Dedication and Thanks


I would first like to dedicate my work to Brahman with whose grace I was fortunate to be born to a wealthy family, have good friends, relatives, colleagues, employees, education, jobs and be blessed with an intelligence, reasonable looks, health and a life of great privilege and comfort that probably less than 0.0001% of the people in this world have or could even aspire to in 7 lifetimes.

I would next like to sincerely thank my mother who is the embodiment of Brahman to me and who laid the foundation of my character.

I would next like to thank my father for all his financial support to me.

My father was the biggest and most important influence in my life and I have sacrificed a lot for him because I felt I was obliged that he contributed significantly monetarily to my education and upbringing.

However all my sacrifices went unrecognised and unacknowledged and he has the most biased and unfounded and misguided impression of me despite all the love and devotion and sacrifice I gave him my entire life especially over the last 15 years from 2003 to 2018.

In 2003, I willingly sacrificed my strong and independent position, to fulfill the wishes and dreams of my father, and after 15 years I find I have only been made weaker by my father.

Instead of him recognising my sacrifice and devotion, he has totally disregarded, ignored and humiliated me to protect his wealth which seems to be more important to him than the wishes of his family.

My father does not measure me by the sacrifices I did for him but only by the money I have in my bank account.

He is such a complete fool to not realise that money will come and go and come back again much stronger, but he has permanently lost my love and respect for him as a son and he can never expect me to sacrifice anything more for him, not even two minutes of my time, forget about sacrificing 15 years again.

I bear him no ill will for what he has done.

It is just my Karma and like Ram’s vanvas I also spent 15 years in the wilderness trying to find my true purpose in life and have only emerged stronger and wiser from it.

To many people, money is the only thing and everything in life, and next time before I decide to sacrifice for someone, I will first try to understand what means most to a person before sacrificing my time and effort for them.

A person for whom money is everything should only be compensated by money, and not by time, love, devotion and sacrifice.

Only persons who realise what Real Wealth is will get the benefits of my time and efforts and love and devotion.

I now realise the biggest and most important influence in my life should be myself.

Only if I make my myself strong first, can I take care of others.

As Hillel the elder said:

If I am not for myself, who is for me?
And when I am for myself, what am ‘I’?
And if not now, then when?”

I would next like to thank my wife her undying patience with me and her complete and unconditional love and acceptance of me despite all my faults and sometime hurt I caused them.

Among all the people I have met in this world, my wife is most like me.

Like me she is interested in values, not material interests.

Somehow destiny has brought us together and I would like to think we have found the keys to a successful marriage, though my wife may have a different opinion.

However she has an advantage over me in these times because she is  a realist and I am an idealist.

A realist sees things as they really are. An idealist sees things as they really should be.

I hope a day will come when idealists trump realists, but for now my wife’s realism has saved me from disaster more times than I can remember.

I would especially like to thank my wife for willingly choosing to be one of the most important parts of my life and standing by me and having faith and immense patience in me despite all the troubles I have caused her.

I would also like to thank my in-laws, and immediate family for all they have done for me and for the fact that they always go out of their way just to make me happy.

I would also like to thank my nieces and son from whom I have relived the joys have childhood and who also reinforce my view that young children are the true face of Brahman.

I would also like to thank my closest friends, whom are more close to me than many members of my family.

I would also like to sincerely thank all those who worked for me and continue to work with me without whose help I would not have been to achieve anything much on my own.

I would also like to thank my colleagues at the various jobs I worked with and also my  teachers and classmates at school and college.

I would also like to thank my pets and livestock from whom I derive simple and unblemished joy, sometimes much more than the humans I deal with including my family and who also reinforce my view that young animals, especially pets and livestock are the true face of Brahman.

I would also acknowledge some appreciation of those who caused me hurt either willingly or unwillingly, I may have not enjoyed my interaction with them, but I surely have learned from it and it made me a much stronger person.

Finally I would like to thank this great land of Bharat and all its people, especially in Bangalore and Kodagu, where I derive great joy everyday and see great happiness and hope even among the poorest of people  I deal with on a regular basis.

The real face of Bharat is poles apart of what both the domestic and foreign presstitute media portray.

For a good insight into all that is good and great and what is really going on in Bharat, read The Better India website.