Law – Medicine

While “modern” Western “medicine” casts doubts on आयुर्वेद (Ayurveda), the fact remains that आयुर्वेद has been in existence for more than 10000 years, while the pseudoscience of “modern” Western “medicine” has only been around for around 150 years.

Western “medicine” in Bharat was forced upon it by the FUKUS colonists.

Permanent drug dealing that is the fundamental basis of Western “medicine” is never a permanent cure.

All of us who need drugs daily to keep us fit are no better than drug addicts and the doctors who believe in permanent drug dealing are no better than drug dealers.

If we want a permanent cure to our diseases, we need to treat the root cause of the disease, not the symptoms.

Most causes of diseases can be eliminated by lifestyle and diet changes.

आयुर्वेद has always been under the purview of small individually trained masters who ply their trade solely by the strength of their knowledge, skills and wisdom and expert guidance of their teachers.

While “modern” Western “medicine” is now mainly under the purview of large global multi-billion dollar “pharmaceutical” companies who ply their trade solely by the strength of their biased paid research and deep pocketed lobbying efforts.

आयुर्वेद means the Science of Life.

It does not just treat the symptoms of a disease, it develops a holistic process that prevents the disease from developing in the first place.

It is time for Bharat to thoroughly research and go back to the traditional medicines we  have, that were used for thousands of years in Bharat.

We should move away from the practice of permanent drug dealing and animal suffering derived in Western “medicine” and return to the medicine that was taught in the AyurvedhaSiddha and other traditional medicinal systems practiced in Bharat.

Bharat must set up a state funded medicine company or better yet a state venture capital fund to support drug companies and individuals that produce only Ayurvedic and traditional medicine drugs.

These drug companies should only be started by firms already practicing Ayurveda for at least 5 years or having a lineage of Ayurvedic practitioners  on their payroll or as directors and as principal shareholders(at least 30% shareholding).

No current “drug” company, especially those owned by Wall Street/Dalal Street Pimps and Lalas should be allowed to diversify into this business without first divesting and giving up all their existing Western “medicine” businesses.

Only companies registered in Bharat and owned by Bharatiya should be allowed to venture into the field of Ayurveda.

No foreign companies should be allowed to own nor take any shareholding in Bharatiya Ayurvedic drug companies.

There should be price controls on these drugs and they should be given free to the poor  who visit the True Temples.

However price controls should allow for a maximum of 50% net profit to the manufacture of these drugs.

This will apply on the condition that the manufacturers invest at least 50% of their net profits back into developing the supply chain of these drugs among small and medium farmers, farmer producer cooperatives, and poor tribals and forest dwellers.

This incentive should not apply to developing supply chains among individual large farmers and corporates holding more than 100 acres unless they are part of a farmer producer cooperative.

Ayurvedic doctors should be strictly licensed and have regular supervision and license and knowledge renewal.

Ayurvedic companies and also individual practitioners who manufacture ayurvedic medicines should be subject to surprise checks to ensure that they are following good manufacturing practices and using quality genuine ingredients in the manufacture of their ayurvedic drugs.

These traditional methods of medicine can be updated to modern methods for synthesis, extraction and deployment, as long as the underlying essence and concept of the original medicine is retained in totality and no animal suffering is performed to derive these extracts.

As far as possible, animals should not be used for medical research like it is prevalent in current Western “medical” research.

In addition to 5 year course for regular doctors, we should have a 2 year diploma for minor/barefoot doctors to take care of basic ailments.

These diploma doctors should be trained in minor suturing of cuts and first aid also.


“Modern” Western “medicine” can only control, but never cure any disease.

But in the process of controlling one disease, it leads to innumerable other diseases because of harmful side effects.

MK Gandhi had this to say about Western “medicine”:

If a doctor, he will understand that no matter to what religion he belongs, it is better that bodies remain diseased rather than that they are cured through the instrumentality of the diabolical vivisection that is practiced in European schools of medicine;

Although a doctor, he will take up a hand-loom, and if any patients come to him, will tell them the cause of their diseases, and will advise them to remove the cause rather than pamper them by giving useless drugs;

he will understand that if by not taking drugs, perchance the patient dies, the world will not come to grief and that he will have been really merciful to him.

Western “medicine” is drug centric not disease centric.  

All Western “medicines” are derived out of statistical “analysis” and “research”.

Patients are “analysed”, not as living, sentient, uniquely individual human beings, but as statistical numbers to be fitted into a common statistical curve.

The sample sizes for statistical analysis research of these drugs are very small and I doubt that any Western “medicine” has been derived out of a statistical analysis of more than 15000 people of a varied spectrum of populations across all races, genders, ages and regions of this world.

In fact some Western “medicines” have been derived and deployed to the general public after an “analysis” and “research” on less than 2000 people.

Since the laws in Western countries are very strict regarding testing on humans and it is very expensive to test these “drugs” on Western patients, most clinical trials are performed in third world countries including Bharat, mostly on poor, ignorant and blissfully unaware patients.

These poor patients  are many times not even informed on why they are given this “drug” and the fact that these “drugs” are being used on them for “research” purposes and could have harmful side effects that could cause them permanent disability and even death.

All of Western “medicine” is owned by Wall Street/Dalal Street/Global “Investor” Pimps and they have extremely powerful lobbies.

It is not just the “doctors” and “researchers” that are on the payroll of the “drug” companies, they also have armies of lobbyists to buy regulators, law makers and Representative DFIs and anybody else including their opponents.

These “drugs” have very bad Karma.

Almost all of them are derived from the suffering of animals who are put to horrible repeated torture for prolonged periods of time and finally killed slowly and painfully while there are still alive, especially by vivisection.

Western medicine does not focus on long term prevention, it just offers a temporary addictive cure for immediate symptoms, not the cause of the symptoms.

It makes you an addict to these drugs and any stoppage or withdrawal of these drugs can cause permanent disability, brain damage or even death.

The withdrawal effects of a “drug” prescribed by a doctor, are quite similar to withdrawal effects of a drug bought from a drug dealer.