The keys to a Successful Marriage

Marriage is the most important relationship in a person’s life.

However most marriages are based on Fish Love, not True Love.

We marry someone who makes us feel pleasurable.

We marry somebody who makes us feel good.

We marry with expectation.  We marry for looks and money and status.

Such marriages are doomed to failure eventually.

Before you get married, learn to recognise the true values of the person. 

Only then marry them.

Recognise the True Values, not Interests.

Values are in the spirit, in the Soul.

Values remain for eternity even after you die.  You relationship is for eternity.

Dont rule out marrying somebody because they do not share the same interests in religion, culture, recreation or occupation.

Dont rule out marrying somebody because of the way they look or the money or job they have.

Finally, with age, all the chillis and flowers grow old and become capsicums and cauliflowers. 🙂

Finally, with age, all the bombs explode and become loose sagging balloons. 🙂

Interests are material and ephemeral.   They will be blown away with the winds of change and time.

Marry a person with no expectations, other than just being together, not just in body, but also in spirit. 

A person who will want to live with you only, regardless if you live in a mansion or a hut.

Marry a person will value you for the sacrifices you have made for them and the  love and devotion you have shown to them, and not for the money you have in your bank account or the jewelry you have bought them.

Marry a person who has the values of True Love, not Fish Love.

Marry a person who has the values of Vasudaiva Kutumbakam.

Marry a person who shares the values of Dharma and SEVA (Selfless sacrifice for All).

A person who shares the values of Vasudaiva Kutumbakam and SEVA will automatically have True Love, Not Fish Love.

Never a marry a person who wants to marry you not for who you really are, but for who your family is, or your looks or your wealth or job or your status.

Never marry a person who has expectations from the marriage or is only willing to give you Fish Love.

Such marriages are doomed to failure.

When you no longer have what your spouse wanted they will make your life miserable and finally leave you.