The way forward after the China Virus Pandemic in 2020

The China Virus (Corona Virus otherwise known as COVID19) (China Origin Virus in December 2019) is a testament to the power of Nature over the evil intentions of man.

Originally designed as a bioweapon in the West, and stolen by the Chinese for further development in Wuhan, China, it somehow leaked and caused widespread destruction in China.

China, as is the custom in  Chinese culture, tried to “Save Face” and lied about it for three months, even though it was discovered in October 2019.

Only when things got really bad, did they admit there was a problem in mid January 2020.

There is no telling what a bioweapon like the China Virus can do.

It is engineered by evil creatures for maximum devastation and disruption.

The lies by China till January 2020 made the rest of the world complacent until it actually hit their shores also.

However by then it was too late and had spread to other countries.

Due to this China virus, Bharat will soon reach the bottom of the cesspool of FUKUS “Capitalism”.

So the only way is up, and Bharat is the strongest swimmer among all the countries in the world.

Due to this China virus, other countries that rigorously  follow  the “wonder” of FUKUS “Capitalism” will get their day of reckoning and drown in the cesspool of FUKUS “Capitalism”.

The USA is doomed.

During its most critical period in the last 100 years, it is unfortunately led by a deeply flawed and narcissistic Pompous Prick who cares more about looking good and getting credit rather than doing the right thing.

This Coronas Virus pandemic has led to its day of reckoning for the scam of the Ponzi Petrodollar which can only be paid in “Faith”.

By 2025, the USA may say welcome to ZimbabweUSA and Lord of the Flies.

China is also doomed.

People have realised that Globalisation was just a scam for the benefit of the Pimps of Wall Street, Dalal Street and Lalas.

Nations will revert from the scam of Globalisation and move back to hiring local resources and establishing critical infrastructure in their own home countries.

This will seriously affect an outsourcing sweatshop like China where their main arbitrage was cheap labour without a care in the world for benefits to the employees and worse no concern for the environment and Nature.

China is already upto its eyeballs in debt.

Unlike the USA, which has still has the Ponzi Petrodollar as the reserve currency of the world, China cannot print free money and so will suffer the consequences of collapse in its exponentially exploding debt bomb.

There will be widespread social unrest in China and could even lead to a revolution that overthrows the corrupt and lying Chinese government.

China need to be taught a lesson by shifting all industries from and lying and oppressive regime like China to more transparent and reliable places like Bharat and South and South East Asian democracies.

Bharat survives because people dont complain, have very low expectations of our leaders, and are fooled by our Representative DFIs to concentrate on more “important” things like intolerance, Ram Mandir, Bharat Mata Ki Jai, Hindu Muslim riots and Beef ban.

The economic slowdown in Bharat is structural not cyclical.

It is accumulated mismanagement right from the days of Independence in 1947 and made worse by the current clueless government which instead of focusing on corruption, environment, agriculture and poverty alleviation, focuses on dividing the country on communal and caste lines, and selling it to foreigners and crony capitalists.

To secure the future in Bharat, we need a comprehensive strategy of investment, education, skill development among locals, rule of law, water resources and infrastructure and this needs to be done for decades.

It is no use having billionaires when there is so much inequality.

Better to be a country of very few billionaires, major middle class and no poor like the Scandinavian countries than unequal countries like Bharat .

The only way out is Rising Tide Production by the Masses Socialist Capitalism but guided by धर्म Dharma with SEVA (selfless sacrifice) as the Supreme ideal.

I have outlined an entire way forward in my Book/Ebook for us to return to real Ram Rajya.

We should abandon the fraud FUKUS systems which only end in debt to unborn generations and environmental ruin and a system where 1% possesses more wealth than the rest 99% will ever earn in many lifetimes and 50% of the worlds population is scrounging around for the next meal and a place to sleep.

In the next 15 years this world will be a much better place.

But in the next 3–5 years it will be the worst time in history for all countries.

They will be kicked in the face for all the damage they have done to this precious and wonderful planet due their obsession and craze for the “wonder” of FUKUS “Capitalism”

Concern for farmers and the underprivileged are the need of the hour.

If we dont alleviate the concerns of the farmers and help them to harvest, market and sell their produce, we will soon have a food crisis.

If the main earning member of the family loses their job due to continued lockdown, it will be a big blow and could result in debt and bankruptcy and even homelessness if they cannot afford to pay their rent.

Worse in countries like Bharat , it could even result in death due to hunger.

During the duration of this pandemic, a way needs to be figured out to give a universal basic income to all underprivileged and unemployed sections of society, and also ensure that nobody dies of hunger by opening food kitchens and delivering free rations to those who cannot access these food kitchens.

The best way to eradicate poverty is by giving people a True Education and Rising Tide Production by the Masses Socialist Capitalism.

The so called “success” of the “developed” FUKUS and West, China and Gujarat model is the biggest lie of mankind and a major marketing success of the Wall Street/Dalal Street Pimp owned Presstitutes.

The mainstay of any economy is not industrial mass production and IT/BT/SEZ Coolie parks, mega factories, mega steel plants and mega coal and nuclear power plants, which just creates mindless worker drones slogging away their whole life in some soulless work with little rewards.

The rewards of which are enjoyed by the owners who are rich enough for generations and fritter away their wealth on frivolous luxuries costing more than the salaries that they pay their employees.

The mainstay of any economy is family farm based agriculture, small scale local entrepreneurship and minimizing machine labour by encouraging handcrafted goods and cooperatives for basic needs like clothing, footwear, food and construction.

The major success story in Bharat is the Himachal Pradesh model which remains totally unsung and unheard of.

