The myth of permanent Hindu Muslim conflict in Bharat

The Presstitute media in Bharat glorifies and greatly magnifies the petty acts of the so called “Hindu” fundamentalists of Bharat who have really become troglodyte dumbasses.

The sad part is that these so called “protectors” of “Hindu” culture do not even form 0.00001% of the mainstream population of Bharat.

The most ironic part is of all the countries I have been to Bharat is the most tolerant country in the world.

Never mind what the global and local Presstitute media portrays.

Come and visit Bharat personally to explore its tolerance.

At least in Bangalore, the Silly Con city, there are bars in predominantly Muslim areas and meat shops in predominantly Hindu areas.

In the Bangalore Cantonment area, there are even beef shops near temples and pork shops near mosques.

Most times these places get along fine, but sometimes there is damage done during communal riots primarily instigated by Representative DFIs and false middlemen of Brahman.

Today Anarya are fighting each other in the name of Lord Ram and Prophet Mohammed and saying the Muslims must follow the “Hinduism” and “Hindus” must follow Islam.

The entire purpose of the Gita is to educate a person to completely surrender to God (Brahman).

The word Islam also means complete surrender to God (Brahman) (known as Allah in Arabic).

The entire purpose of all religions is the same:

Complete surrender to Brahman and selfless love of Brahman’s creation.

All ancient kings of Bharat did not fight mainly in the name of religion, but mainly in the name and greed of land, wealth and power.

This may appear to be controversial to some so called “Hindu” fundamentalists, who were against Muslim rule, and say that only the “Hindu” rule before the Muslims came was good.

But the fact remains after the early Arabs who were just barbaric invaders, rapists and looters, a later section of Muslim rulers such as Mughals like Akbar and Sultans like Sher Shah Suri actually stayed on in Bharat and had immense self interest in developing their kingdoms and did good work toward the development of Bharat.

Until the wretched FUKUS colonists came, Bharat was just a bunch of kingdoms fighting with each other.

Hindu” kings were also fighting and killing other “Hindu” kings.

In fact some “Hindu” kings like Jaichand were also taking the help of Muslim invader Kings like Mahmud of Ghori to defeat their “Hindu” enemy kings like Prithviraj Chauhan.

It is really ironic, the dumbass country of Pakistan which is also a part of Bharat, hates India so much and idolises and praise the same Ghori and Ghazni who ravaged Pakistan and caused untold and unimaginable suffering to the ancestors of these same dumbass Pakistanis who hate us.

In fact these dumbass Pakistanis have even named their most dangerous nuclear missiles after Ghori and Ghazni, men who did more damage to Pakistan than India ever did.

It is really unfortunate that these dumbass Pakistanis identify completely disregard and negate their original peaceful, progressive and harmonious culture, that originated in Bharat, and identify themselves more with alien regressive Arab culture which came not through peace, but by the sword.

There are a lot of enlightening youtube videos on the actual history of Hindu-Hindu king fights and Muslim-Muslim king fights by Ram Punayani.

If you only have the time to read instead of watching long videos, read the biographies of Maharana Prathap and Akbar.

Akbar had a Hindu General called Raja Mansingh who was mainly responsible for defeating Maharana Prathap.

Hindu Birbal was Akbar’s prime minister and among the Navaratnas (Nine Jewels) of Akbar’s court were four Hindus – Birbal, Todar Mal, Mansingh and Tansen.

And this kingdom comprising of leading Hindus defeated the “Hindu” hero Maharana Prathap who  had a Muslim Afghan General Hakim Khan Sur on his side during his famous battle of Haldhigati against Akbar.

These so called “protectors” of “Hindu” culture should learn from Maharana Prathap and Akbar.

They trusted  their lives and kingdoms to Muslim Generals and soldiers fighting against Muslim Generals and soldiers, and Hindu Generals and soldiers fighting against Hindu Generals and soldiers.

It is a fact of history, the Muslim General Hakim Khan Sur fought and sacrificed his life for a Hindu King Maharana Prathap, and a Hindu General Man Singh fought and risked his life for a Muslim King Akbar.

