The true meaning of Development

What exactly is development?

Does it mean high speed expressways, bullet trains, metro rail, fancy air conditioned glass and steel skyscrapers, IT/BT/SEZ coolie export parks, electric self-driving vehicles and WiFi everywhere?

According to dumbasses, including almost 99% of our Representative DFIs, this is what constitutes “development”.

The reason these dumbasses think this is “development” is because they did not have it when they were growing up and as the saying goes:

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

People who have already lived for decades in this “development”, even in most “developed” cities in FUKUS countries, have realised its deep flaws and its illusory benefits and are leaving everything in these “developed” cities and returning to the simple and fundamental joys of nature that I have described below.

In fact, even for me and also many others who have lived for decades in the “wonders” of “development” in FUKUS countries, my most delightful, wonderful and always memorable and joyously repeatable experience in this world, ever since I was  a young child, is just sitting on the banks of the small river behind our land in my Dad’s village, dipping my feet in its waters and watching the clear waters flow.

While listening to the sound of the flowing water and the chirping of the birds and watching the swimming of the crabs and fish.

All the fast muscle cars, skydiving, amusement theme parks, skyscrapers, fancy food in fancy revolving roof top restaurants, supermodel fashion shows, 4D IMAX movie theatres, discos, nightclubs and rock shows cannot even match the simple and sublime bliss of just sitting by the river and enjoying what I have described above.

The best part is that this supreme and sublime bliss is free and permanent and will only improve your  well being and never harm you.

For the truly enlightened, remaining in harmony with the wonder and beauty of Nature is the most sublime, blissful and supreme embodiment of development.

Development is not just the improvement of illusory material comforts for the body, development is mainly the improvement of the spirit and well being of the Atma and more importantly for the improvement of the well being of the world.

As the Gita says in Samkya Yoga Chapter 2, Verses 22-24:

The body is just a cloth to be discarded, it is the soul that is immortal.

One of our most important slokas is:

लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनोभवन्तु
May all the worlds become happy.

It says all the worlds, not just the humans and human body.

Humans can never become happy if they make the rest of the worlds unhappy.

Humans will only end up in greater misery if they continue to cause misery to the rest of the world.

We cannot have an “improvement” in the “quality” of life of humans at the cost of everything else in this world.

Such “improved” “quality” of life is doomed to fail and will finally only bring death, disease and misery.

For the rest of the dumbasses, the so called “quality” of life offered by the “wonders” of “development” are just temporary addictions for harmful temporary highs like a drug addicted junkie continuously shooting himself up with harmful drugs to remain high even at the cost of his permanent mental, physical and financial well being.

Today’s so called “wise” men and “visionary” “leaders” who promote such “development” are just drug dealers selling a dream of the drug of “development” to dumbass junkies addicted to temporary but permanently harmful manmade intoxicants.

What is the use of bullet trains for 0.000001% of the population, when 99.99999% of the population do not have toilets and are still shitting on the railway tracks?

What is the use of air conditioned glass and steel skyscrapers and IT/BT/SEZ coolie parks filled with low wage soulless worker drones, when farmers who have lived there for generations have been rendered homeless and their livelihoods destroyed, just for the benefit a few Wall Street/Dalal Street/Lala Pimps?

What is the use of mega steel and coal power plants that are run on mines that destroy millions of acres of prime untouched forest land that existed for milleniums, when the fact remains that these coal power plants will be outdated in 5 years?

In fact one of the biggest Dalal Street Pimps has put their mega coal power plant up for sale for $1.

They still have not found a buyer even at this bargain basement price.

I must not forget to mention the fact that before they put it up for sale, they had spent more than Rs 50,000 crores (Rs 50,000,00,00,00,000) (7.7 billion dollars) mostly in borrowed funds to build this “dream project” which finally ended up only as a dream.

That is why I call them Dalal Street Pimps.

They just sell dreams to get people f🙊 by pimping their fraud companies and then running away with all the money.

Having air conditioned glass and steel skyscrapers overlooking slums and bullet trains running on tracks which people use as toilets is not “development”.

That is just a cruel selfish inconsiderate superfluous desires and wants of a select few privileged few overlooking the basic needs of the vast majority of the population.

It is basic needs of the vast majority, not superfluous wants of a select few, that must be fulfilled first and given highest priority.

“Development” can never be achieved by following the fraud FUKUS Industrial Mass Production Trickle Down Casino Capitalist System.

Read my article to realise why this fraud system is doomed to fail.

Our ancestors lived with great prosperity and well being for millenniums even before the advent of the fraud FUKUS Industrial Mass Production Trickle Down Casino Capitalist System.

True development can only be achieved by going back to the future:
Rising Tide Production by the Masses Socialist Capitalism.

The maxim of Seneca states:

If you want to help a man to be rich, do not increase his riches but decrease his wants.

As the Sakyamuni said in the Dhammapada:

Health is the supreme possession. Contentment is the supreme wealth. Trust is the supreme relation. Nirvana is the supreme happiness.

Every resident of Bharat needs freedom from poverty. 

Freedom from poverty means contentment with ones’ well being and quality of life.

Hence real development means an improvement in the quality of life and the contentment of well being.

Improvement in the quality of life not just of human beings, but also the whole world and everything that is living and natural.

This is true development.

Contentment is the greatest wealth.

Living a contented and good quality of life is much better than having wealth only.

Quality of life is not just measured in the ease of modern material conveniences.

Quality of life is mainly measured in the amount of happiness and peace of mind that one has and this cannot be compensated by modern superfluous material comforts.

In fact the real components for a quality of life which could even exceed heaven has been defined centuries ago by wise men like  Sarvajna :

A warm house,
Enough money for expenses,
An understanding family,
If you have these, then set fire to heaven.