The word coconut is a Western slang for Asian people who have Asian colour but Western thoughts and behaviour.

They are brown (in colour) on the outside, but white (Western in behaviour, thoughts and ideas) in the inside and think that Western ways are far superior than the ways of their Asian ancestors.

It is these sort of people who are the ruin of Bharat.

They think that everything Western is great and we should follow the West in everything.

They have existed ever since FUKUS colonial rule.

Our whole  FUKUS based “democracy” system, “wonderful” casino capitalism system, “my lord” justice system, police system, army system, educational system and other Western inspired flawed systems were basically introduced and framed by “Coconuts” who wanted Bharat to follow the “Civilised” West.

There is a saying by Samuel Huntington which I have slightly modified:

FUKUS “Civilisation” was not born out of enlightenment nor the industrial revolution, but mainly from superior organised violence, slavery, genocide and the raping, pillaging and looting of its colonies.

The FUKUS system we follow today was built by FUKUS colonists to make slaves of their colonies and ensure obedience and complete submission of the population of their colonies to the FUKUS colonial masters.

The FUKUS colonists have left, but the general population of Bharat is still slaves to the whims and fancies of the new “brown sahib” “coconut” masters who continue to run these FUKUS systems that are built to serve the interests of a few privileged sections of society.

If we really want to learn from FUKUS, we should learn from the laws that they have used to govern their own citizens, not the citizens of their colonies.

In fact we should stop learning from FUKUS, their systems have brought ruin even to their own citizens, not to mention the entire world.

Not only FUKUS, but the entire world should  learn from our original heritage which made Bharat the most well regarded and admired nation in the world for millennia.

Even FUKUS originally came to Bharat to learn and earn from the wealth and prosperity and well being in Bharat.