Obama – The Smooth Talker or as some say “Brilliant Orator”

Like most successful Representative DFIs all over the world, Obama is a smooth talker or as some gullible idiots say a “Brilliant Orator”.

There is no difference between a “Brilliant Orator” and a “Smooth Talker”.  

The end result of both is to impress people by their words and not their actions.

Obama also happens to be black, well educated, extremely good looking, cultured and well spoken, and has a good and accomplished family.

He is also has a very good and unimpeachable personal character record, has written many successful books and an outstanding career profile.

All these things work to his advantage and he used them well to get elected.

Barack Obama made history by being the first black man to be elected the President of the USA.

There was a saying in the New York times, the most favoured presstitute of the  Representative DFIs and Wall Street Pimps:

There is a country out there where tens of millions of white Christians, voting freely, select as their leader a black man of modest origin, the son of a Muslim.” 

This sounds really good.

But Martin Luther King the most famous African in America before Obama said:

Judge a man not by the color of their skin, but by the content of  their character.

People elected Obama because he was black and talked very smoothly about change.

His was the platform of Change.  Did he mean coins?

Sure there will be change, but will it be for the better.

At the rate he is going, by the time he is done, all you will be left with is Change and I mean coins 🙁

Obama used the classic bait and switch method.

Obama claims to be against the selfish elite Washington establishment but appoints Killary Rotten Clinton 🤢 as Secretary of State.

He claimed to be against  with the Wall Street Pimps , but appointed them as advisors and key government officials.

Obama introduced stimulus acts and borrows even more money to bail out the gambling Wall Street Pimps putting the USA into even more debt that will definitely put future generations into penury and misery.

Obama wants big government so that there can be more pensions paid to well fed government bureaucrats. Funded again of course by borrowing from future and unborn generations.

Obama is more evil than Dumbass Dubya.

At least Dumbass Dubya was a really dumbass.

Dumbass Dubya had his head up his ass and this ended with him having shit for brains.

He also was a liar and a pansie draft dodging slacker coward.

But Obama is even more evil.  Obama is an intelligent man.  Very very intelligent.

But even if someone is intelligent they cannot be called wise.

They can be incredibly stupid because they are lying and devious and this blinds their intelligence.

That is why I have no respect for the Nobel Peace Prize.

They give it to a genocidal war monger like Obama within 2 years of his becoming president

The Nobel Peace Prize winning Obama is mainly responsible for further worsening the genocidal crimes of  Dumbass Dubya in Iraq, by extending it  into all of the Middle East by willfully and gleefully destroying secular, stable, prosperous societies like Libya and Syria.

The Nobel Peace Prize winning Obama loves to fight wars against secular “brutal” dictators, who had secular, stable, orderly and prosperous societies, to promote “freedom” and “democracy” run by fundamentalist rapists, looters and thugs.

It was Nobel Peace Prize winning Obama who was responsible for the rise of ISIS, that most memorable bunch of sandal wearing, smelly, bearded, uncouth, ignorant, perverted sex starved cowardly thugs with a fondness not only for guns, but also young boys, sex slaves and sheep.

ISIS wants to go back to the good old times of Prophet Mohammed, wants everything to return to those good old times of more than 1000 years ago,  except for the camels and swords which they have replaced with Toyota trucks and AK 47s.

Also even though they claim taking photos is prohibited in Islam, ISIS loves to show off their handiwork using internet videos.

And ISIS  is so brave, that all their faces are always covered, just like the women whose faces they also force to cover.

Anyway getting back to Obama, I thought Obama memorized his speeches and spoke impromptu.

I now find out, that as is an extremely common practice by all Representative DFIs, he has hired a team of excellent speech writers, and is very smart in using a teleprompter by looking in different directions when he speaks.

There is a new name in the USA for Obama – Teleprompter Man.

Kinda like Superman, but Superman wrote his own dialogues and was honest and sincere and could fly.

There is this old joke after Obama became President:

Nostradamus predicted that pigs would fly when a black man became president of the USA

As soon as Obama became president, there was Swine Flu 🙂