Enemies of the State

The enemies of the State are the Wicked and the Anarya.

The enemies of the State are also  corrupt Representative DFIs and their flunkies and corrupt Sarkari Babus, and  corrupt and crooked Wall Street/Dalal Street Pimps/Lalas.

It must be noted that not all Elected Representatives or Sarkari Babus are corrupt.

But in my opinion at least 95% of the Elected Representatives are Representative DFIs and at least 75% of the Sarkari Babus are corrupt.

Not all Wall Street/Dalal Street companies or Lalas are corrupt.

But in my opinion at least 80% of these businesses are corrupt.

Corruption does not just mean financial crimes.

Corruption means corrupted moral values that are violation (adharma) against the fundamental basis of Dharma:

If you understand hurting another man is adharma (violation of Dharma), pleasing another man is Dharma, you have performed Dharma.
S Radhakrishnan, 2nd President of India.

Terrorists are also the enemies of the State.

Violent and sexual offenders and thieves are also enemies of the State.

The enemies of the State will usually exist in all nations and must be eliminated from all nations – wars are not between nations, wars are just with the corrupt, Wicked and Anarya.

How do we eliminate the above:

First they must be brought to Justice to first reap the consequences of their actions.

Then their wicked spirit must be completely eliminated by the methods of deliverance of punishment that I have mentioned which must be used judiciously.

What do I mean by elimination?

I do not mean capital punishment by death.

I mean  eliminate their Anarya or Wicked nature.