packet also in the process.

Most of our leaders have no idea of anything and do not listen to experts.

Most of them have their head up their asses and this ends up with them having shit for brains.

And most of them are interested in lining their pockets from their corrupt actions and want to do this in the fastest possible way.

In addition to getting re-elected, since this involves a great deal of money, these so-called representatives use some of this money for personal benefit.

These so-called representatives usually belong to a larger group called a party.

So in the end we just have a bunch of parties which are actually self interest groups of a selected few, claiming to represent the people.

Bharat has a site a remarkable NGO like Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR). 

It was responsible for making the Supreme Court issue orders that forced the Representative DFIs  to declare an affidavit of their assets, criminal litigation against them and also their educational qualifications.

All this is publicly available on the ADR website.

But even the ADR website is just a small window into the wealth of the Representative DFIs.

There have been 1600-2500% increases in wealth of many Representative DFIs in just 10  years.

And this purely from being politicians and having no business or other interests.

The wealth declared in the ADR website does not include the assets owned by the Representative DFIs  benami associates and shell companies and also in their foreign tax havens.

Declaring the affidavits on the ADR website is just a scam.

There are no laws to ensure if the facts uploaded are correct and there is no explanation by the Representative DFIs as to the source of their funds that led to this great rise in assets.

There are no strict laws to ensure punishment for false affidavits.

There are no income tax investigations to verify the source of funding for these unexplained and stupendous increases in wealth.

In fact strict laws such as my law for Fraud and Deceit and Willful Default should be implemented as soon as possible for the filing of false affidavits.

Following is the extract from the Moneylife magazine dated 17/2/2017.

Almost  75% of MPs and MLAs nationwide declared annual incomes less than Rs 10,00,000.

Around 35% of MPs and MLAs said their annual income is less than Rs 250,000 while 40% have declared annual income between Rs 250,000. and Rs 10,00,000.

Almost 1141 (24%) MPs and MLAs claimed exemption from income tax or have no income at all.

Half of India’s elected representatives declared household assets of more than Rs 2 crore; 28% more than Rs 5 crore. Almost 70% of MPs and MLAs had assets more than Rs 1 crore.

  • 38% (912 of 2,410) legislators with assets more than Rs2 crore declared family incomes of less than Rs 10 lakh.
  • Of 1,079 lawmakers with assets in the range of Rs 2 crore and Rs 5 crore, only 44% (474) declared incomes more than Rs 10 lakh.
  • 22% (255 of 1,651) with assets between Rs 2 crore and Rs 10 crore declared incomes less than Rs 2.5 lakh.
  • 41% (891 of 2,155) with assets between Rs 2 crore and Rs 30 crore declared incomes less than Rs10 lakh.
  • Of 156 lawmakers with household assets more than Rs 50 crore, 10 declared incomes less than Rs 10 lakh.
  • Of 75 legislators with assets more than Rs 100 crore, four reported incomes less than Rs 2.5 lakh.
  • 7% (106 out of 1,470) with assets less than Rs 1 crore declared annual incomes more than Rs10 lakh.

Why do we need to borrow 1 lakh crore from Japan when India’s farms report agricultural income greater than our GDP!

Extract below from Moneycontrol article: India’s farms report income greater than our GDP! Target them in the war on black money

Some 8 lakh farmers declared agricultural incomes of a collective (hold your breath)  Rs.874 lakh crore. 

The figure was at least five times the total GVA (Gross Value Added) for the two years combined. It also represented 66 times total direct taxes collected over those two years.

The collective amount for the three years agricultural income comes to an astounding Rs 86,486,197 crore (Rs 865 lakh crore). It is astounding, because the GVA (gross value added) for the country was only Rs 8,546,552 crore, Rs 9,084,369 crore and Rs 9,727,490 for 2010, 2011, and 2012, respectively. The total GVA for the three years together comes to Rs 27,358,411 crore.

What this means is that the total agricultural income filed with the IT authorities was three times the total GVA for the three years. If only 2011 and 2012 are taken into account, agricultural income declared was almost 5 times the GVA for those two years. Preposterous!

That effectively means that agricultural income was even greater than India’s GDP or GVA! Unbelievable!

The NRI Business Development Manager and all other politicians are fooling people saying that most of the black money is abroad and has been eliminated by the dumbass idea of demonetisation.

