The shameful curse of Bharat

In the recent Delhi gang rape case, the juvenile who was most brutal and responsible will walk free in 2 years because that is the Rule of Law.

When the TV news said the girls intestines were damaged I could not understand how this could have been, did they beat her? That could not damage the intestine.  Did they stab her with a knife?

According to verified sources in the media, this juvenile boy instigated the rest of the barbarians after they brutally raped her, they drove the bus tyre jack into the vagina of the girl.  They drove it so hard that when the doctors saw her, there was a single opening driven through the vagina all the way to her anus.

They then twisted the rod inside her and when they pulled it out her intestines came out along with the rod.

So these barbarians cut off her pulled out intestines with a blade. This juvenile then put his entire first into the girl to pull out the rest of the intestines.

He and the others then bit the girl many times so hard that they drew blood.

The worst part was the girl was conscious the whole time and fought like a tigress but was ruthlessly overcome  by these perverted sadistic barbarians.

When the doctors operated on the girl and opened her up, there were no intestines left, everything had been ruptured. She could not even drink water until she died.

This girl was an outstanding student at school.  Her parents sold their land to educate her.

She wanted to be a doctor and help people. And she died a death I would not even wish on my worst enemy.

And this boy will walk free because he is a juvenile.

That is the rule of law which was made 100 years ago by a wretched FUKUS colonist and still followed by the “Coconuts” in Bharat.

A law in which the name and face of the most brutal and perverted rapist in the country is hidden and not made public. In fact it an offence in this law to make public the name and face of this wicked rapist.

That is why I called this a fucked up country, where our Representative DFIs are still busy fighting about “harassment”, “defamation”, “intolerance”, beef ban and Bharat Mata Ki Jai instead of making strict laws to ensure the well being of women and children in our great land.

The FUKUS colonists may have left 70 years ago, but because of their cursed legacy of the “wonder” of FUKUS “democracy”, we are still being ruled by “Coconuts” that still follow and are slaves to laws written by alien FUKUS colonists.

FUKUS colonists who had just contempt and absolutely no appreciation or acknowledgement, forget knowledge, of the great heritage of knowledge, justice and insight and fairness of our original law givers like Manu and Kautilya.

These wise men put great wisdom and tremendous insight in giving us laws that had made Bharat the greatest country ever in the history of civilisation.

It is still a very complex issue to understand why they gave the dwija(twice born) lenient treatment and Shudra’s harsh treatment.

But in this day and age, their views in this regard of preferential punishment are outdated, but the underlying concepts remain the same.

The main reason that this boy will walk free is because the Representative DFIs have still not bothered to pass the law that would have amended the Juvenile act even three years after it happened. In the opinion of these “honourable” Representative DFIs why bother about rape when there are more major issues like fighting, arguing and stopping parliament because of “harassment”, “defamation”, “intolerance” and ego clashes of shady Representative DFIs with each other.

Perhaps we should make a law for not only this boy, but all convicted rapists to be full time personal attendants of each of these Representative DFIs wives, mothers and daughters and remove all other security personnel allotted to them. Then maybe an issue like rape will gain some importance.

Dr Subramanian Swamy has written a very enlightening article on the follies of this law.

We need justice more than the rule of law.

The girl wanted these men to be burnt alive.  We should burn them alive with a welding torch – first their fingers and toes after pulling out their nails, then their penis and anus, then their hands, then their eyes and tongue and ears, then their knee caps, and when they are rendered completely helpless we should return them to their families.

If their families do not want them, we should bury them upto their necks in a forest and or feed them alive to the wild dogs that roam the streets of our cities.

I dont know about other cities, but the Silly Con city has a lot of wild dogs that have eaten babies alive.

The name of this girl, not photo, must be made public and she must be given the Bharat Ratna.

We have given enough Bharat Ratnas to the Ghendys and other useless people who did not deserve it.

This Bharat Ratna for this girl, is not just for her suffering but for all the women and children in Bharat who have suffered and continue to suffer like her.

Schools, hospitals and other True Temples, and  national parks and sanctuaries should be named after her.