Even the famed Vijayanagar Kingdom had employed Muslim soldiers to fight against the Muslim Bahmani Sultanate.

It is a different matter that their Muslim generals betrayed them in the Battle of Talikota, but the fact of the matter is that the Vijayanagar Kings did have Muslim soldiers fight and win many battles for the Vijayanagar Kings.

The Bahmani Sultans did completely destroy the Vijayanagar Kingdom.

They committed genocide, vandalism and destruction on an unprecedented scale.

But only a part of this can be attributed to Islamic Fundamentalism.

The main reason was because they wanted to completely humiliate and erase and permanently cripple their most dangerous adversary who would have posed a continuous threat to their kingdom.

In fact the Bahmani Sultanate was founded by fighting against and defeating the failing Mughal empire.

They both were Muslim Sultanates, yet they fought and killed each other.

In fact one of Bharat’s greatest rulers Ashoka, did a similar thing in the Kalinga war.

Ashoka and Kalinga Kings were both Hindus.

In fact Ashoka must have been a Jain like his grandfather Chandragupta.

Yet Ashoka committed genocide against Kalinga after defeating them.

It affected him so much that he stopped all future conquests became an ardent devotee of Buddhism and promoter of peace.

Even “Hindu” hero Shivaji had many Muslims fighting as his soldiers and even as his bodyguards.

In fact, it was a Muslim bodyguard of Shivaji who advised him to keep a hidden weapon when Shivaji was to meet Afzal Khan.

It was because of this advise by a Muslim bodyguard, that Shivaji was able to overcome deceit and kill Afzal Khan and save his own life.

The story of Ibrahim Khan Gardi is one of the greatest stories in the war of the Third Battle of Panipat between the   “HinduMaratha Empire and the “Muslim” Ahmad Shah Abdali.

Ibrahim Khan Gardi fought for the Marathas, and remained fighting in the battlefield even when his some of his Maratha soldiers, some of whom may have been “Hindus” had deserted him.

After the loss in the third Battle of Panipat, Ibrahim Khan Gardi was captured by his fellow “Muslim” soldiers of Ahmad Shah Abdali and tortured to death.

But it is also true that some Muslim rulers in Bharat adopted Arab ways of fighting and treating defeated enemies.

As we all know, right from time immemorial, and can be seen even upto modern day ISIS, the Arab way of fighting wars involves genocide and mass murder by beheading even children, mass rape, capture of sex slaves, and burning, looting and plundering, mutilation and perverse humiliation, followed by forced conversion and circumcision.

This seems shocking in Bharat, because this goes against the principles of warfare taught in the Sanathan Dharma.

Even in the greatest epic war in the Mahabharat, warriors mostly abided by rules of engagement.

Wars were not fought after sunset.

In the middle of the Kurukshetra War, Yudhisthir, the leader and King of the Pandavaswent to the Kauravas’ camp after sunset to meet Bhishma, the Kaurava General who had sworn to kill the Pandavas.

And Yudhisthir came back totally unharmed and Bhishma never made any attempt to attack or capture him after sunset.

Women were rarely harmed.

The greatest General ever in the history of the world, Bhishma, laid down his bow  when faced with Shikandi.

Bhishma knew he would be grievously injured and face death, yet he did not take up arms against Shikandi and laid down his bow.

Arjuna realised he had defeated Bhishma in a devious manner, and even though Arjuna did it, he was still ashamed of it and apologised to Bhishma about it.

Rules of engagement were broken even in the Kurukshetra War, but this was an exceptional rarity and not the norm.

Such violations brought strict and public condemnation and harsh retribution.

War in Bharat, even though it involved the killing and dismemberment  of men, still maintained rules of  decency.

Women and children and innocent bystanders were rarely harmed or violated.

Towns were rarely burned or looted.

Wars were mainly fought on and settled on battlefields.

Defeated captives who were injured, surrendered or begged for mercy were freed unharmed and not even mutilated.

Nobody killed an unarmed warrior who lost his weapon, or fell off his horse or chariot.

To an Arab, war violates all laws of human decency.

To a FUKUS colonist, even to this day, war violates not only all laws of human decency, but violates even the laws of decency followed by wild gang raping rabid dogs on heat.

