सत् देवालय Sat Devalaya (True Temples)

True Temples are those that selflessly and consistently serve Nature and the Brahma Dana with dedication, love, compassion and respect.

Constantly being with and taking care of Nature and the Brahma Dana and appreciating Natures’ and Brahma Dana’s oneness with the glory of Brahman, is much better than just practicing ध्यान Dhyan.

My ideas given below for a True Temple are very rudimentary.

True Temples have already been put into place for more than a 100 years by non-sectarian spiritual organisations like Ramakrishna Math and many other non-sectarian organisations that work for the benefit of all humanity not just a particular religious group.

They do not just work for humanity, they work for the whole world.

This includes Nature and the Brahma Dana who are as important a part of this world as any human being.

The motto of the Ramakrishna Math should be the ideal of all True Temples, and  all people and organisations, not just in Bharat but in the whole world.

“For Moksha to the Atma and Service to the World”

Giving a Brahma Dana money is not charity, giving a Brahma Dana a passion to live, a motivated and fulfilling way of life and teach them to get out of their misery is true charity.

You must teach a man to fish, not just give him fish.

There are three types of charity: 

  • तन Tan (Body)- Where you physically give your time and effort to charity
  • मन Man (Mind) – where you give your mind (example — planning, organising, writing, publicizing)
  • धन Dhan (Wealth) – where you donate money and other wealth.

The true temples take care of the Brahma Dana.

True Temples also punish the Enemies of the State.

The temples that punish the Enemies of the State must never be built at a close distance from the temples that serve the Brahma Dana.

The True Temples for the wicked must be based on our traditional heritage left by wise rulers like Ashoka during whose rule Bharat was a living paradise.

Even a peaceful religion taught by the Sakymuni has such places like Naraka to punish the wicked.

In fact all religions have a Naraka as specified by the religions that originated in Bharat and also the Abrahamic religions.

The True Temples that house the wicked must ensure that at all times the wicked are working in hard labour and also engaged in the sincere and sustain practice of ध्यान (Dhyan).

I will now focus on the True Temples for the Brahma Dana.

I hope to help build one of the best true temples in Bharat, ever built in the history of the world.

It will be called the Janaki Ram Karuna temple.

It will be for destitute women, children with special needs and orphans, abused women and destitute old people, a school upto 10th standard with free fees for orphans and abandoned children and a hospital for all, with free treatment for the destitute.

It will also have a Gaushala and also a home for old disabled horses, donkeys, pets and livestock.

The True Temples must be open to all and must admit all regardless of their gender, religion, caste, place of origin, marital status, way of dressing, sexual orientation or other differences.

There will be a True Temple run by the state, called Janaki Ram Karuna Jyothi with homes for orphans, poor children, destitute, physically and mentally challenged in each taluk, or if possible in at least every 4 Hoblis or 25 sqkm for major urban areas.

They do not have to be as grand as the first True Temple and they can be smaller  True Temples.

They can even be a two room ordinary building with a sheet roof, and no plastering or flooring.

But they all will have the symbol below:

Arya Dharma

True Temple Flag

A flag with the above symbol will be at the entrance gate of the temple.

There will also be the above symbol inside the temple.

There will always be a single lamp with lamp oil always kept lit in front of the symbol.

This lamp must always burn at all times – day or night, rain or sunshine.

This lamp will be the lamps that are commonly available in Bharat – a combination of the ॐ (AUM) symbol, the Cross and the Crescent of the Moon arising out of a lotus base.

True Temple Lamp

True Temple Lamp

The lamp also does not have to be as grand as above.

All True Temples, especially smaller True Temples should not spend more  than 0.01% of their funding on all the symbols mentioned here.

If they cannot afford any lamps as specified above, a simple earthen lamp with the above oils can be placed in front of the above specified symbol.

For all people from the ages of 8 to 60, who want to visit the present day traditional places of worship, entry will be allowed only if they pay 5% of their annual income for 1 year to the True Temples, or serve for a cumulative period of one month in these true temples for every 3 years.

This condition to visit the traditional places of worship should be renewed every 5 years.

It is preferable but not a must that all the Janaki Ram Karuna temples face East or North.

The residents of the True Temple should never be forced or held against their will.

If they want to leave, they should be released.

These campuses must be in small cottages in beautiful farms and places of natural beauty.

These homes for all types of residents of the True Temples should all be built in one place so that the above can interact with each other and the destitute women and men find jobs by looking after the disabled , old people and young children.

The state must also build True Temples for the so called “mentally ill”.

There is no such thing as permanent mental illness.

Such types or depressed or excited people who are not physically violent can also be housed in the True Temples.

Those mentally ill who are violent but have not committed wicked acts like sexual offences, serious assault and murder, must be housed in half way homes and gentle methods and practice of ध्यान must be thoroughly and consistently inculcated into them.

Those mentally ill who have committed serious violent and sexual offences must be treated the same way an ordinary person will be treated for the same offences.

The State must also build True Temples to take care of old livestock and animals and wounded and lost animals.

However in poor areas, True Temples should first be established for humans.

If there are no True Temples locally that can support animals or no local person is willing to look after them, then the animals should be put to death in a peaceful way without any stress caused to the animal.

It is better that these animals are put to death in a peaceful way in calm surroundings than allow them to linger and suffer uncared for and starve or rot to death.

These true temples must be maintained by the militia and in addition to volunteers and paid workers, the militia must also serve for some of their time in these True Temples.

The governing of these True Temples will be done by militia, Panchayat/City Ward Council and more importantly by veto power of the inmates themselves.

All these True Temples should be funded by the state and by community donations.

The state can introduce a tax cess on the middle class and above, to fund the True Temples.

However the state should not run these True Temples.

The state must only regulate the True Temples and ensure that they are following all rules and procedures and not committing violations.

All True Temples must be run by the local community.

The True temples for the Brahma Dana must replace existing grave yards.

Grave yards are a waste of space and only remind one of grief and sorrow and loss and death.

If we build true temples for the Brahma Dana in these places the dead will again rise to life.

The Brahma Dana are living physically but their soul has been killed.

The soul of the Brahma Dana must be revived to life in these True Temples.

Then there will be joy and happiness even in graveyards.

That is the true meaning of the Book of Revelation:

Even the dead will rise up in joy.

To those fools who are looking for their mother and fathers to rise up evil dead style,  I suggest that they read the Gita which says that the body is just a cloth to be discarded when it gets old.

It is the soul that is immortal.

There is another saying:

If you live in the hearts of those who we love, is to never die.

I am not for Idol worship or worship towards and in foreign lands in these temples.

Worship can be in any direction, but the preferred direction is to the direction where the symbol is placed.

All worship must be at the local area and worship is not by prayer and rituals but by practicing ध्यान and serving Nature and the Brahma Dana.

But there must be worship of some symbol –  I suggest the symbol mentioned above which has deep meaning.

When I say worship I do not mean falling and prostrating before the symbol, I mean practicing ध्यान in front of these symbols or even in the absence of these symbols.

My thoughts on the most divisive temple issue in Bharat that caused the loss of thousands of lives and destruction of families for more than 50 years:

I also want to build a True temple in Bharat at the birth place of Ram in dedication to Ram.

But it will not be a temple with an idol of Lord Ram.

It will be a True Temple, the Janaki Ram Karuna temple,  for SEVA (Selfless service) – the highest ideal of Lord Ram, the supreme embodiment of Dharma.

For my reason why, read this article on the myth of permanentHindu” Muslim conflict to understand more of my thoughts.