Law – Corruption

The power of corruption has lead to the corruption of power.

Most of this can be eliminated by State funding of Elections and the abolition of cash and the introduction of a Transaction tax instead of an income tax.

Before we go after the corrupt, we can offer a general amnesty where they can declare all corrupt assets and return it to the government.

They will be allowed keep the house that they live in but not houses that they made for their children and relatives.

But these houses that they live in should been have a market value less than Rs 1,00,00,000 or 3 times their current annual salary, whichever is more.

They should have all their businesses confiscated from them.

This includes their share in businesses where they have invested in, are partners in and are beneficiaries.

My targeting of corruption does just include government, but also any semi-government,  private, political or NGO organisation.

After the Amnesty

All people who are corrupt in any government or semi-government organisation should be made to do 10 days hard labour for every Rs 1000 they steal.

This should apply to all officials who served in the government since 1973 (the year I was born), from the peon to Prime Minister and President, from Judges,  Army and of course the  Representative DFIs and Sarkari Babus.

They should be made to pay five times as much as what they have stolen or should work till they pay off that amount.

They should be given the punishments for forced theft with no threat of assault.

All their properties and assets should be attached, including the properties of their families and associates that benefited from these ill gotten gains.

This means even the chaddies and banians for the main accused.

All their businesses and  charities should be confiscated.

This applies to both which they own or which they are associated with by monetary or other investments in kind or favours.

In cases where these corrupt people have caused harm to the public like rendering them homeless or destitute these corrupt officials and Representative DFIs should be whipped publicly @ minimum 10 lashes to a maximum of 100 lashes over 6 months – 1 lash per Rs 1000 with a minimum of 10 lashes in addition to the punishment for Theft with threat of assault.

In case of where they have caused the death of people, they should be treated same as a violent offender in addition to the punishment for Theft with threat of assault.

All corrupt people whether in Government, Private, Charitable, Religious places or True Temples, if they have made more than 20% of their basic salary as corruption,  should have their index finger and thumb of their strong hand amputated, the amount they have stolen tattooed on their forehead and chest and then made to do hard labour as shown above and the other penalties described above.

We should encourage sneaking and whistle blowing and anybody who sneaks about corruption and black money and benami assets should be entitled to 10% of the money and assets recovered from the corrupt official upto a limit of Rs 10,00,00,000(crores) per offender.

Also 10% of the money/assets found should go to the Lok Ayukta or Lok Pal staff who have detected the corruption upto a limit of Rs 10,00,00,000 per offender.

But this privilege should not be given to close relatives of the corrupt person either by blood or marriage or known associates of the person who also benefit from them.

All Benami holders who knowingly conceal proceeds for corrupt Representative DFIs or Sarakari Babus must be given the same punishments as described above.

Even the bribe givers who were forced to pay bribes, but were not doing anything illegal by offering  the bribe can sneak about the corrupt and be entitled to a 10% share of the recovery upto a maximum limit of Rs 10,00,00,000 per offender.

All the accountants and lawyers and other professionals who helped these people launder their corrupt money must have their licenses cancelled for 10 years and an amount of 5% of the evaded amount must be retrieved from these professional companies.

Not only the professional companies, but an amount of 2% of the corrupt money must also be recovered from the actual individuals who work in these professional companies and who designed the strategies for individuals to evade taxes and launder their corrupt money.

If these assistants, colluders and colluding officials cannot pay the amount, their assets should be auctioned off and the amount recovered.

Order all high end shops (luxury goods, high end cars) and hotels and restaurants and other cash based shops (jewellery, Watches, etc etc) to declare their entire customer purchase from the date of establishment of the shop.

Give 5% of the money recovered to the shop where the purchase was made upto a maximum of Rs 50,00,000 per leak of each corrupt official.

If the shop does not give the information or conceals any information or has assisted in corruption evasion, impose a penalty of 5 times the amount it helped to evade as corruption proceeds.

If the shop cannot pay the amount, seize the shop.