Law – Terrorism

Read my thoughts on Terrorism. 

Bring all the refugees back, protect them and train them to use lethal weapons.

After the refugees are well equipped and trained, arm the local population with weapons and teach them to use those weapons.

Form a well regulated militia consisting of equal numbers of both the refugees and the local populations.

Deploy a professional army to assist the Well Regulated  Militia and especially protect the lives and interests of the refugees.

Ask the terrorists to lay down their guns.

Better yet, ask these terrorists to give these guns to the women who have lost their loved ones or suffered terrorism and place themselves to get deliverance of justice by these same women.

Then ask these terrorists to stand for election and be elected by these people they claim to represent.

If these terrorists have committed offences, they must first be punished for their offences  according to Law for Terrorist Offences.

Ensure that the women, especially the women who have also lost their loved ones also stand for election.

Also ensure that the women who have been oppressed by both the terrorists and the state to stand for elections.

Especially support the women who have suffered in the area – suffered from loss of their loved ones, suffered from harassment and molestation.

Give all of them publicity.

Give all of them equal exposure.

Ask them questions about their past actions.  Expose their faults.

If they practice what they preach, they will be elected.  Of course there is always the law of Karma.

They will have to reap what they have sown and some of these terrorists may be killed.

If the terrorists do not lay down their guns within 10 days, according to the law of Terrorist offences, eliminate all the violent terrorists who are religious and ethnic fundamentalists (but not maoists and naxalites and assorted heterogenous tribal rebels) in custody.

If these terrorist retaliate by kidnapping or murdering innocents, demolish the houses of the terrorists’ immediate families, those they hold most dear to them and the terrorists sympathisers who offered them some sort of physical, financial or other material support or intelligence gathering.

Seize their houses if they live in multifamily (apartment, chawl etc) housing.

Amputate the thumb and index finger of the two persons who they hold most dear to them, they need not necessarily be family members.

If the family members or dear ones can get the terrorist to captured or to surrender then they should be exempt from the above punishments.

Before the elections, send armies to defend the local people and refugees, but not the ex-terrorists.

But first make the armies give their guns to these oppressed and victimised women and children, especially the oppressed and victimised women and children of refugees.

If the armies get shot by these women and children and refugees instead of the terrorists then you know who the real terrorists are and withdraw all government armies from this place but ensure a proper handing over to militia in the area.

There should be a global army and contributed by all nations.

Small nations are usually weak and prone to aggression and thugs and warlords like in Afghanistan and Congo if they do not have a bigger army looking after them.

We do not need an army with billion dollar Stealth bomber planes, ICBMS and aircraft carriers and nuclear missiles to destroy entire cities, nations and even this entire world.

All we need are committed people, trained and sufficiently armed with assault rifles, rockets, light and heavy artillery and  with air support and drones.