The Tathagata, the Supreme Leader of the Free World

The Tathagata is an embodiment of Brahman.

All Arya are an embodiment of Brahman, but the Tathagata is the supreme leader of the free world.

The Tathagata should never be worshipped.

There should never be any idolatry or worship of pictures or portraits of a Tathagata.

There should never be any biographies of a Tathagata that is not written or reviewed by them.

The only record of the Tathagata must be the writings of the Tathagata and possibly recordings of the discourses of the Tathagata.

The only record of the Tathagata should have been created or reviewed by the Tathagata.

There should never be any photos and videos of the Tathagata except for those that they have given their consent on and this should never be displayed publicly.

Audio recordings of the Tathagata can be allowed to be displayed publicly.

The Tathagata must be taken seriously for they have the backing of Brahman.

The Tathagata can never be a dictator.

The Tathagata represents the will of Brahmanbut Brahman has given us free will.

The Tathagata must always represent the interests of the governed not the governors.

It is for the people to decide as they think fit, from their own free will whether they agree with the Tathagata or not.

If you have not realized Brahman yet, then take the Tathagata seriously and listen to them for they have realized Brahman  and they know what is in the Dharma and what is a violation of the Dharma.

There is no need to agree with a Tathagata always, especially if the Tathagata has not heard both sides of the story.

The Tathagata can only recommend and frame the law according to the wishes of Arya and the Brahma Dana.

Like Brahman, the Tathagata must never decide anything or have the final single vote on anything with reference to the state.

However like Brahman,  Tathagata is the final interpreter and dispenser of Justice of the violation of  Dharma.

But even the interpretation and dispensation of Justice by the Tathagata can be overturned with a 75% majority in a general referendum by the local law abiding residents.

A Tathagata will always lead from the front.

The Tathagata will say as they do and do as they say.

They will walk the talk.

The Tathagata can never be a paid employee of the state or the paid employee of any private agency, except businesses they own or are shareholders in.

The Tathagata can never be a paid employee for an NGO or even in a True Temple also except in a voluntary or honorary capacity for which no salary is given.

The Tathagata can also be a teacher on honorarium in any educational institution.

The emoluments of the Tathagata will always come from the people.

More about the emoluments of the Tathagata is in the article on the Employees of the State.

Once all people become Arya, there will be no need for a Tathagata.

I think that will take many generations.

The Tathagata should be remembered like one remembers the flight of a beautiful bird in the sky.

A Tathagata will leave no memorials, tracks or footprints for others to follow.  

The Tathagata will only leave the warm memory of flight.

The bird defies gravity and reaches for the heavens, but it leaves no tracks or footprints for others to follow.

Once the bird is gone, there is only the memory of flight.

But there are never any tracks that flight.

The bird leaves no footprints to follow.

Every bird that flies instinctively creates its own flight plan.

Flight is the ultimate freedom.

The Atman flies with Brahman through the entire multiverse.

Everybody should emulate the Tathagata.

They should leave no memorials, tracks or footprints.

They should only leave warm memories in the hearts of those that they leave behind.

As the saying goes:

If you live in the hearts of those who we love, is to never die.

A messenger may not always be a Tathagata and a Tathagata may not always be a messenger.

The supreme ruler of the Free World, must always be a Tathagata – not a messenger.

It is not necessary that the next Tathagata must have any blood or other dynastic close relationship of the current Tathagata.

A Tathagata can be a man, woman or transgender from any race or caste, but most likely the current Tathagata will know who the next Tathagata will be.

The next Tathagata may not even be born yet, or may not even be ready yet, but when the appointed next Tathagata meets those requirements according to the rules and specifications laid down by the first Tathagata, the appointed next Tathagata is ready to be the Tathagata.

In the event the appointed next Tathagata does not meet the the rules and specifications of the first Tathagata, even after they reach the age of 35, then the council of Arya Peers has the right to appoint any person above the age of 35 who meets the requirements according to the rules and specifications laid down by the first Tathagata.

Parameters for Succession

  • They will be Arya.
  • They would have completed a True education achieved under the law for education.
  • They will achieve some measure of competence in any field.
  • They will not be a person of bad moral character, involved in violation of the laws, especially the laws for violent and sexual offences, corruption, theft and tax dodging.
  • They will not indulge in the five vices of Kali (the demon) – gambling, gold, questionable women, meat and alcohol.

Eggs and fish is exempt from prohibitions on meat until at least 85% percent of the local population turns pure vegetarian.