Law – Conflicts of Interest

The employees of the state must recuse themselves from their private organisations and have no participation in any projects that call for bids or proposals or contracts which could include their private companies or those that they had past associations with.

They do not need to sell their personal financial and business interests immediately on assuming public service, but if it is found at any time during the course of their public service that they used their position to help further their personal and business financial interests of not just themselves, but also their personal and business associates, all these conflicting interests must be sold within 30 days regardless of the price they get.

Any remuneration or benefits that was obtained from these conflicts of interest must be collected from these employees of the state and must be returned to the State.

If they refuse to return the ill gotten benefits they should be dismissed from service and all pension and other benefits stopped.

They should also be given the punishment according to the Law for Corruption.