Who are the terrorists?

These people willingly give up their lives.

It is wrong that they kill defense forces and even innocents.

But these people are believers and they are speaking out against injustice and oppression.

Was George Washington a terrorist?  Was Bhagat Singh a terrorist?  Was Mangal Pandey a terrorist?  Was Netaji Bose a terrorist? Was Guddera Appaya a terrorist?

But they did use violence.

They fought with violence and waged war against the ruling government of their times.

What justified that violence?

Fighting against oppression.

One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter.

This definition does not apply for religious fundamentalists and ethnic, racist and class fanatics and those who kill innocents.

It is the indifference and oppression of the government that encourages people to become terrorists.

Freedom is never granted magnanimously by an oppressor, it is always fought and forcibly taken from them with the sacrifice of blood, sweat and tears of the oppressed. 

In fact it is the terrorism by the government that gives rises to “terrorists”.

Most protests first start just by protesting and non violent opposition.

It is only when the government remains indifferent and callously and forcefully silences these protesters that “Terrorism” is started.

The talking point in all FUKUS countries is the rise of “radical” Islamic “terrorists”.

How many of these people were “radical” before their homes, families and entire country was destroyed in these secular, peaceful, prosperous but “brutal” dictatorship countries by FUKUS to support “freedom” and “democracy” run by semi literate, pseudo “religious” mercenaries, thugs, looters and rapists?

Only people like Jesus and Buddha and Gandhi, may turn the other cheek and practice non violence, when their family is bombed to pieces with cowardly FUKUS drone and shock and awe tactics and support for “freedom” fighters who rape and murder their women and children.

The weaker among us may commit suicide, but not only the stronger, but even the previously meek who were provoked by FUKUS “loving” and “liberating” treatment will rise up and ask for blood of innocents of their enemy nation in revenge for the blood of their innocent families and for two eyes of their enemies for each eye taken of their families.

There is a saying:

“When you silence the man of word, you will face the man of sword”

Who is a terrorist?

Is it just one who is a suicide bomber, beheader or assault rifle wielding murderer?

What about the thug who molests and murders another?

What about the corrupt Sarkari officer, ruler or Representative DFI who murders or unjustly oppresses and sacrifices other peoples’ interests and even lives for their selfish personal gain?

They are all terrorists – it does not matter if they are rulers of the government or individual anarchists.

Anybody who knowingly harms another especially in violent physical or psychological torture and oppression is a terrorist.