Even though Himachal Pradesh is blessed with hydropower which contributes a significant amount to its GDP, more than 50% of the GDP is due to agriculture, handicrafts and tourism and more than 75% of the population works in these fields.

The following are the main components of this success (I have summarized Shankar Aiyars article “A Model State for Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas” and also added my knowledge of Himachal Pradesh):

  • Empowerment of women
  • Local Community empowerment and participation
  • Proper implementation of land reforms
  • Focus on both social and physical infrastructure
  • Focus on health care and education
  • Abundance of water and proper harnessing of water resources
  • Predominantly agricultural economy with focus on value addition
  • Small scale industry

Before the wretched FUKUS colonists destroyed Bharat, it was one of the major economies in the world with more than a 25% contribution to the world GDP.

The wealth and fame of Bharat lasted worldwide for millenniums.

This economic success did not come from financial casino capitalism and IT/BT/SEZ Coolie parks owned by Wall Street/Dalal Street Pimps/Lalas and Representative DFIs willing to selling the country and its people to these self interested “businessmen” who believe in the “wonder” of FUKUS Industrial Mass Production Trickle Down Capitalist System.

The principal components that brought well being and world wide fame to Bharat include:

  • Decentralised community based planning and participation
  • State and even Village Community level decision making and involvement in justice and social welfare, healthcare and education
  • An ethical population and ethical ruling class rooted in and abiding by a sense of Dharma which was also maintained by a justice system that awarded swift redressal of wrongs to victims and harsh punishment to offenders to act as a deterrent.
  • A sensible and enlightened ruling class
  • A well armed and empowered population
  • Tolerance and acceptance of a wide variety of cultural and other practices of various ethnicities of the population
  • Strong work ethic with acceptance of dignity of labour
  • Judicious use of natural resources while still giving priority to environmental conservation and enhancement
  • Efficient water conservation and management
  • Educational excellence and a locally developed repository of vast knowledge developed over millennia for practice and disbursement in a wide spectrum of disciplines in agriculture, arts, culture, environmental conservation, science, technology, law, justice and governance and many other aspects that are important to the well being of society.
  • Agricultural prowess using low cost, sustainable, ecofriendly cultivation and management techniques
  • Handloom textile prowess
  • Metallurgical and other technological innovations
  • Handcrafting of fine goods and monuments. Bharat produced cotton, silk goods, shawls, muslins, rugs, jewelry, metalwork, and lapidary work. Bharat was the pioneer of craftsmanship.

We must return to this system if Bharat has to regain its lost glory.

The concept of FUKUS Industrial Mass Production Trickle Down Casino Capitalist System itself did not exist in Bharat.

Bharat truly practiced guild based Rising Tide Production by the Masses Socialist Capitalism.

These guilds were not just merchant guilds, but cooperative crafts-person guilds also.

Bharat practiced true generation of wealth through hard work and sustainable methods:

  • Trade in real tangible handmade goods and agricultural produce
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Desi Cow Rearing and Desi Cow based farming

Most places in Bharat were monarchies, but most monarchs remained in place permanently and were not shuffled like a pack of cards every 5 years based on populist whims and fancies.

Most monarchs were trained as good Administrators right from their days as a young prince.

The first part of the Kautilya’s Arthasastra was just on the training of the young prince.

The monarchs realised that if they were to remain as monarchs, they would be better off taking the well being of their citizens first.

The Nanda empire was one of the most powerful empires ever in the history of the world.

Just its mere reputation was enough to scare a world conqueror like Alexander to turn around and run back to Greece without even daring to fight the Nanda empire.

But the Nanda empire was also hated by its own people.

And the Nanda empire was hated even more by its neighbours.

The Nanda empire finally collapsed and was conquered by Chandragupta Maurya under the guidance of his most enlightened and wise teacher: Kautilya.

In fact one of the greatest saying of Kautilya’s Arthasastra is:

In the happiness of his subjects lies the King’s happiness, in their welfare his welfare.

He shall not consider as good only that which pleases him but treat as beneficial to him whatever pleases his subjects.

I would advise the NRI Business Development Manager to focus on the 99.99% of the poor people who voted for him, instead of 0.01% of the crony capitalists who fund him.

Instead of stealing 1.74 lakh crores from the RBI and wasting it on useless tax cuts for the debt defaulting corporates, the NRI Business Development Manager could have fixed a minimum purchase price for key agricultural, plantation and horticultural produce where the farmer makes a decent profit for all the honest hard work and effort and sincere devotion they put it.

It does not matter if India becomes a 5 trillion economy.

What matters is that we become an ideal State and return to real Ram Rajya

For this to happen we must return to the rule of धर्म Dharma with Seva (Selfless sacrifice) as its highest ideal.

The highest goal of the Arthasastra is SEVA to the old – the highest ideal of Dharma.

सुखस्य मूलं धर्मः 

धर्मस्य मूलं अर्थः ।

अर्थस्य मूलं राज्यं ।

राज्यस्य मूलं इन्द्रिय जयः ।

इन्द्रियाजयस्य मूलं विनयः ।

विनयस्य मूलं वृद्धोपसेवा॥

The root of happiness and well being is Dharma.
The root of Dharma is Artha (economy and statecraft)
The root of Artha is good governance.
The root of good governance is conquering by self control.
The root of conquering by self control is humility.
The root of humility is SEVA (selfless service) to the old.

Thomas Paine said:

When shall it be said in any country of the world,
My poor are happy, neither ignorance or distress is to be found among them;
My jails are empty of prisoners, my streets of beggars;
The aged are not in want,
The taxes not oppressive;
The rational world is my friend because I am friend of its happiness.
When these things can be said, then may that country boast of its constitution and government.