If the government was truly serious, all it had to do was to appoint a dedicated constitutionally  independent vigilance and income tax department to look into the details posted by the ADR website for each Representative DFI and class III and above government official.  

It should also make it compulsory for every class III and above government official  to declare the same information as the Representative DFIs do on the ADR website.

This should be made effective and enforceable for all who are still serving and also those who retired after 1984 which is when the Ghendy Queen became prominent.

It should also appoint a constitutionally independent vigilance and income tax department to look into the 8,00,000 amazing farmers who generated more agricultural income than Bharat’s GDP.

Target them in the war on black money instead of the dumbass demonetisation scam.

More importantly target them and get their money instead of putting our future and unborn generations in debt.

Target them and use their stolen money to waive the debts of poor farmers who actually do farming with their sweat, blood and lives.

More black money will be unearthed to really give Rs 15,00,000 into each Bharatiyas’ bank account  as the NRI Business Development Manager had originally promised in his campaign manifesto.

In fact why does not the NRI Business Development Manager start with this video itself?

If this was done, Bharat would immediately overtake China in per capita GDP, and be firmly on its way to replace Germany as the most richest country in the world in 15 years.

I am not sure, but maybe some of the corruption is because of the poor compensation of the legislatures compared with equivalent positions in the private sector.

Just for your reference find in the link below the salary comparison of the top world leaders:

Pay levels of world leaders in perspective

The NRI Business Development Managerthe highest leader of the second most populous nation in the world and an emerging economic power makes $30,000 (Rs 18,00,000) a year.

With these sort of salary levels for the leaders of Bharat, it is very hard for our leaders not to be corrupt when the salary of the Prime Minister is what a software engineer with about 10 years of experience at an IT/BT Coolie firm will make.

The salary of the Chief Minister of Karnataka is what a software engineer with 5 years of experience at an IT/BT coolie firm will make.

The salary of the Prime Minister of Bharat does not match the salary of a software engineer with just 10 years of experience working for an IT/BT coolie.

A software engineer who is actually just sitting in his AC office and typing on his computer while he is not chatting on Facebook and Twitter and watching online porn.

As Lew Kwan Yew of Singapore said:

 “If you pay peanuts, you will only get monkeys”.

In the same way the saying applies in reverse:

“If you get monkeys, you must only pay peanuts”.

These salary revisions should apply only when the laws for Elected Representatives and the law for State Funding of elections are implemented and there is a total abandonment  of selection of Representatives by the current “wonder” of FUKUSdemocracy“.

The salaries given to almost 99% of the current set of Representative DFIs who come to power are already far in excess of their capabilities and qualifications.

They would not have even been selected as manhole cleaners, leave alone tea boys, if it was not for the “wonder” of FUKUSdemocracy“.

In any case even if they were paid these salaries, they still will continue to take 1000 times more than their salary as bribes.

Of course the privileges of these Representatives is about 8-10 times their salary, but they do not get any of this to hand and only as privileges.

However we still need to decide whether they really need those privileges.

Since they claim to represent the people, they should live like the common people.

There is no obligation or necessity for us to subsidise them to live like coconut brown sahib masters who have replaced our FUKUS colonists.

The coconuts may have replaced the FUKUS colonists, but they continue demand and enjoy the FUKUS colonists unwarranted privileges.

Some communists like Arundathi Roy may say that Bharat is a pseudo democracy, and the handling of the Narmada issue and other large infrastructure projects in the country may seem like it is rigged only for the rich and powerful and the poor always get sold down the river.

Unfortunately, Bharat is also group and party based democracy, not individual based and definitely not issue based.

And a large portion of the electorate is illiterate, ignorant, emotional and irrational, so they dont make any informed decisions

They have been known to sell the votes for some liquor, couple of hundred rupees in cash, and saris and of course populist freebies  like free electricity, Rs 1/kg rice, free housing, free laptops, free mixers, free gold for weddings and other such unwarranted freebies.

Except food and water to avoid starvation and thirst, healthcare for the destitute, and law and order and emergency healthcare, nothing should ever be given to anybody for free.

If it is given for free it is not valued properly, taken for granted and probably wasted away or lost in short time.

Everybody – even the landless farm worker or daily labourer should be made to pay a just and fair price.

