दुष्ट Dhushta (Wicked)

A wicked person will have all of the qualities of the Anarya (fool).

A wicked person is also always angry, selfish, lustful and has great ego.

Lust does not just mean sexual lust.

Lust means an uncontrolled desire for any material thing and at any cost, even at the cost of harm to others, just to satisfy ones ego and selfish sense of pleasure.

A wicked person is always violent – physical and psychological.

They have absolutely no empathy, no value for the lives and feelings of others, and just to satisfy their own selfish ego and desires they would willingly and knowingly cause harm to others and destroy others most valued sense of self, consciousness and well being.

A wicked person is primarily a danger to others even if they have no authority.

When a wicked person gains authority, the people under this authority suffer more.

Wicked people appear frightening and always try to frighten and bully others into submission.

They are actually cowardly bullies and will be the first to turn tail, run and beg for mercy if they are faced with threats or rebellion.

The Srutis declare :

He who frightens others is frightened himself; while he who frightens not, is not himself frightened.

It is very hard to change a wicked person, but I believe that if they are brought to Justice and taught to practice ध्यान (Dhyana), many of them can change.