The Ideal Solution for the Ram Mandir issue

My thoughts on the most divisive temple issue in Bharat that caused the loss of thousands of lives and destruction of families for more than 70 years:

I also want to build a temple in Bharat at the birth place of Lord Ram in dedication to Lord Ram.

But it will not be a temple with just an idol of Lord Ram.

Idols are just stones.

It is a persons ideals that live forever and must be constantly practiced and followed, not just worshiped.

It will be a True Temple, the Janaki Ram Karuna  temple,  for SEVA (Selfless service) – the highest ideal of Lord Ram, the supreme embodiment of Dharma.

In fact Lord Ram himself said in the Ramacharitramanas by Tulasidas:

Brother, there is no greater religious duty than परहित SEVA (Selfless service), no greater sin than oppressing others.  

I have declared to you, dear brother, the verdict of all the Vedas and the Puranas, and the learned also know it.

The highest ideal of Lord Ram was Dharma which included परहित SEVA (Selfless service) as one of its highest and most important duties.

If we really want to honour Lord Ram, we should fight for the restoration of not just an idol of Ram, but we should fight for and devote our lives and efforts for the restoration of Ram Rajya and its highest ideal: परहित  SEVA (Selfless service).

Following not just the teachings and sayings, but the life example of  Lord Ram especially his highest ideal of Dharma is true worship of him.

Lord Ram was the supreme embodiment of Dharma and he lived it all his life even at the cost of his own wife, unborn children and his ownself.

Even if a person is an atheist and does not worship Lord Ram’s idol,  but if he always lives and practices परहित  SEVA (Selfless service), he is a more true worshiper of Lord Ram’s than an Anarya idol “worshiper” of Lord Ram who does not  even follow Dharma.

Ram Rajya meant the rule of Lord Ram’s ideal of Dharma, not the rule of Lord Ram’s idol.

Ram Rajya is only possible when there is restoration of Lord Ram’s ideal of Dharma, not only among our leaders, but each and every resident of Bharat even a two year old child.

In fact as Ram Jethmalani said(watch video from 4:45):

I will never build the Temple to Ram till Muslims themselves willingly lift a brick to help build it.

Many “Muslims” may think that Lord Ram is only a “Hindu” God and should not be worshiped by “Muslims”.

There are many “Muslims” in Bharat who worshiped Lord Ram.

This included Dr Kalam, one of the best Presidents of Bharat.

Dr Kalam was not a “Muslim”, he was a true follower of Islam.

If one is a true follower of Islam, they will realise that the creation of Allah (God) is as important as God.

Infact if one is a true follower of Islam, they will know the following famous Sufi saying:

Ya Ilahi Ya Khuda, Tere Andhar Hai Chupa

Oh my God, Oh God, is hidden inside You.

The above Sufi saying has been sung in a beautiful song by Ustad Shujaat Husain Khan.

In fact even a true follower of Islam like Dr Kalam had a vision of Ayodhya as the “Humanity’s Healing Center”. 

Visit Dr Kalam’s website and read his article on Ayodhya as the “Humanity’s Healing Center” which he gave many times as a speech. (search for the keyword Ayodhya).

Extract below from Dr Kalam’s  article –  Ayodhya as the “Humanity’s Healing Center”:

I visualize the holy land of Ayodhya to emerge as an unblemished symbol of humanity’s quest for service and beacon of the nation’s spirit of harmonious integrity by the year 2020.

I envisage Ayodhya to be the founding place for a state-of-the-art center of multidimensional healing center and a place which alleviates the pain of all forms – physical, mental and spiritual.

This is just one part of the highest ideal of Lord Ram – SEVA (Selfless service).

Dr Kalam just said SEVA (Selfless service) to humanity.

The highest ideal of Lord Ram was SEVA (Selfless service) to the whole world.

Dr Kalam was not just a true follower of Islam, but more importantly he was a proud citizen of Bharat who deeply appreciated, studied and even enjoyed speaking about and  spreading the traditional heritage of Bharat .

Dr Kalam did not consider the traditional heritage of Bharat as only “Hindu“, he also considered it as his heritage.

He even knew, understood and chanted shlokas in Sanskrit.

Dr Kalam did not consider himself a Muslim first.

He considered himself a Bharatiya first.

He knew more about the Sanathan Dharma, than probably any “Hindu” scholar.

I am sure  almost 99% of the so called “protectors” of “Hindu” culture would be completely unaware of what Dr Kalam knew about our traditional heritage, and would not even know 1/100th of what he knew.

And he was not ashamed about it, he was proud of it and proudly displayed his knowledge about the Sanathan Dharma.

Most people did not consider Dr Kalam one of the greatest Muslim Presidents of Bharat.

Most people consider Dr Kalam as one of the greatest Presidents of Bharat.

It really did not matter to anybody at least to me whether he was Muslim or not.

Brahman created the Rtam to rule over all Brahman’s creation.

The Rtam consists of Dharma and Karma.

As I said before, Dharma is not the monopoly of the “Hindu” religion, it is called many names and it exists in every religion and is the responsibility of every person in this world to follow it.

Na Hindu, Na Mussalman, pehle bano achhe Dharma ke insan.

Instead of first becoming a Hindu or Muslim, first become a decent human being who follows Dharma and its highest ideal: SEVA (Selfless service).

SEVA (Selfless service) is a universal religion.

All the many names it is known by are just labels.

The nectar in each of these labelled bottles is the same – sweetness, compassion and kindness to the whole world, not just kindness to humanity alone.