The 4 year circus in the USA

It is now time for the 4 year circus to begin in the USA – the 2016 presidential elections.

The candidates are:

1: Rand Paul, son of the remarkable Ron Paul – if Rand Paul really is as good as his father and means what he talks then America has some glimmer of hope.  If the ignorant Americans had elected Ron Paul as President instead of Dumbass Dubya and Obummer, America would not have found itself in the sorry mess that it is in now.

Rand Paul is the most visionary, educated, accomplished, cultured, virtuous, decent and civilised candidates among all the other circus monkeys listed below.

2: Lady Macbeth, oops sorry typo, Killary Rotten Clinton, the shady, devious, lying, conniving, two faced Wall Street Pimp owned puppet, warmonger, abettor and vigorous defender of her serial rapist husband Slick Willie.

Killary Rotten Clinton

Killary Rotten Clinton

Serial Rapist Slick Willie

Serial Rapist Slick Willie

Serial rapist Slick Willie was involved with an intern doing multiple types of jobs for him right in his office. Slick Willie was almost impeached for his famous saying: It depends on what the meaning of is is.

 Watch this very entertaining video.

If America does elect Killary Rotten Clinton as president, then the whole world will be soon be FUBAR and will have the SHTF in a couple of months after her election.

Killary Rotten Clinton is one of the most evil and wicked warmongers even worse than Dumbass Dubya and Obummer.

Dumbass Dubya and Obummer were just cowardly bullies.  The knew that they would get their ass whipped if they messed with Russia or China or Iran.

So they along with the rest of FUKUS invaded countries which did not even have a decent air force nor missiles that could find even a camel’s butt beyond 10 feet.

Here is the real story of the Dreadful Chronology of Gaddafi’s Murder. If Gaddafi’s vision of a gold dinar for Africa had come true, entire Africa would have been a developed continent in 20 years. And the ponzi petrodollar would have collapsed in less than 4 years.

Watch Killary, the callous psychopathic bitch talk with cold blooded callous glee about Gaddafi, the man who created the Great Man-Made River, the largest infrastructure project in the world to supply precious water from the middle of the Sahara desert to his citizens.

This was one of the most difficult and impressive water related infrastructure projects in the world.  Gaddafi called it the eighth wonder of the world.

It cost over $ 25 billion ($25,000,000,000 (Rs 162,000 crores (Rs 162,000,00,00,00,000)).

Libya had completed the work without the financial support of any major countries or loans from world banks.

And FUKUS bombed and destroyed this Great Man-Made River that provided precious water to millions of Libyans.

And FUKUS did all this in the name of “freedom” and democracy”.

Killary Rotten Clinton  is a psychopathic warmonger bitch and witch.  She doesn’t mind going to war with Russia and China even though she knows that it will end up in nuclear war that will destroy not just Russia and China, but definitely FUKUS also, and cause worldwide destruction.

Killary Rotten Clinton has a full time minder and companion Huma Abdin, who also started as an intern with Killary.

Huma is always with Killary, and Killary spends more time with Huma than her husband serial rapist Slick Willie.  They also travel together a lot.

Huma is separated from her husband and spends almost all her waking hours with Killary. It is not known where Huma where spends her sleeping hours, though there have been rumours floating around that Killary has a good up close and personal idea about this.

I see a lot of similarities in Killary and her serial rapist husband Slick Willie.

Both develop and have a fondness for strong relationships with interns who are willing to do multiple types of jobs 😉 for them at any time of the day or night.

3: The Donald, a wig wearing, bigoted, boorish, sexist, horny toad, sexual predator, adulterer, multiple time willful debt defaulter, tax evader, megalomaniac and overall  asshole and pompous prick.

However Donald has come up with some amazing quotes and pearls of wisdom which include this gem 😉

“If Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband what makes her think she can satisfy America?”

If America does elect The Donald as president, then America will be soon be FUBAR and will have the SHTF in a couple of weeks after his election.

But we can rest easy, however much The Donald claims to be against the Wall Street Pimps, we should take it with a bucket of salt.

Betting on The Donald to take on the Wall Street Pimps once he is elected, is much more risky than betting on Kayne West becoming the next Pope.

In fact, The Donald is no better than a Wall Street Pimp.  He made his entire fortune using OPM (Other Peoples Money) and screwing investors and creditors by his companies declaring bankruptcy not just once, but four times.  And three of those bankruptcies were due to his sinful gambling casinos going bankrupt.

Can you imagine, this dumbass cant even run a gambling casino, where the house always wins?

He failed not just once but he failed three times with his casinos.  And the “smart” American voters trust this man to make America great again? He will screw America just like he screwed his investors and creditors – they all lost money, he welshed on his debts but he still remains a billionaire and continues to marry hot Eastern European bimbo supermodels 😛 due to the wonderful creation of FUKUS capitalism – the limited liability company.

Oh did I forget to mention that once the hot Eastern European bimbo supermodels 😛 get old and everything starts to wrinkle, hang and sag 🙁 the Donald moves on to younger women, now mostly younger than his daughters age.

In fact he even said that he would have dated his daughter if he was not her father.

But The Donald is not a dumbass, he is a psychopathic willful debt defaulter.

The Donald is one of the smartest men in the USA.  That is why he is so rich.  But he also is a psychopath — like most modern presidents and politicians he knows how to manipulate, use, abuse and then finally discard people.

Whatever you say, there is one thing you have to hand over to The Donald, Killary and serial rapist Slick Willie.

They are all  extremely good cunning linguists 😛 and master debaters 😉

4: JEB, the brother of Dumbass Dubya, who also was an adviser to Lehman Brothers.  Along with Killary, JEB is the favoured candidate of the Wall Street Pimps.

The Wall Street Pimps always play two sides of the coin, that way no matter if JEB or Killary win, the Wall Street Pimps will always win.

Incidentally, JEB was the governor of the terrorist state of Florida when I was kidnapped, raped and abused four times there by his  terrorist government flunkeys.

Incidentally JEB was also the governor of Florida when the Florida state pension fund invested in $842 million of mortgage-backed debt, sold by Lehman Brothers, one of the most crooked Wall Street Pimps who finally went bankrupt and ended up giving a “sade anda (rotten egg)” to the Florida state pension fund.

Incidentally after retiring from governorship, JEB also made a lot of money from companies that did business in Florida during his term as governor.

5: Bobby Jindal, the coconut Indian who changed his name and religion just to fit in.

Other than Rand Paul, the election of  any of the above  as president, would prove the failure of so called FUKUS Representative “Democracy” not just in Bharat and FUKUS , but all dumbass nations that follow this sort of “democracy”.

We cannot blame the third class Representative DFI leaders we elect. If we have third class Representative DFIs  as our leaders in our “democracy”, it is because they have been elected by a vast  majority of the lazy and ignorant third class DFI population.

Unless FUKUS “democracy” is replaced by true democracy, and elections are state funded and voting is made compulsory, the Wall Street/Dalal Street/Global Investor Pimps will always be puppet masters and the Representative DFIs will always be third class.

But these third class Representative DFIs will still be elected because they will borrow from future and unborn generations to provide free stuff and useless subsidies to their lazy and ignorant third class DFI voters.

Whenever you see history, people have always got the government they deserve.