Nuclear Fusion Power and other sources of energy from our Shastras

Energy is the base of all modern civilisation. 

Cheap, sustainable, environmentally friendly and decentralised energy generation is the only way a country can be set on the road to the permanent well being not only of its citizens, but more importantly of its environment and natural resources.

Nuclear Fusion Power, the energy of Sun is the only sustainable source of energy on this planet.

It is the cleanest, permanent and most cost effective source of energy once it is developed.

It will give rise to a completely decentralised electricity grid.

Once Nuclear Fusion Power and other hidden treasures of energy from our shastras become cheap enough, not only every small town, every village can have its own energy plant and supply cheap, sustainable, environmentally friendly energy.

Once the technology is developed further, the internal combustion engine will be permanently replaced by the above sources.

There will be no more need to acquire thousands of kilometers of land or cuts hundreds of thousands of acres of forests to lay transmission lines.

There will be no need to destroy pristine forests to mine fossil fuels and also raw material for the so called “green” “renewable energy” and electrical vehicle technologies.

There will be no more need to build huge dams that destroy thousands of acres of pristine forests, permanently destroy river ecology and river flows and displace millions of people.

Nuclear Fusion Power and other hidden treasures of energy from our shastras do not leave any toxic footprint like coal, nuclear, oil or so called “environmentally friendly” renewable electricity and electric cars which have much more long term damage as our traditional fossil fuel and nuclear technologies.

The biggest scam now is Electric Vehicles.

They all have to be charged using regular electricity, which is still mainly derived from fossil fuels and nuclear reactors.

These so called “renewable” and “green” technologies all have to use toxic batteries to store and use the electricity for powering their vehicles.

These toxic batteries dont run on magic, they usually run on lithium which is a rare mineral and has very expensive mining and exploitation costs not only in monetary terms but also mainly in its permanent impact on the environment.

To extract lithium you need huge amounts of water and more importantly huge amounts of energy.

And this energy to extract lithium does not come from magic, it usually comes from energy supplied by power plants driven by fossil fuels or nuclear reactors.

It is almost always power plants driven by fossil fuels like coal since most lithium is mined in places that do not have nuclear reactors.

The environmental costs to produce, use and dispose these batteries is very huge and is the iceberg hidden below the so called  “benefits” of this technology

So the problem with Electric Vehicles is that it creates more than five times the damage as fossil fuels.

  • Firstly because coal mining and nuclear radioactive waste pollution will only increase
  • Then new mining will have to be done to get the raw materials to build the batteries these electric vehicles use
  • And lastly the wasted battery will be so toxic that new methods will have to be found to dispose it otherwise the pollution of the toxic waste of the electric batteries will cause permanent ecological damage to the environment, water and air and also a serious health hazard not only to the surrounding fauna and flora, but also to humans.

Just because it is such a new technology it sounds cool to say you are an environmentalist because you are using an Electric Vehicle.

Never mind if the electricity to charge the vehicle still comes from fossil fuels and nuclear reactors.

Never mind if the batteries to store and use that electricity is much more damaging to the environment than using just our conventional polluting Nuclear and Fossil Fuel technology.

The same above principles apply to a bigger scam – the so called “green” renewable electricity technologies.

While our “visionary” NRI Business Development Manager is acquiring land from poor farmers and kicking them out and and giving their land free to cash burning scams like Tesla, really visionary and smart people are shorting the hell out of Tesla since they know it the next Enron with wheels and is doomed to fail.

Why Bharat should be the world leader in research and development of Nuclear Fusion Power and other sources of energy from our Shastras

Can you imagine the power and prestige that Bharat will have both financially and technologically if we became the world leader in Nuclear Fusion?

For all the benefits I have mentioned above, I failed to understand why our Representative DFIs dont put the development of Nuclear Fusion Power as our highest priority even more than our funding of the Army.

We must have a more long term vision than a stupid short term vision to electrify all of Bharat in 5 years with coal plants and nuclear plants and so called “green” renewable electricity technologies.

These coal plants will shut down in 15 years and would have destroyed millions of acres of forests and irrevocably damaged the environment with air pollution and rendered the areas around these coal plants completely uninhabitable.

The nuclear plants would have generated toxic waste and there is always the high possibility of an incident like Fukushima and Chernobyl.  If such incidents were to occur in Bharat, then the causalities would be ten times higher considering the higher density of population in Bharat than Japan and Russia.

Since Bharat has already remained dark for so long, I do not think it matters if we remain dark for another 5 years, which is the maximum amount I time I think it will take our scientists to figure out a way to develop a commercial Nuclear Fusion Power reactor.

If we want to make Bharat a superpower for generations, we should first secure our energy source.

Only once we have  a secure energy source, only then will we be able to do the other equally important things like the strengthening of our food, water, defence, manufacturing and other resources.

I am sure that there are hidden clues to the development of Nuclear Fusion Energy in our traditional texts of Bharat.

Though it may seem mythical at this time, there is mention of Nuclear Fusion in the Vedas.  and our Shastras.

In addition to Nuclear Fusion, there is also mention of many other sources of energy in the our Shastras.

There are already some institutions in Bangalore doing pioneering but unsung work in reviewing and bringing the hidden treasures of our Shastras with regards to energy.

They have even come up with patented technologies.

Even with meager funding and resources, if we can be the most popular rocket vendor for launching satellites even used by FUKUS countries, land a rover on the moon, and have our satellites used worldwide, dont you think Bharat can be the world leader in Nuclear Fusion especially when it was already done by our ancestors?

In fact even a 14 year old teenager in the USA has produced nuclear fusion working in his parents garage.

It is the height of stupidity, ignorance, narcissism  and selfish indifference to spend Rs 1,00,000,00,00,000( 1 lakh crore) on a dumbass bullet train that will only lose money all its life and put our unborn generations in debt and benefit probably 0.0000000001% of Bharat, who are already in the top 0.005% of the population.

Instead why cannot we set up a startup fund of Rs 50,000 crores to fund not only the 14 year old teenager, but I am sure there are much better many others like him in Bharat itself so that we become the world leader in energy in Bharat?