That is why Bharat was lost to the Arab invaders and FUKUS colonists.

Unfortunately some of the Muslim Kings in Bharat were schooled in this sort of warfare and this has given a bad name to all the Muslim Kings who ruled Bharat.

So like I said before: 

All ancient kings of Bharat did not fight mainly in the name of religion, but mainly in the name and greed of land, wealth and power.

So there was no permanent conflict between Hindus and Muslims in the name of religion before the time of the wretched FUKUS colonists.

In fact there was as much or even more caste discrimination than religious discrimination even before the time of the wretched FUKUS colonists.

The FUKUS colonists destroyed Bharat.

They created nations based on religious divisions.

They rewrote history to depict that Hindus and Muslims were foes from time immemorial.

They engineered genocide and riots based on religious and caste divisions.

In fact the wretched colonists themselves would never have succeeded if Bharat was united.

Here is a very interesting book on the devious methods of the FUKUS colonists that continue to plague us to this day:

The Colonial Origins of Ethnic Violence in India

Even during the census of Bharat as late as 1931, the total number of British subjects in Bharat was less than 0.05% of the population of Bharat and the population of British males was only 110,000.

And yet they managed to colonise and exploit the whole of Bharat.

The FUKUS colonists raped and looted Bharat and took all the wealth of Bharat back to their home countries.

Even during “Muslim” rule Bharat was the wealthiest country in the world with a 25% contribution to the world GDP.

This is because the “Muslim” rulers had made Bharat their home and had great self interest and the interest of their own citizens who were a majority of Hindus.

Even during Muslim rule, Hindus were a majority in Bharat and many were even administrators of even Muslim rulers like Aurangzeb, who had 33% Hindu administrators during the time of his “autocratic” rule.

And even in todays “democratic” “secular” Bharat, I dont think Muslims form even 14% of the administrators in Bharat, which is the current percentage of Muslim population of Bharat.

After FUKUS colonist rule, Bharat had only a 2% contribution to the world GDP and there were repeated famines and millions died of starvation.

Even now many of the citizens of Bharat still worship these rapist and looter colonists as Gods as they made Bharat one country and gave us English, railways and the “coconut” based Civil Services and Judicial system and of course not to forget the “wonder” of FUKUS based “democracy” and “capitalism“.

Many of these so called “protectors” of “Hindu” culture whose blood boils at the mention of “Muslim” rule, remain completely silent and some even have fond memories of the rapist and looter FUKUS  colonist rule.

It is against the rapist and looter FUKUS colonists, towards whom our blood should boil.

The FUKUS colonists made India one country but they destroyed ancient Bharat which was India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma and Sri Lanka.

But the FUKUS colonists are long gone, there is no need to hate their current descendants who were not even born and cannot be held responsible over the wicked actions of their FUKUS ancestors.

The Muslims of Bharat are truer Muslims than Arab Muslims. 

The majority of the Muslims of Bharat practice the teachings of Sufism which essentially is the same as the Sanathan Dharma.

Sufism was originated by Ali who was the nominated heir of Mohammed personally nominated by Mohammed himself.

If you do a close study of the actual essence Sufism, the Islam followed by a majority of Muslims in Bharat,  it is exactly similar to the basic  underlying concepts of the actual Vedas – the Jnana Kanda portion or Vedanta:

I do not need to say anything about the Arab Muslims.  You can see the state of their region due to the belief that they are “true” Muslims.

A lot of the barbaric and backward practices of the Arabs like oppression and subjugation of women and the purdah(ghoongat) and other evils were unknown in Bharat during the time of the Arya Dharma.

Even the evil practice of Sati was revived because of Arab influence.

Women were so scared of being raped by Arab invaders that they preferred to commit suicide (Sati) when their husbands were killed in battle.

This was of course further perverted by so called “Hindus” to include any widow.

It is actually a blasphemy of Shiva and his most beloved wife Sati (Dakshayani), to practice such a barbaric ritual in her name.

Even today Arabs refer to India as “Al-Hind”.

Arabs even have a fantasy Ghazwa-e-Hind.

This is an Arab Muslim fantasy.

