Law – Involuntary Commitment (Arrest) and Eminent Domain

Freedom is the ultimate power and it is my divine birthright given to me by Brahman (God) to have freedom,
Freedom is not free,
Freedom comes from the blood, sweat and sacrifice of all worlds and all beings in all worlds,

Because the whole world is One Family.

And most importantly Freedom comes from the God given Karma (destiny) to be responsible and follow Dharma and its highest ideal SEVA (selfless service),
Because the Rtam (the Divine order) is the highest and only law of Brahman (God),
And the Rtam consists of doing our Karma to follow Dharma in our every breath

If you understand hurting another being is adharma (violation of Dharma), loving and caring unselfishly without ego and expectations for another being is Dharma, you have performed Dharma.

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The above should be the fundamental ideal for eminent domain and involuntary commitment.

But Dharma is a very complex subject beyond the purview of interpretation of more than 99.99% of our FUKUS law trained and inspired judges.

Lord Ram sacrificed his entire kingdom for his family, whereas Lord Krishna was responsible for the sacrifice of not just 100 members of a blood related family, but half brothers, revered granduncles and teachers for the sake of a kingdom.

Both were following Dharma and both were right but they did exactly opposite things.

In the eyes of a FUKUS trained and inspired judge, one of them, Lord Ram or Lord Krishna will surely be wrong and deserves punishment, but in the eyes of a Yogi, both were following Dharma and both need to be admired and emulated.

Interpretation of Dharma should not be left to FUKUS law trained and inspired judges, but to Yogis and Rishis.

A Yogi or Rishi is not one who wears saffron robes and quotes scriptures from memory.

A Yogi or Rishi is one who has mastered the ध्यान Dhyana Yoga and consistently at all times and has achieved समत्वम् Samathvam.

This is what  the Gita says about one who has mastered the ध्यान Yoga:

The Yogin is greater than the Ascetic,
he is considered greater than the man of knowledge,
greater than the man of ritual works.

Why have I combined involuntary commitment which affects an individual and eminent domain which involves property and livelihood in one article.

Because they both involve the state using its overreaching abilities and violating the fundamental rights of freedom, right to life, property, livelihood and liberty to take away these God given fundamental rights from an individual.

Both eminent domain and involuntary commitment must be used very judiciously and with great care and discretion.

Using these rights unjustly on an individual or family or group that abides by Dharma means that the State has indulged in kidnapping and theft and if the State like in my case as happened in the USA under the Baker Act are abducted, even from their apartments in their nightclothes and subjected to mental, physical torture or even death then the State has also indulged in rape, assault and murder.

Involuntary Commitment

Because of my physical state during my visions, I was subjected 4 times to the horrors of the Baker Act in Florida.

All 4 times I was never a danger to anybody nor myself.  Thrice I was abducted from my apartment in my nightclothes and not even allowed to wear my slippers, involuntary committed and forced to sign documents agreeing for the rapists to rape my mind and body if I wanted to be released.  This damaged my body in 2 weeks and I still have not recovered it after more than 20 years, but I recovered my mind in 2018 after I was finally free from the Baker Act rape of my mind by The fraud gutter pseudo “science” of Psychiatry.

All I did the first time was shout and abuse and warn the USA because of what I saw in my First Vision, and the second time I was writing my second vision which caused great embarrassment to my father, and the third time I called the police in panic because of what I saw in ISIS and what will happen after March 12, 2023 and the fourth time I was abducted, raped and tortured because I wanted to go to Cuba to meet Fidel Castro which is what my visions told me to do.

What I have noticed in life is people who shout and abuse are usually not hateful or physically violent people.  Physically violent people have visceral hatred or anger at that moment that they indulge in physical violence.

There are two kinds of people who indulge in physical violence:

Short tempered and emotional people who basically have good hearts but are prone to bouts of anger due to some minor or extreme provocation.  Once they return to a normal state these sort of people have extreme regret for their actions and rarely indulge in it again.

Psychopaths and antisocials and predators who indulge in sexual or physical violence for personal or illegal gain, and in some cases gain for perverse pleasure or sadism.  These sort of people never regret their actions.

Eminent Domain

It is really beyond the scope of my abilities to decide what is Greater common good.

Only the Greater commons, especially those who will be sacrificed for others sake can decide whether they should make a worthy and just sacrifice for Greater common good.

But what I know is grabbing land from locals especially farmers who have lived their for generations in the most spiritual, environmentally friendly and sustainable way in complete harmony with nature and providing food which is the basis of all human and spiritual existence to accommodate the the greedy materialistic desires like ring roads, housing complexes, SEZs, expressways of recent outsiders who are mainly motivated by greed for money is absolutely unjust and unfair and a complete violation of Dharma.

For the most heart breaking story read Actual facts of proposed Bangalore Peripheral Ring Road (PRR) — Rob everything from poor local farmer Suresh and 90 year old N Srinivasan to pay rich foreign “investor” who will take the money back to their country?