The price may be subsidised or given as an interest free loan, but they should be made to pay a just and fair price.  

People value things much more when they have to earn it or pay for it.

Anything that is given for free is not valued and will soon be misused, disrespected, lost and thrown away

Bharat truly is the kingdom of the blind being led by the one eyed man as the king.

Read my article on the current sorry state of Bharat because of the “wonder” of FUKUS democracy.

Even though we are supposed to be a “democratic” republic, the rulers are hereditary, nepotistic, clueless, dumbass, devious and mostly corrupt.

The one major curse with Bharat, at all levels, from the prime minister to the peon in the Vidhana Soudha to the tourist tout in the Mysore palace to the luggage porter at the Bangalore Airport is that they are enamoured by Western opinion.

I think this is still the slave coolie mentality remaining in the people of Bharat of still being slaves to the descendants of the Western colonists and getting their favourable opinions however worthless it may be.

As old daddy Bush said which applies to all Western countries:

America has no permanent friends or enemies, only permanent interests.

We would be better off taking the feelings of our neighbours seriously and mending all fences with them and living harmoniously since we are permanently, culturally, ethnically and geographically linked to our neighbours.

These Representative DFIs are most happy when even some minor insignificant Western official or Western presstitute media showers praises on their so called “achievements”.

They do not mind spending billions on the airport and millions on airport gardens, but neglect to even provide proper toilets and drinking water at bus stands.

More people travel through the Majestic bus stand in 20 days, than the entire traffic through the Bangalore airport in a year.

But the airport probably spends more on its flower gardens in a month, than the Majestic bus stand spends on toilets and drinking water for 10 years.

There are probably more security guards at the BIAL airport, that too with AK-47 guns, than all the policemen in the Majestic area.

This is what the Representative DFIs must be really thinking:

Who cares about the dark and poor Mandya, Devanhalli and Ramnagar farmers and Ejipura slum dwellers other than at election time?

They live here all the time and wont give us any money and anyway we can buy their votes during election time.  

Even then we cannot trust them, they will take our money, alcohol, biryani, saris and vote for somebody else

Better to teach these farmers and poor a lesson and acquire their land and give it free and impress the Global Investor, Wall/Dalal Street Pimp visitors to Bangalore.

At least they are white skinned, have MBA degree, that too from foreign university, smell nice with perfume and talk nicely with such fancy accents and also have lots of money that too in dollars $$$$$$ 😍😍 🤑🤑that we can take from them.  

So what if we sell Bharat to them, we have made tonnes of money for our multiple wives, mistresses💋, concubines, toy boys and more than seven generations of our families.

And more importantly the Global Investors/Wall Street Pimps are so impressed with what we have done for them and it will come on CNN and BBC News and front page of Time magazine.😎

The Representative DFIs in Bharat are begging the so called “developed” and “rich” economies like FUKUS and Japan to invest their fabled “wealth” in Bharat.

This is like the beggar running to the highly leveraged and defaulting debtor to lend money they dont really have in the first place.

Actually the beggar is better off, at least he does not have the burden of debt.

What little money the beggar has, is his own, unlike the debtor who can even be stripped of his chaddi and banian to repay his debt.

Read my article on the Ponzi Petrodollar which is only backed by “Faith”.

I do not wish to comment on the “magic” of the current NRI business development manager of the Adanis and Ambanis and other global investor and Wall Street/Dalal Street Pimps and Lalas.

I will leave the people of Bharat to comment on the “magic” and decide in a few years when corruption and black money is still flourishing,  “achhe din” is still coming but has not yet arrived, crime has increased because more people have been rendered unemployed because of the dumbass demonetization scam, and all their land has been acquired and they again become bonded slaves and are forced to fight for freedom again from the new Global Investor/Wall Street/Dalal Street Pimp Lala colonists that are rapidly replacing the old FUKUS colonists.

Our NRI business development manager is a Master of Political science by education (correspondence course), training and practice, but gets elected because he claims he was a chaiwala.

Only in a country like Bharat, will one hide their Master’s degree and claim that they are a chaiwala to get elected.

That is the “wonder” of FUKUS democracy.  

Where more power rests with the chaiwalas than enlightened people, that even highly educated people with Master’s degrees pretend to be chaiwalas to get elected.