It is not the fantasy of the Muslims of Bharat.

I have many Muslim friends, and all of them are as loyal to Bharat as I am.

Loyalty cannot be questioned on the basis of religion.

Loyalty can only be questioned on the basis of adherence to Dharma.

Anybody who follows Dharma is loyal to Bharat regardless of their religion or even if they are atheists.

Anybody who violates Dharma is disloyal to Bharat regardless of their religion and even if they are priests.

But I have noticed that some Muslims identify themselves as Muslims first and then Bharatiyas.

Almost 99.99% of Muslims in Bharat have Hindu ancestry.

But they identify themselves more closely with the Arabs and even adopt Arab culture instead of the culture of Bharat.

All followers of not just alien religions in Bharat, but all religions in Bharat must first identify themselves as Bharatiyas.

In times of trouble, it is only the local Bharatiyas in their home land who will come to their aid.

The only help they will get from their alien religion comrades from alien lands will be prayers and wishes for Gods blessings, and of course in these modern times, it will also include viral facebook and twitter posts and likes.

It would really disappoint a lot of Muslims of Bharat, if they really talked to the Arabs and understood what they really think of the Muslims of Bharat.

According to most of the Arabs I have talked to, true original Muslims are only those who were born in the Arabia and Gulf region of the Middle East.

Arabs consider not just the Muslims of Bharat, but also the Muslims of Iran and any non-Arab nation as second class because they were conquered dhimmis and converted from another religion.

The culture of Islam is very different from the culture of  a “Muslim”.

Being a “Muslim” is of Arab influence, being a follower of Islam is the influence of the divine.

I have also been to Indonesia.

Indonesia is the largest Islamic country in the world but they acknowledge and cherish their heritage. 
Their heritage originated from Bharat.

The national bird of Indonesia is Garuda and they have a statue of the Bhagavad Gita sermon right outside their presidential palace in Jakarta.

Their names are local names mostly based on Sanskrit, not just pure Arab names.

I would not be surprised if you found a person named Ram or some derivation of Ram who is Muslim in Indonesia.

The name of the founder of Indonesia is Sukarno (Su – Good, Karno – Karna).

In fact the name of the current President of Indonesia is Sushilo (a Indonesia derivation of the Sanskrit word “Sushil” which means good conduct).

I have seen more women in Fraser Town, Bangalore alone wear burkas than I saw in the whole of Istanbul in Turkey and Jakarta in Indonesia.

If Indonesia, the largest Islamic country in the world, can acknowledge and even cherish and honour their non-Islamic heritage, I dont see why some of the Muslims in Bharat should be ashamed of their non-Islamic heritage and even deny and ignore it.

This applies to even other people of other alien religions that did not originate in Bharat.

I believe  all people who live in Bharat, regardless of religion or nationality should be educated about and acknowledge and value their original heritage in Bharat, but I do not believe people to be forced to follow their original heritage.

Changing your religion does not mean you devalue or negate your ancestry.

In fact your ancestry should be more dear to you than your religion. 

Religion is an invention of Man.

It was not created by Brahman.

You and your ancestors were created by Brahman.

You should value and be immensely proud of your ancestry.

If you deny, negate, ignore and insult your ancestry, you are spitting in the face of your ancestors without whose sacrifice, blood, sweat, tears and efforts you would not have even been born.

We should not call and identify ourselves first as Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Dalit, Brahmin, North Indian, South Indian or any other differentiation.

We should first call ourselves Bharatiya or Bharatvamshis (family descendants of Bharat).

As I said before if Bharat has to rise above and beyond its glorious heritage, we should realise it is OUR LAND, NOT my land.

My ultimate ideal is not just OUR LAND, but Tianxia.

This means “Under Heaven” in Chinese to include all land under heaven.

The original Chinese philosophy was quite similar to our philosophy.

Tianxia contains the same ideal of the Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam which is one of the main underlying concepts of the Sanathan Dharma.

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam means:

“The whole world is one family.”
My thoughts on the Ideal Solution for the Ram Mandir issue the most divisive temple issue in Bharat that caused the loss of thousands of lives and destruction of families for more than 70 years.