That is why most people in Bharat can only afford chai and milk biscuit, that too as a luxury, because a government elected by chaiwalas is only capable of making chai and milk biscuit.

Not that the previous government was any better.  

They were filled with dumbass thieves.

All governments of all parties, ever since the curse of the Ghendy’s dawned on us, not only at the national and state level, but even at city council and panchayat level are filled with dumbass thieves.

Most people in Bharat always get robbed by the government because they always elect thieves and the only aim in the life of a a thief  is to lie, cheat and steal and rob their victims blind.

So as I said many times before:

Whenever you see history, people have always gotten the government they deserve.

Many may know this joke, but I will tell it anyway:

The Representative DFIs and Wall Street Pimps died and were sent to the gateway to hell and heaven.

So the Devil first offered to show them hell to help them decide.  

The Devil looked like a supermodel, dressed in the finest Saville Row suit and wore shiny Nile Crocodile Belly Boots.

The Devil spoke way better than Slick WillieObummer and his chaddi dost the NRI Business Development Manager.

The devil took them to the lift (elevator) which had gold doors, and crystal mirrors inside.  

Of course the lift was air conditioned and played the best techno rave electronic music and had the most impressive TV with a live video stream of the finest supermodels skinny dipping in heated swimming pools and indulging in orgies.

When they went down to hell, they saw their old Wall Street pimp and Representative DFI friends, playing golf, hanging out with supermodels and eating caviar and bathing in champagne and providing live feeds of their status on Twitter and Facebook.

Then the devil sent them back up again.

The entrance to heaven was open, but there was no lift and they had to climb a long flight of rough stone steps to get to the entrance.

And there was nobody at the gate to invite them in.

In fact there was no gate at all, just a wide entrance.  

So they walked in and saw that people were happy and were working with joy even though many of them were shepherds and cowherds and doing hard farming, weaving, carpentry, cobbling and other such work.

Children were playing real games, not video games.

People had real friends, not facebook friends.

And all the doors in all the houses were open and there were no locks.

There was unplugged music, dancing and singing.

Most of these people were average looking and of all colours, and shapes and sizes.

The Wall Street pimps and Representative DFIs were most disappointed with heaven.

People working, no video games, no techno rave music, no twitter and facebook, no live video streaming, no locks on doors, none of the joys of hell and worst of all, the door was left open and there was nobody sent to invite them in.

They had expected to see God show up at the door to invite them in, but nobody showed up

In fact God did not even meet them and talk to them when they went into heaven.

All they met were ordinary looking people who were extremely kind and friendly, but so damn ordinary and average.

These people were of all colours, and shapes and sizes and spoke in such funny accents.

Some of them were even dumb and deaf and blind and crippled and stammered, but they all were happy and you could see the joy in their face.

But these people were so damn ordinary and average and seemed so simple, trusting and gullible.

Then there were the horses and sheep and cows and their stinking dung on the road and dogs playing with the sheep and noisy and mischievous children who played Holi on them and coloured their expensive Egyptian cotton shirts and Alligator boots.

So they walked right out of heaven.  

Filled up the signup form for hell and voted unanimously to call the Devil to get them to hell.

The devil came right back up to the gateway dressed in his finest suit and boots. 

He looked like a supermodel and spoke way better Slick Willie, Obummer and his chaddi dost the NRI Business Development Manager.

And he closed the door of the lift and took them right down to hell.

As soon as the door of the lift opened, the Representative DFIs and the Wall Street Pimps were shocked.

All their Representative DFI and Wall Street Pimp friends they had seen previously were shedding tears of blood.

They had torn and almost no clothes or shoes and were breaking stones, digging ditches and eating only ragi ambli and mirchi powder.

There was nothing else to eat, not even a cucumber or carrot.

There was no way out.

The lift had disappeared, and the Devil looked like Freddie from Horror movies and had the meanest whip in each of his many hands and was using it with joy.  

They begged the devil:

“Why did you do this to us today?

This was not what we had seen when we came to check hell out yesterday.”

Then the Devil Said:

“YESTERDAY I was CAMPAIGNING for your votes, TODAY you VOTED for me.”


If you are wondering how to pronounce DFI – it is pronounced diffy.

DFI stands for Devious F🙊 Idiot.

What does the F stand for?

Fantastic, fascinating, fashionable or ??? 🤔👼😁